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Digital Painting of Two Faces by Adobe Photoshop

In this article I will describe how to draw two faces by Digital Painting. It’s just a simple article. The description is given below.

At first open the Adobe Photoshop and open a new file. For open a new file go to File – New from the Menu bar.

Now we have to decide the dimension of the canvas in which you feel comfort. This will be better if w choose a standard paper size. Intended for this image within scrupulous, approximately 9 inches with 12 inches would be sufficient. For the suitable image printing purposes always have to remember that use 300 DPI. Also have to ensure it and effective on elevated resolution moreover help out designed for feature and refinement as fine.

I fill my background color via light gray after ready of my canvas. Through use the tool of Gradient (G) fill the canvas.

Here in this step I will try to with two layers. Also have to handle the line work. In which the first layer I set for preliminary work. Where I will focal point most of shapes, motion, and basic out looking of image, also the actual shape with figure of image. In the 2nd layer I will show the cleaner outward show. Which I will save by the name of Layer 2, but you can do it by others. Here I mean in this layer, maximum task will be going over about the presented line work of cleaner appearance.

I will use the hard edged brush through a comparatively squat and stumpy opacity. I promptly rough draft out the character, whilst give the impression of being at an assortment of special photos for reference. It be important to use up reasonably a bit of time on the line work, because this will formulate the work of art or canvas method that to a great extent easier.

For during the draw, here I utilize a comparatively small brush which size just about 8 pixels among opacity of 25%. I represent inside the facade and striking along the facial appearance here, where maintenance avoiding surplus to requirements fine points. I shaped a fresh layer place to ‘sketch’ and sketch over the presented work; here need a lot of time to design with features, defining information and essentially annoying to keep the whole thing seeing that dirt free and crispy as possible. The job I situate into at this stage which will save to you hassles at some stage in the painting procedure.

With the completed of sketch now will start the painting. The foremost step is to ensure what the chief color idea would be. In where I choose impressive exceedingly dark, like that would job glowing in the central of the focus matter. I choose to go with a fairly dark red color for the background. This can take from color box or by settings of hue saturation.

To fill the background color uses the Gradient tool of (G). For dynamic looking set the color. I prefer darker disparity of the color I earlier selected.

To do this quickly I use the HSB sliders. Have to make sure I have my color window open by going to Window – Color.

The background is now perfect for use; for handle the figure I create several layers in here. The 3 layers name as ‘red’, ‘blue’, and ‘green’, the latter on behalf of the colors of the fashion. I select a distorted red hue for the red base. Then paint within the contour work. I furthermore cover in a fairly dark, red-ish hue to present the scarred side of the face. For dress I choose a fairly dark black hue for the ‘blue’ layer. Where a fairly vivid, desaturated blue for the ‘green’ layer. At the time of draw using the Eraser (E) tool to clean up any brushwork, which can dirt the overall sketch.

I pick the presented color support meant for the skin via the Color Picker tool of Alt + I, pick a gloomy and extra saturated hue. I include this near my palette on the left side of the skin. Begin Here I use the color for burned skin, clothing as well.

When painting in the darker values I have to ensure my layer is locked. For do this work, just click on the Layers tab of first ‘Lock’ option.

After established the darker tones, the time is now to fetch in the lighter tones. By which we really get more realistic feel. Technique is alike before, I already established the base colors, just in this time will use lighter and slightly desaturated versions. Highlight the image; it will give additional credibility to an image. To maintain the image unified just keep the light source in mind. Here to give the image credibility set the light is coming from the bottom.

In this step I bring in smooth brighter values for the statement of image a stronger value. Here for burning of eye I will show the details. Use the closer zoom at this stage also for further definition use smaller brushes. Ensure to concern matching quantity of feature for the elements like: face, hair, hand, suit, etc. Here everything is completed with a hard-edged brush.

Now I feel lucky that I can set everything and prefer to smoother elsewhere in the skin. For that, have to make a new layer regarding the skin. Pick an airbrush among 0% hardness with opacity of roughly 33%. Set downy out the insensitive transitions origin through the hard-edged brushes. Now my image is more natural and realistic. Just apply this fro others element.

The image is given below:

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