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About Us

Clipping Path India is an image editing and graphics design company based in USA. It has been providing services to the clients from 50+ countries around the world.Our company is busy 24/7 in 365 days a year with a team of 250+ professional graphic designers and a modern studio set up. We have been providing image editing services for a long time.

Our Specialty

Skilled graphic designers for certain services

Most advanced tools and software are used

No complaint from the client so far

Most affordable rate in the market

100% secured file transfer

Bulk order discount

Quickest delivery time

Our Excellent Team members

Very Skilled, Experienced, Dedicated, Punctual and Hardworking

About Our Chairman

With an advanced academic background on Printing Technology and Printing Management and more than 25 years of practical experience on Printing, Pre-Press, Publishing and Image Manipulation, our Chairman Mr. Soel Molla has gathered all the necessary skills to start his own company. In his professional life, he has closely worked with companies such as Vanity Fair, Newsweek, National Geographic, Time, Smithsonian, National Review, US News and World Report, The National Journal, The New Republic, R. R. Donnelley & Sons, Nation’s Business Magazine and more in the United States and all around the world. Other than these brands, he also has experience of working with bid ad agencies, firms, printing companies, graphic design firms, world famous photographers and popular magazines. He has successfully established his dream studio for image editing with more than 250 expert employees and the most advanced equipment.

Clipping Path India works collaboratively as a sister concern of Color Experts International in order to provide more dedicated and specialized service for Image Masking. As the company has introduced Pen Tablet for the first time before any other company, it aims to offer a better and specialized image masking services through this website. A new team of highly skilled graphic designers has been formed specially trained for world class image masking service. Our Chairman believes that this effort will be a successful addition to the services and a helpful alternative to the clients. He congratulates and wishes all the team members to be successful enough to achieve their goal.

Soel Molla
Clipping Path India

Delivery Time

Project completion time varies depending on the job type and complexity of the project. In general, we take 24 hours to process the free trial files.

Other than that, once we take a regular order, we evaluate the images to give an estimation of time. Again, factors like customer’s requirements, total image files, difficulty level of the images, etc. determine the delivery time.

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If you are convinced and want to get the best professional service, please ask for price now. You can also get our free trial offer for judging our service quality. Discount offer is available for bulk order.

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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Strike has no operational impacts on our 24/7 business. We have launched safety initiatives to keep all our operation running and our employees are safe during this period. Clipping Path India. will still be providing services with full production.