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Tips to Optimize Amazon Product Images

Selling products online is always challenging so far. Especially when you are on the way to running your store on Amazon, it becomes special and crucial to deal with the product listing with the best possible pictures. No doubt, it will be a primary requirement to know how to optimize the images properly. Otherwise, the entire hard work may go in vain to run a successful online store on Amazon. 

So, today here, we are going to describe some essential tips to optimize Amazon product images in various ways. In our previous article, we discussed the image requirements for the Amazon marketplace. Hopefully, it helped you get the proper information before you try to submit photos for the listing. 

6 Crucial Tips to Optimize Amazon Product Photos

If you want to beat your competitors, there’s no way to have the best quality photos to represent the products online. Here are some of the most professional tips to optimize Amazon images for you. 

1. Know who’s Your Target Audience

While optimizing a product image, you must be aware of the target audience for the product. They must know what you are selling and why! As a part of the image optimization, the view, description, and styling should be attractive and easy-to-understand for them as well.

For example, if you are willing to shoot a classic shoe product, you must use a white background to showcase it in the most convenient way. It will be catchy and professional. On the other hand, whether the product is something white in color, then you can choose a colorful background as well to catch the customer’s attention

2. Be Familiar with Amazon Image Requirements

There are some specific requirements to use images in the Amazon store. You must maintain the background, color mode, size, frame, file format, and more while uploading pictures on Amazon. In our earlier discussion, we already mentioned this. You may have a look into them for a better understanding. 

3. Remove Spots and Retouch the Photo

What if a product with spots is uploaded online? It can ruin everything in your business. Nobody is ready to buy anything with spots or dullness in the picture. So, it’s crucial to remove them by retouching the photo with the help of experts’ hands. If the quantity of the product’s image is just a few, you can hire any individual. And, if you need to retouch a bulk amount of photos, then hiring a professional agency will be a wise decision as they will make the whole process easier for you. Besides, you will get it affordable.

4. Make it Shiny and Professional

No matter what you sell, it should be shiny and clear to the customers. It’s one of the most essential requirements as well from Amazon. To make it more professional, you can just keep the product image in your frame. Besides, you can use a pure white background for this. Also, close-up looks create an extra appeal in buying something online.

5. Use Multiple Product Variations

To showcase the product from different perspectives, you need to capture multiple shots of the products. It’s essential to present it professionally so that customers get complete clarifications regarding the product. The key reason is to showcase the product in detail to the audience who are your possible customers. You can make it done in various ways likely- 1. Shoot the product with package, 2. Then, after opening it, shoot from multiple angles, 3. Also, you can show the uses of the product through your captions.

6. Provide Necessary Information

As a part of image optimization, it’s necessary to provide the essential information to let your audience know in detail about the basic info of the product. Suppose, you are planning to sell a pack of teabag. To showcase it nicely, you can put the data like how many bags are there in the pack, the weight, flavor, and price. Thus, these will enhance the opportunity to sell the product.

So, it’s just some of the crucial and basic methods to optimize Amazon product images. Besides, there are also some other ways to achieve the expected outcomes. Wanna try out for your upcoming store on Amazon? Let’s try these together and see what you get!

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