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Importance of Photo Editing in Various Industries

The advancement of technology has impacted the photography industry substantially. The field of photography is one of the fastest-evolving industries in the world. Previously, people were dependent on film camera for photography but by the passage of time, film camera was superseded by digital camera. Even though still for various artistic purposes, film camera is availed by the photographers. Right from multinational companies, medium-sized companies, and even the small-scale companies take advantage of photography for marketing and branding their products and services. They know that people are instinctively prone to visuals. More than reading texts, people focus on images especially catchy images having superior quality. Despite leveraging high-end camera by various companies, there are high chances that the images would contain defects due to human and technical glitches. However, they cannot be used for promotional purposes in their raw forms as people will not be enticed by low-quality photographs. To showcase the products vividly and charmingly, the images must be processed before advertising. If you are looking for a world-class image editing company to optimize your second-rate or third-rate images, Clippingpath India is at the forefront to serve you.

Photo Editing for Social Media Marketing: With the advancement and availability of social media throughout the world, the demand of the print media and also electronic media are on the decline. Even though still many people are reliant on newspaper, magazine, and satellite channels, social media is slated to supersede them in the next few decades. Everyday people especially the youngsters spend hours in various social media platforms including Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc. The staple thing that retains us busy into these platforms is the visual. Visuals not only help us to fathom activities better but also enable us to remember them for longer time. Social media advertisers and marketers are well-aware of that and they carry out their SMM with the perfect utilization of visuals. They know how the visuals influence the mind of the users and with that in mind they optimize the images to engage their clients. They post retouched real life images, animated images, icons, etc. to advertise their products and services.

Image Retouching for Fashion Houses: Photography post-processing is an inevitable part for fashion photography. Even though fashion photographers leave no stone unturned to snap high-end photography, image processing is required due to unavoidable flaws. In fashion houses, the designers look for quality in visuals; they focus on eliminating blemishes from face, removing wrinkles from outfits, exposing the images appropriately, etc. By utilizing image enhancement service, every defect can be fixed with perfection. This will allow them to make color correction, add image shadow, and manipulate images as per their requirement.


Image: Edited Fashion House Visual


Image Editing for Advertising Agency: Advertisement is incomplete if there are no images in advertisement. It can contain the images of only the products or with the integration of models. In this age when introducing visuals in the ads have become a piece of cake, every ad agency attempts to incorporate visuals in their ads let it be in newspaper, magazine, display ad or banner ad, billboard, etc. Textual ads are likely to fluff to enchant the potential clients as people are more prone to visuals. In addition to static images, animated images are also used to make unique and mesmerizing advertisements. To portray these images in ads flawlessly and compellingly, photo retouching is imperative. However much you may be adept in photography, errors are bound to happen owing to technical and human errors. At the time of post-processing, you can fix these errors with the help of various photo editing tools.

Image Post-Processing for E-commerce Sites: It is normally said, “a picture is worth a thousand word”. The base of the e-commerce sites is visuals. People especially the tech-savvy ones prefer to purchase their desired products online rather than brick and mortar stores. Without the utilization of visuals, e-commerce sites cannot exist as buyers make the decision of purchasing by viewing the products’ visuals. Many a time, the buyers scan the same product from multiple manufacturers and compare them based on the visual quality. As the products of online are intangible, the visuals play a key role to engage buyers. Therefore, it is indispensable to bring realistic and appealing look to the images of the products let it be apparel, electronics, automobile spare parts, sport accessories, etc. Furthermore, quality visuals also add authority to the products and becomes reliable to the buyers and potential customers. Hence, professional product image enhancement before posting in the e-commerce site is incumbent.


Image: Retouched E-commerce Site Visual


Photo Retouching for Photographers: Photographers take shots either out of passion or as a part of their job. Many travel photographers for the sake of advertising visit various travel spots and snap natural beauties like fountain, flowing water, moving leaves, dazzling flowers, etc. They meet lively and exciting people of various parts of the world and capture them in their camera. These visuals whether for advertising or for other purposes need top-notch retouching to create impression in people’s mind. Apart from that, many crack photographers are hired by various commercial organizations for their products’ photography. The photographers take shots of various products such as apparels, jewelry, furniture, etc. They also visit showbiz, sports, and award conferring events and take noteworthy snapshots. Before these photos are advertised and published in various media, they must be manipulated to create a catchy look.

Photo Manipulation for Magazine Publishers: Many people write articles for magazine and publish those incorporating photographs. While publishing photographs, it is very pivotal to optimize the photos. When people buy magazines, more than the texts, they focus on the visuals. The more polished the visuals are, the higher the chances that it would enchant the buyers and ultimately it will drive them to snap up the magazines. Apart from that, many advertising companies promote their products and services through visuals in magazines. If the advertisers intend to draw the attention of the potential clients with their advertisements, they must post catchy visuals of the products. To spice up the images, they must take advantage of image retouching services.


Image: Processed Magazine Publishing Visual


Photo Touch-up for Web Design Companies: Website sets the tone of a particular company. The right and appropriate photos impact the overall appearance of a website. The images in a website can just make or break the website. When a visitor visits a website, the first thing that draws his/her attention is the visuals of the website. The more compelling the images of a website are, the more the visitors of the website will show passion. They will navigate the other pages of the website which will ultimately benefit the company. In addition to that, with the help of high-end photos, the company can also showcase their products and services more effectively. Therefore, the quality of the visuals in a website must be crack. Professional image editing companies provide high-end photo retouching services which website design companies can avail to polish the images of their websites.

Image Enhancement for Real Estate Agencies: With the mounting competition of real estate business, it is not a walk in the park for the realtors and real estate brokers to flourish. It is an uphill task for them to survive and thrive in their business. Photography can play a vital role in reaching the clients and persuading them with little effort. Most of the clients will be inclined to view the visuals of the properties as opposed to visiting the real estate spots physically to buy properties. In this case, first-rate real estate images and 360° virtual tour can come in handy to grab the clients. High-end real estate images generate eagerness in the mind of the clients and they can easily make up their mind whether to go ahead. Professional image manipulation companies are always committed to render top-notch real estate image touch-up service.


Image: Enhanced Real Estate Visual


Photo Processing for Engineering: Engineering is another field where high-quality images are pivotal. In engineering, there are various sections dealing with images including CAD designs, 2D drafting images, floor plans, 2D or 3D product images, 3D renderings, etc. It is very key that these images are evident and detailed so that end-users find them no-brainer. While drawing these images in various designing software, it is highly likely that quality will be degraded. Therefore, these images must be post processed to bring the desired quality. Hence, to do so, the engineering companies require professional high-end image editing services to optimize their valuable visuals and these optimized visuals will ultimately drive client growth.

Image Manipulation for Education: With the advancement of technology, many students are banking on online education. E-learning courses are great vehicles for the people of current generation. With the help of internet, they are able to find every information that they look for. There are many topics which require the incorporation of visuals for them to comprehend holistically. Hence, every online educational institute requires to post vivid and superior visuals in their websites. This will not only educate the people exhaustively but also bring more traffic into the websites. To optimize these instructive images, professional image retouching is obligatory.


Image: Enhanced Educational Visual


Some of the On-demand Image Editing Services

  • Background Removal
  • Clipping Path
  • Image Masking
  • Ghost Mannequin Effect
  • Image Shadow Service
  • Image Restoration Service
  • Photoshop Color Correction
  • Vector and Raster Illustration

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