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Amazing explosion 3d words in photoshop

For to do design we have to open Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator, choose the font that you want to use in your drawing or design. Where I used Xirod Font and tweaked it a minute. Then create it outline and save it into Adobe Illustrator 8. (Cinema 4D open just vectors into this Adobe Illustrator version).

Amazing explosion 3d words in photoshop

Go to Cinema 4D and open the Illustrator folder, after open the Cinema 4D you will see that it’s inside of a group. At first you should ungroup them and add the extrude NURBS to all letter of word. After extrude you have to add light where I used 2 area lights, in the front and the left side and target camera.

We already have originated our 3D text and before we go over to Photoshop we need to add more details. These 3D object copy 8 times to make it editable and we are going to add explosion and shatter. Set your own style 3D text to look like chief. For this apply 3 explosions and 3 shatters to it. Also add more if your text design need too more.

Go to the render and save in 300 DPI TIFF format with Alpha Channel. Put the render in Photoshop, go Channels windows and select the Alpha Channel. Create your range, cut your 3D text and keep it in another layer. Now you with your 3D text and your with background.

You can add more to the background also highlights behind the 3D text to put together it stand out.

This is perfect time to add some color to the 3D text. Here you can show your creativity. I just apply the basic soft brush and paint over the 3D letter and make some masks.

For special effect to apply in front of our 3D letters, we need choose the Gradient Tool and can change the mode to Difference. Change in different directions to make gradients. Well, now select the text and make a layer mask in this effect layer. Change the blend mode to Soft Light and Opacity to 70%

Next, select the 3D text, go to Modify – Contract and use 10 to 20 pixels. Delete then deselect and go to Effects – Blur – Motion Blur use Angle: 15 and Distance between 60 to 70 pixels.

You can add more in your 3D text. Select a good splatter brush and draw anywhere you want. To generate the back of the explosion need to add broken glasses behind text. And add highlights to make it again stand out.

Add shadows inside of the 3D text with the Polygonal Lasso Tool, the Gradient Tool for Black to Transparent.

Then add some crack brushes in the 3D text to make more real. Set a crack on the letter you want to brake, in my case, the x.

Of each letter to give it a real explosion feeling have to add highlights on the border. For create the beginning of the explosion add a mini explosion brush to the inside corner of the x.

Make some flares and lines in the explosion point in different ways. To give it a great look use different colors.

On top of the 3D text add the broken glass image and change the Blend Mode to Overlay. Again do this, go to Edit – Transform – Flip Horizontal and transform the Blend Mode to Normal.

You will get a Celestia.

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