A Comprehensive List of Top Graphic Design Training Institutes in USA

graphic design institutes in USA

Graphic design is undoubtedly a hot topic to study and choose as a career. And, it has a lot of impacts on different businesses as well. If you have a degree from any reputed designing school, it will be easier to get a suitable job also. So, finding the proper graphic design training institutes can give you the best solution in this fact. But the question is- how can you do that? Well! Clipping Path India comes with a shortlist of the best places in the USA for learning graphic design from world-class professionals and teachers.

Before that, we should know the advantages along with the curriculum, and some important things related to the course or subject. To do so, we are going to summarize all the things together step by step.

Why to Take Entry in A Top Graphic Design School

Besides earning a degree, an institution or school lets you learn a lot of things to be a skilled professional in a particular area. So, there are obviously some advantages to take entry in the best places. If we see them in an organized way, it will be likely-

  • It provides an opportunity to expand your creativity globally as a designer and photo artist.
  • You can collaborate with different professionals to enrich your knowledge in the regarding field.
  • It lets you get the opportunity to work with international markets. You achieve an identity through a top-quality design school.
  • Learning graphic design is flexible. So, you can do it and start your journey anytime, anywhere around the world. You won’t need to maintain any particular time for this profession.
  • Graphic design is a trendy and digital industry where you will need to learn consistently. And, a good institute helps you to be a great learner.

What a Top Design Institute Helps to Learn & Gain

Although each institute has its own course curriculum for students. We prepared an ideal list of the sections they cover. Here it goes-

  • Design fundamentals including colors, shapes, textures, and other necessary elements.
  • Color theory in different multimedia and devices.
  • In-depth theoretical and practical knowledge of various designing tools, including Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw Graphics Suite, etc.
  • Ensures the scope of learning various photo editing methods so that you can start your career in any image editing company,
  • Represents the way to be a successful entrepreneur in the graphic design industry using the knowledge of business and marketing techniques.
  • Improves the quality of portfolio development with skills, creativity, and abilities. It’s a great way to get an expected job from big companies or organizations.
  • A top design school helps to explore yourself as a UI/UX Designer, Production Artist, Art Director, Multimedia Artist, or Freelancer. It lets you grab the opportunity to work in different fields of the creative world.

Top Graphic Design Training Institutes in USA

In USA, there are hundreds of reputed schools and institutes to learn graphic design. Here, we picked some of the well-renowned and top ones that can really assist to expand the border of your knowledge. Hopefully, it will be a helpful resource for you.

Graphic Design & Desktop Publishing by International Career Institute

International Career Institute provides various certification programs in different fields. In the area of graphic design, it offers a complete package to make real professionals. The course curriculum covers all the possible sections, including foundation & theory, tools & workplace, raw materials, advanced digital illustration, design & typography, desktop publishing, and more.

International Career Institute

International Career Institute

You can easily develop your skill in a few months enrolling in this course. After completing it successfully, you will be able to start your career both as a graphic designer, desktop publisher, and freelancer. All the things depend on your communication and design skill, creativity, and understanding capability of color, layout, & drawing.

Course Duration: 31 weeks (maximum three years)

Achievements: Graduation certificate, post-nominal letters, and letter of recommendation & validation.

Course Fee: $1599

Course Link: International Career Institute

Address: Los Angeles, CA

BFA in Communication Design by Parsons School of Design

Parsons School of Design is a renowned design school in the USA located in Lower Manhattan, New York. It focuses on all the major topics to make you a professional designer. In this course, you will get to learn typography, editorial design, interaction design, advertising design, information design, branding, motion graphics, etc. This institution has two major programs in this area.

Communication Design- Parsons School of Design

Parson school of design

You can enroll yourself in both the Master of Professional Studies (MPS) and Associate’s Degree (AAS) in Communication Design. As per QS World University Rankings, it was nominated as one of the best design schools in US. Besides graphic design, it also offers various international programs likely Fashion Design, Interior Design, UI Design, Web Design & Development, Screenwriting, and more.

