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Photography Post Production

Photography post-production is a very important part of photography. The main objective of this service is to give RAW photos the ultimate amazing look which will sell. During the photo shoot, some man-made imperfections can be visible which deteriorate the quality and beauty of a photo. Such problems can be fixed by using the benefit of photography post-production service. We are not your competitor in the photography business, we are your helping hand. Clipping Path India (CPI) has more than 30 years of experience in the photo editing service. Photo retouching is one of our prominent services. It has gained popularity among our clients. This service can be very much helpful for e-commerce, magazine, pre-press owner, catalog designers, photographers and others. Before onboarding as a customer, you can try us for free. Hit the free trial button below! Contact us. We are ready to offer you the best service all the year round with a 24/7 customer support team. Experience the best photo retouching service with us.


Ecommerce Product Photo Editing

E-commerce stores like Amazon, eBay, Alibaba display thousands of products. We offer the most professional E-commerce Product Photo Editing service.From background removing to 3D product modeling- all you can get here.


Jewelry photo retouching

For professional jewelry photography, it is important to maintain the glittering effect of gold, platinum, diamond etc. We retouch ornament photographs by maintaining its original visual quality.


Wedding Photo Editing

Recording or taking photographs of a wedding itself is extremely time-consuming and a tough task. Wedding photo editing is very much crucial and sensitive work. Our team takes extra care to edit such photos perfectly.


Fashion Photo Editing

New fashion, new trends. With that, we have new and the most updated fashion photography editing service. It is dedicated to fashion photographers, fashion houses, fashion magazines and individuals from fashion industry.


Stock Photo Editing

Have a lot of stock photos for future use but need to edit them now? We offer the most professional stock photo editing service. For 100 % quality assurance, faster turnaround time. cheap price and guaranteed money-back, work with us.


Real Estate Photo Editing

We assure you that our real estate photo editing service will keep you tension free. Imperfections during photoshoot such as colors, brightness, contrast and exposure problems need to be adjusted by taking our service.


1Q. How Fast Can You Deliver?
A. Normally, we deliver 3,500 image files per day, but based on the complexities, the time can be more or less. We also provide rush services without hampering quality.

Get The Best Prices For Image Editing Services

  • clipping_path_with_shadow_before_01clipping_path_with_shadow_after_01

    Clipping Path Services

    Starts From

    $0.49per image

    • Basic Clipping Path $0.49
    • Simple Clipping Path$1.25
    • Compound Clipping$2.50
    • Complex Clipping Path$6.90
    • Extra Complex$9.99
    • Super Complex$14.99
  • raster_vector_service_before_01raster_vector_service_after_01

    Vector Drawing

    Starts From

    $3.49per image

    • Raster To Vector$3.49
    • Vector Line Drawing$4.50
    • Logo Design$14.99
    • Photo To Vector$19.99
    • Artwork To Vector$25.00
    • Nature Image To Vector$30.00
  • glamour_retouching_thumb_before_01glamour_retouching_thumb_after_01

    Image Retouching

    Starts From

    $0.99per image

    • Color Correction$0.99
    • Photo Retouching$2.50
    • Jewelry Retouching$3.49
    • Portrait Retouching$4.49
    • High End Retouching$9.99
    • Photo Restoration$14.99
  • neck_joint_ghost_mannequin_service_thumb_before_01neck_joint_ghost_mannequin_service_thumb_after_01

    Ghost Mannequin

    Starts From

    $1.25per image

    • Ghost/Doll Remove$1.25
    • Neck Joint$1.75
    • 2D Ghost Mannequin$1.75
    • 3D Ghost Mannequin$2.99
    • Jewelry Neck$3.99
    • 3D Shoe Effect$3.99

Our Pen Tablet (Wacom) Related Works

We are offering very competitive but affordable price packages for professional image manipulation, retouching, composition, and editing services. We provide high-end quality services using Pen Tablet within turnaround time, because we care and know the value of you and your files!

High End Retouching

We offer competitive price for professional image manipulation and retouching & photo editing services which is very much affordable. We don’t say we provide the cheapest, but we provide the most reliable photo retouching and image editing services at affordable cost. Because we care for you!

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Our expert graphic design team uses pen tablet (Wacom) for hair, fur, clothes with soft edge to change color tone, image exposure, brightness, contrast etc. We work for world famous magazines, fashion houses, e-commerce websites, product and model photographers for providing image masking service.

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Clipping Path With Shadow

While creating shadows on products for display, we perform couple of photo editing techniques, viz. remove background of the product, noise reduction, enhance & retouch the photo, color correction, and finally apply the best shadowing effect with pen tablet to give the product a natural look and shape.

