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Ecommerce Product Photo Editing

The customers of ecommerce store like to see the products through images instead of reading thousand words. So, the ecommerce owners use images of the products. As the customers choose the products by watching images, they must be of high end quality so that they can represent the product in detail. To increase and achieve your sales target, you cannot ignore the use of image better than the average product photo. During product photography, shutterbugs maintain some special techniques, and yet these photos required to have various image editing services to make flawless or to enhance the existing beauty. Since the online stores deal with various types of images as the only medium of product displaying, they cannot but take different types of product photo editing services viz background removing, ghost mannequin, color correction, and many more. Anyway, we have been providing the high end quality Ecommerce Product Photo Editing services. We edit product images for Magento, BigCommerce, Shopify, Woocommerce, Yo!Kart, Opencart, Prestashop, Volusion, Weebly, SquareSpeace, Big Cartel, etc. If you host your products on your personal ecommerce website or marketplaces like Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, AliExpress, Rakuten, Flipkart, Taobao, etc., don’t worry, you will also get our services. If you are confused, you can judge our quality taking our Free Trial service before being our customer.


Raw Image Conversion & Culling

Photo culling is tedious work. It requires a lot of time and patience to complete the culling process. For completing the work, step by step procedure is necessary, which design the final output of your project.Try us now!


Product Photo Retouching & Enhancement (Cleaning)

Web based business item photographs can draw the attention of clients if they are flawlessly altered or edited. A severely edited photograph may hamper business. We provide retouch and enhancement service for all types of e-commerce photos accurately. Boost up sale today!


Product Photo Background Remove & Change

Image background has a great impact on the beauty of a photo. A great photo may lose attraction just because of an unsuitable background.We remove/replace such background with a perfect one to re-create a great photo.


Ghost Mannequin Effect

Removing mannequin from a dress creates an empty space at the neck. We have a tendency to be a part of the rear on the neck and therefore the front parts’ photos to form a full form and provides real ghost mannequin result. Product example: Shirts, trousers, jacket, lingerie, etc.


3D/360° Packshot Retouching

If you would like to use 3D/360° image or rich Media for e-commerce sites or animation video on Packshot Photography, send us your pictures in numerous angles, and additionally be a part of the missing elements (top, neck, bottom, sleeves). However, we also can Packshot Retouch without the back parts.


Photoshop Shadow Effects

In reality, all solid objects have a shadow as a results of light reflection. This shadow will be created and altered in Photoshop for making a lot of realistic result viz E-commerce product images, wear etc.


Color Correction & Editing

Color correction is applied to numerous photos like e-commerce, product or fashion photos. Multi clipping path is employed to correct color and upgrade, enhance, amendment or modify color or exposure of the image.


Batch Photo Editing (Cropping & Resizing)

Have a large number of e-commerce photographs to edit? This service is designed with the goal of editing a huge number of photos. Hand over the tiresome work for us and enjoy. All project will be completed within the deadline.

Product types

Clipping Path India (CPI) has more than 30 years of experience. We have been working with many world famous brands from different industries. Our client base includes photographers, graphic designers, ad agencies, magazine and pre-press companies etc.
As all of you know that this is the era of technology and internet, businesses are happening through e-commerce. E-commerce websites are operating billion dollar business every day.
We have launched e-commerce product photo editing service for our valued clients who are doing e-commerce related business.
E-commerce sites contain a large number of different type of products. But we offer the most delicate and complicated type product photo editing.

We do image editing work for Fashion, Jewelry, Automobiles, Wines, Mobiles & Gears. These works usually take 24-48 hours to complete ( as a free trial service). When our clients hand over the work, we will complete the project within the deadline according to the agreement signed between us and our client.
We have a production team which works 24/7 to provide quality service. Feel free to contact our customer support for more detail.
Before onboarding as a customer, you can try us for free. Hit the free trial button below!

E-commerce platform

An e-commerce platform may be a software application that enables on-line businesses to manage their web site, sales and operations.
E-commerce platforms like Shopify, Woocommerce, Magento, BigCommerce, Yo! Kart, Opencart, Prestashop, Volusion, SquareSpace, Big Cartel provide the powerful options required to run a business, whereas conjointly integration with common business tools — enabling businesses to centralise their operations and run their business their way.
Color Experts International is a leading image editing service provider for E-commerce business platforms all around the world. We provide a comprehensive image editing solution that aims to cut back production cost, increase sales potential, and improve the overall business outcome.
We exist as a result of our tendency to perceive how essential product pictures generate on-line businesses or E -commerce business platforms.Our service is built on the muse of fantastic skills, high written material techniques, and large operational scale with expertness and time discipline.
We have a production team which works 24/7 to provide quality service. Feel free to contact our customer support for more detail.
Before onboarding as a customer, you can try us for free. Hit the free trial button below!

E-commerce marketplaces

Whether or not you sell single product or giant inventory of varied product, you will not be able ignore exploitation pictures. To create your client pull out their mastercard, you wish quite simply traditional product photograph. When Ecommerce Product Photography, photo editing may be a crucial part of each on-line store. And most e-commerce sites handle an oversized variety of pictures, that takes large time for picture written material. whether or not you sell single product or vary of multiple product, you mostly ought to undergo plenty of efforts once you got to manage photo editing for every product picture.
We have a production team which works 24/7 to provide quality service. Feel free to contact our customer support for more detail.
If you host your product on marketplaces like Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, AliExpress, Rakuten, Flipkart, Taobao, you will decide whether we are best or not. You can send us two pictures for free trial to judge the quality.

Get The Best Prices For Image Editing Services

Our Pen Tablet (Wacom) Related Works

We are offering very competitive but affordable price packages for professional image manipulation, retouching, composition, and editing services. We provide high-end quality services using Pen Tablet within turnaround time, because we care and know the value of you and your files!

High End Retouching

We offer competitive price for professional image manipulation and retouching & photo editing services which is very much affordable. We don’t say we provide the cheapest, but we provide the most reliable photo retouching and image editing services at affordable cost. Because we care for you!

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Our expert graphic design team uses pen tablet (Wacom) for hair, fur, clothes with soft edge to change color tone, image exposure, brightness, contrast etc. We work for world famous magazines, fashion houses, e-commerce websites, product and model photographers for providing image masking service.

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Clipping Path With Shadow

While creating shadows on products for display, we perform couple of photo editing techniques, viz. remove background of the product, noise reduction, enhance & retouch the photo, color correction, and finally apply the best shadowing effect with pen tablet to give the product a natural look and shape.

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Photoshop Compositing & Manipulation

Here at CPI, we have experts who can create high quality and high end composites photos. Photoshop Compositing is a major art of Image Manipulation and most of these artwork are done with pen tablets. Our artists can provide you with stunning aesthetics by placing, replacing, blending, and compositing various photos into same image through Photoshop and other software. These Composites can be used in various print media, wedding albums, websites, blogs, and even in videos.

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  • "The excellent service that our company has received from this company is second to none! We uploaded the files in the evening, and the clipping paths came back in the morning. I would recommend Clipping Path India (CPI) to anyone who is looking for quality clipping paths at a fast turnaround time."
  • "I use Clipping Path India (CPI) on a regular basis to clip my images and place them on a white background ready for use on my website. I am always impressed by the quality of the work which helps to show my website at its best. The quick "turn around" time is vital in helping us to keep our online product catalogue fresh and up-to-date."
  • "Thank you for always doing a wonderful job. My photos always come back with perfection and in a timely fashion."

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