July 1, 2023

9 Famous Photojournalists in the History of Photography

Famous Photojournalists
Photojournalism possesses a profound significance as it captures the extraordinary within the ordinary. It brings attention to moments that shape history and define our shared humanity. Also, it serves as a visual chronicle, freezing pivotal instances in time and preserving them for future generations. From the triumphs and tragedies of societies to the complexities of individual lives, photojournalism immortalizes the essence of our collective narrative. Within this exploration of the world’s most famous photojournalists, we delve into the lives and legacies of these visionaries who have left an indelible mark on the field. Join us to experience a journey through
April 18, 2020

Role of Photographers in Pandemic Disaster: What History Says?

Photographers in Pandemic Disaster
The whole world is under threat. The pandemic disaster- COVID-19 has slowed down human life, economic growth, and many more around us. Still, we have nothing to make the changes we need. The only thing that we can do is to see the downfall opening the online newspapers and channels. Have you ever thought about how are we getting the information on the crisis so fast to us? Well! This is all because of the hard work of photojournalists and photographers. Some of them are doing it professionally through various organizations and media houses. And, some are making it done
November 24, 2019

A Code of Ethics in Photojournalism: Photojournalists Should Comply With It

Ethics in Photojournalism
Ethics in photojournalism! Yes, they are interrelated. Photojournalism is a profession that must follow a set of rules and regulations. A photojournalist like a writer or an editor has to conform to certain ethics to notch up the credibility of the public. Following a set of rules will authenticate his photographs and persuade the onlookers of the verity of an event. Now, coming to the point, what photojournalism is basically? The objective of photojournalism is to snap candid moments whether in a street or in an event to represent the real vibe and circumstance. In photojournalism, you are not allowed

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