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Photoshop Tutorials: 9 Best YouTube Channels For Beginners

Photoshop has been the ultimate editing tool since 1988 and it is here to stay!

It is the go-to tool for any IT professional and you can do anything from photo editing to graphic designing or animation. Hence it is essential that you learn Photoshopping or hone your already existing Photoshop skills before you dive into the IT sector or photography.

9 Best YouTube Channels To Learn Photoshop

You can learn Photoshop from many places but one of the most prominent platforms that offer easy learning opportunities is YouTube. There are many Photoshop tutorials on YouTube in a variety of languages. Today we will discuss 9 of the best YouTube channels to learn Photoshop. So let us start off by listing the channels below :

  1. Adobe Photoshop

  2. PiXimPerfect

  3. Phlearn

  4. Terry White

  5. Photoshop Training Channel

  6. Tutvid

  7. Blue Lightning TV Photoshop

  8. EvanEckard

  9. Danksy


1. Adobe Photoshop

Nothings best to start out the list with other than Adobe’s very own Youtube channel dedicated to Photoshop, going by the name Adobe Photoshop.

Created in December 2005, this official channel currently has about 599K subscribers and contains every kind of Photoshop related videos imaginable. The channel has 500+ videos — the majority of which are tutorials to help improve your Photoshop skills for free.

Their approach is more on the practical side and gets straight to the point which is perfect for people from all walks of the learning curve.


2. PiXimperfect

The goldmine of a channel, PiXimperfect, has existed since June 2016 and has soared to 2.9 million subscribers as of yet.

There are 650+ videos on the channel which helps its audience in anything Photoshop or Lightroom related. The channel’s motto is “Keep Creating” which is their way of telling people that consistency fixes mistakes along the way and so it matters more than doing something perfectly.

The host and founder, Unmesh Dinda, presents each tutorial in a straight to the point manner and shows practical examples on how to carry out each task precisely.


3. Phlearn

Aaron Nace founded the Phlearn channel in October 2011 and has since gained a whopping 1.99 million subscribers as of today.

The channel has 750+ videos and has a reputation for dabbling in editing tools other than Photoshop as well. Yet the tutorials are very organized and straight to the point. You can find a playlist on the channel called “Master Photoshop in 30 days” which can help you learn Photoshop from scratch.

It has an advantage over the other two channels we discussed since everything is set in a certain order and so you will be less confused as a beginner.


4. Terry White

Terry White has run his own Youtube channel since May 2009 and has more than 487K subscribers.

The channel features more than 850 videos and has videos on many things Adobe related besides Photoshop. Terry can be deemed a Photoshop expert and best teaches photo editing techniques. He even displays his skills on Masterclass and finds joy in spreading his knowledge.

The host for this channel has 20 years of experience working with Adobe and does not hesitate to share secrets that other channels won’t provide.


5. Photoshop Training Channel

Founded by a digital artist, Jesus Ramirez, the Photoshop Training Channel has more than 1.44 million subscribers.

The channel has been around since June 2012 and is dedicated solely to Adobe Photoshop. Their mantra, “just show me how you did that”, really shines through their 350+ videos and can be a great learning opportunity for beginners and intermediate learners alike.

The host has more than 15 years of experience and has worked with renowned companies such as Adobe, Microsoft, Motorola etc.


6. Tutvid

Tutvid is another brilliant channel for Photoshop tutorials that have been around since August 2006.

The channel has more than 1.14 million subscribers and 970+ videos where the host and founder — Nathaniel Dodson talks spectacularly about Photoshop tips and tricks that are easy to grasp even as beginners. He loves interacting with his audience and has brought up a new approach to teaching Photoshop via video tutorials.

The channel also has tutorials on film editing, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Lightroom, and much more that can be accessed for free to every audience.


7. Blue Lightning TV Photoshop

The Blue Lightning TV Photoshop channel has gained 946K subscribers since its creation in October 2011.

Hosted and founded by Marty Geller, the channel’s main attraction is providing the opportunity to learn from a known expert. As a beginner, the initial fear of trusting the person whom you are learning from is a lot. But with this channel, you can overcome that problem easily because Marty Geller has a great reputation in the entertainment industry and has worked with several renowned TV channels and magazines which showcases his editing skills to the tee.

The channel has more than 750 videos and offers its audience organized playlists for the different types of tutorials that are sure to come in handy for your Photoshop skills.


8. EvanEckard

The EvanEckard channel has been around since October 2011 and has 117K subscribers as of yet.

The host and founder, Evan Eckard, showcases his talents with an artistic approach that is undoubtedly inspired by his gamer lifestyle. The 220+ videos on his channel give us more insights on the graphic sides of Photoshop and can be fun for beginners who wish to dive into the IT industry.

Although Evan’s about section tells us little about himself, his videos are in-depth and practical, which is necessary for a great learning experience.


9. Danksy

Lastly, we have the Danksy channel which was created in October 2014, founded and hosted by Daniel White — a designer.

Currently, the channel has over 672K subscribers and 630+ videos and goes in-depth on Photoshop related topics that can be a huge help for clueless beginners as well as intermediate level learners. This channel is a great free learning opportunity for those who wish to start out in graphic designing and has tutorials on other Adobe tools as well.

Daniel has climbed through the same ladder that you as a beginner are trying to climb and hence he adores being able to teach the newbies and to help them grow.

Advice And More…

Some other channels that we’d like to mention are :

  • Peter Mckinnon
  • Mango Street
  • LinkedIn Learning Solutions

That said, learning is best done when it is done out of one’s own passion and curiosity. So, research more on your learning techniques and choose whom to learn from wisely.

We hope our article has helped you a good deal today. So, happy learning!

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