How to Remove Background from a Shoe Image

If we talk about image editing and retouching services, it’s unlikely that we wouldn’t talk about background removal service. It’s a splendid method that professional photo manipulators utilize to spice up dull images with inappropriate background. No matter whether you have personal images or commercial images, replacing the unfitting background with a fitting background can glamorize your images exceedingly well.

We will now show you a step-by-step process of background removal from a shoe image with the clipping path technique in Photoshop. In order to create a path around the edge of the shoe, we will use the pen tool and segregate the shoe from the background. This is a simple and facile method and anyone with a rudimentary knowledge on Photoshop can carry out the task. Now, let’s begin…

Open the Image:

At first, open the Photoshop and open the shoe image from which you want to cut out the background. To do so, go to File and select open and pick your preferred image.

Select the Pen Tool:

Once the image gets visible in the Photoshop canvas, select the pen tool. Once you select the pen tool, you will get the path-creating option. We will create a path around the edge of the shoe with this tool.

Zoom in the Image:

While creating a path, it’s very crucial that you zoom in your image for maintaining accuracy. After you zoom in, start creating a vector path around the edge of the shoe.

Pick a Point on the Edge and Start Drawing the Path:

Now, select a point on the edge to begin creating the path. You can pick the point anywhere on the edge but you have to end the path exactly on the point you start. If you are in a condition to select a curved area, you have to press and hold the mouse to adjust the line.

Make Adjustments when Necessary:

If the direction goes wrong, press the point along with pressing Alt to fix the alignment. If the path goes inside the object, select the point along with pressing Ctrl to place the path on the right position. Carry on drawing the path and end it on the starting point.

Transform the Path into Selection Mode:

At this stage, convert the created path into selection and to do so, click the right button on the mouse and select the option “Make Selection”. Then, the object will be selected but our objective is to cut out the background. So, press Ctrl + Shift + I to inverse the selection. Next, press the Delete key from the keyboard and the background will be removed.

Get the Final Output:

This is the final output as you can see the background of the image is removed. You can now place the shoe with the befitting background. After the background removal, you can do further adjustments and refinements if required.

We tried to illustrate the method of shoe image background removal in a simplistic manner in Photoshop. If you pick up this easy and simple method and fiddle with the Photoshop a little bit, you can do it yourself at your home. Before we end, let’s remind you that Photoshop is a cracking image editing tool. Master your Photoshop skill and take yourself to the next level. Until next time, just chill!

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