Achievements: Certificate, Scholarship

Course Fee: $46,960 (undergrad)

Course Link: Parsons School of Design

Address: Manhattan, New York

Graphic Design at Rhode Island School of Design (RISD)

If you are searching for the top-ranked graphic design institutes in USA, Rhode Island School of Design is obviously one of them. It provides a comprehensive education with social, media, and academic resources to the learners. RISD offers two programs- Bachelor of Fine Arts (4 years), and Masters of Fine Arts (2 years). Currently, over 180 full-time and more than 420 part-time academic staff are working as faculty members there.

Rhode Island School of Design (RISD)

Rhode Island School of Design (RISD)

Since the beginning of its journey in the year 1877, it’s been a foremost institution around the world. To make professionals in the regarding area, it focuses on learning typography, imagery, grids, interactive texts, logos, and other digital media. In a nutshell, you will get all the opportunities to start your career in the respected field with a reputation.

Achievements: Certificate, Scholarship

Course Fee: $51,800

Course Link: Rhode Island School of Design (RISD)

Address: Providence, Rhode Island

Graphic Design Program by Pratt Institute

To achieve a solid foundation in graphic design, Pratt Institute brings a prestigious course for students. Started in 1887, it has expanded the infrastructure, systems, and subjects in different fields. This is among the high-ranked professional graphic design programs designed for both beginners and advanced learners. It helps to develop skills and proficiency in multiple area likely typography, visualization, drawing, package design, and more.

Graphic Design Program- Pratt Institute

Pratt Institute

Pratt Institute offers three different certification programs. They are BFA in Communication Design, AAS, and AOS in Graphic Design. The course curriculum ensures a broad understanding in the regarding area and improves the design psychology of the learners. It has over 160 full-time and 990 part-time academic staff to run the programs smoothly.

Achievements: Certificate, Scholarship, Employment Assistantship

Course Fee: $53,570

Course Link: Pratt Institute

Address: Brooklyn, NY

Graphic Design at Maryland Institute College of Art

Since its establishment in the year 1826, Maryland Institute College of Art is providing outstanding graphic design course with reputation. At present, it has more than 2000 students along with over 170 full-time and 430 part-time academic staff. In the regarding area, it’s among the finest and oldest art colleges in the USA.  The program is designed with a view to enhancing all the possible skills of designers.

Maryland Institute College of Art

Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA)

MICA ensures a complete program that works with the skill of branding, UI/UX, Packaging, Publication Design, Spatial Design, and other creative functionalities. To showcase the artworks, it also organizes about 100 exhibitions each year for the students. It brings national and international attention from major artists around the world.

Achievements: Certificate, Fulbright Awards and Fellowships, Employment Assistantship

Course Fee: $48,510

Course Link: Maryland Institute College of Art

Address: Baltimore, Maryland

Graphic Design at School of Visual Arts

Once again, School of Visual Arts is another one of the best graphic design training institutes in USA. It comes with the option to specialize in the area of design and creativity. To join an international program to prepare yourself as a professional designer and entrepreneur as well, this can be undoubtedly a good choice for you. To run the programs smoothly, they have around 970 academic staff.

Graphic Design- School of Visual Arts

School of Visual Arts

The course curriculum is designed in a way that helps you to build your career in both Graphic Design, 3D Design, and Motion Graphics.  The design section is divided into several sections likely publication design, CD packaging, book jacket design, and more. Besides these, it organizes and offers various workshops, exhibitions, competitions, scholarships, and internships to their students every year.

Achievements: Certificate, Financial Aid & Scholarship, Employment Assistantship

Course Fee: $1100/semester

Course Link: School of Visual Arts

Address: Manhattan, New York

To Sum Up

The world-class graphic design training institutes offer varieties of opportunities to build a career in the regarding field and explore talents worldwide. This is the reason why it’s important to find the best schools. To help you out in this matter, we kept some of them on this list. Hopefully, it will help in selecting and joining the appropriate program for you. Besides this, let us know if you have any other choices.

Till then, keep in touch with our latest articles.

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