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Photoshop Compositing & Manipulation

Here at CPI, we have experts who can create high quality and high end composites photos. Photoshop Compositing is a major art of Image Manipulation and most of these artwork are done with pen tablets. Our artists can provide you with stunning aesthetics by placing, replacing, blending, and compositing various photos into same image through Photoshop and other software. These Composites can be used in various print media, wedding albums, websites, blogs, and even in videos.

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Our Related Service

  • clipping_path_with_shadow_before_01clipping_path_with_shadow_after_01

    Clipping Path Services

    It is one of our premium image editing services. If you need to remove or replace the background of an image, just pick up your phone or go to your email inbox, give us a call or drop as an email for more details. We use Adobe Photoshop for providing clipping path service. We have a team of highly experienced photo editors give their best efforts for the best service.

  • glamour_retouching_before_01glamour_retouching_after_01

    Image Retouching Services

    The technique of multiple clipping paths is a CPI’s specialty. By applying multiple clipping paths, individual image objects are isolated for separating opacity, color filling and level, and other visual effects. Objects can be manipulated in size, orientation or rotation, and image enhancement effects can be applied including color, brightness, pattern fills, and filters.

  • clipping_path_with_shadow_before_04clipping_path_with_shadow_after_04

    Photoshop Shadow Services

    Shadows and reflections add a certain lifelike quality to photographs. Whether you need high quality imagery for product photos, catalog layouts or advertising, the Photoshop shadow techniques that are used by our experts here at Clipping Path India will add a lifelike quality to your photos that will give you a competitive edge. CPI is giving high quality Shadow Services.

  • photo_enhancement_service_before_01photo_enhancement_service_after_01

    Photo Enhancement Services

    Photos by Photo Enhancing service can attract customers if they are perfectly edited. A badly edited photo may hamper business. We provide photo enhancement service for all types of business and personal photos. Enhance photos, Enhance you! We offer quality exposure & color correction services for e-commerce & other photos. This service can solve over or under exposure problems during photography.

  • raster_vector_service_before_01raster_vector_service_after_01

    Raster to Vector Service

    Our Raster to Vector (R2V) Conversion offers this service to convert logo and artwork. We use Adobe Illustrator, Flash Animation in Macromedia Freehand for our service. 3D Design in Auto CAD (Computer Aided Drawing) for mechanical, architectural 2D & 3D vector drawings is our specialty. Our service includes Vector Illustration, Line Drawing, Sketching, etc. Experience the difference!

  • photography_post_production_service_before_01photography_post_production_service_after_01

    Post Production Service

    Photography post-production is the most vital part of film making, video editing, and photography. We are experts in providing post Production service for photographers, event management companies, and wedding video makers. We assure you that our photo post-production service will keep you tension free. We are highly professional in taking a good care of your photos.

  • multi_clipping_path_before_01multi_clipping_path_after_01

    Ecommerce Photo Editing Service

    In e-commerce, images play a vital role for business generation. Initially, customers see the product photos. Then, they take the decision about that products. Vendors have just one tool to sell their products online- the product photo. E-commerce stores like Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, etc. display thousands of products. CPI offers the most professional E-commerce Product Photo Editing service.

  • photo_manipulation_service_before_01photo_manipulation_service_after_01

    Photo Manipulation Service

    We also offer Photoshop compositing and image manipulation services. That means creating some fictional creations with Photoshop. You can use for posters, campaigns, and digital marketing. You tell us the theme and your requirement. Creative photo manipulation service is one of the most innovative services that demands skill and experience. Try us today! Enter the world of creativity.

  • wedding_photo_editing_service_before_01wedding_photo_editing_service_after_01

    Wedding Photo Editing Service

    Wedding is an important event of everyone’s life. So, the photos of such an event are expected to be gorgeous and glamorous. CPI has introduced professional photo editing services for wedding photography. We are focusing on helping wedding photographers, wedding planners, online matrimonial websites, etc. The service includes photo editing and post-production.

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  • "The excellent service that our company has received from this company is second to none! We uploaded the files in the evening, and the clipping paths came back in the morning. I would recommend Clipping Path India (CPI) to anyone who is looking for quality clipping paths at a fast turnaround time."
  • "I use Clipping Path India (CPI) on a regular basis to clip my images and place them on a white background ready for use on my website. I am always impressed by the quality of the work which helps to show my website at its best. The quick "turn around" time is vital in helping us to keep our online product catalogue fresh and up-to-date."
  • "Thank you for always doing a wonderful job. My photos always come back with perfection and in a timely fashion."

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