Amazon Image Requirements: A Complete Guide

Amazon Image Requirements

Maintaining an eCommerce shop on Amazon is easy unless you know their basic guidelines. Amazon initially provides easy-to-follow guidelines for several aspects. Amazon image requirements are one of them and we choose it as the topic of discussion for today. It’s crucial to enclose this fact so that you can simply maintain your shop in this marketplace. We will try to provide all necessary information about the standard image for an Amazon shop here. You will indeed learn all the basic ‘what and how’s about it as well.

Basic Amazon Image Requirements

Amazon is now the leading ecommerce marketplace worldwide. So, having a partnership with Amazon to grow your business is quite a beneficial business idea. However, Amazon provides a very arranged guide for the sellers to maintain their online shop. Amazon image requirements are one of the basic guides you need to follow to add an image to your store.

Initially, Amazon set a few requirements about image size, format, file type, etc for the image. There are additional and optional requirements that you should follow to make the product significant. Let’s check out the basic details of a standard amazon image.

Base Requirements for Image File

Amazon basically lets you add multiple images for one photo. And among all those images, there must be the main image that will appear directly on the product link. The other photos will be added like the supporting photos. Viewers can only view them when they click on them to learn more about the product.

Adding supporting photos is optional but you cannot add a product without the main photo. So, the requirements for the main photo are the most essential fact you need to learn.

Image Size

Image Size

The size of the image is the most essential fact you have to remember always. If the size doesn’t support the format given by Amazon, the image you insert may not upload properly. However, Amazon almost accepts high-quality images of standard size. The size is at least 1000 px both for the height and width. 

If you want to insert a big size image, you can try. But remember to keep it less than 2560 px. For us, 2000x2000px is the standard size for any kind of Amazon image. It is suitable for both main and supporting images as well.

File Format

Image File Format

Amazon also advises a few specific formats for the image files. You have to understand that the web cannot just cope with any random file format. So, you should always use the universe format like PNG, JPG, and TIFF. Eventually, these are the most common formats and are supported by Amazon too. But remember that JPEG is the most preferred format for Amazon.

You should avoid typical image design formats like PSD, PDF, EPS, AI, etc. Also, you shouldn’t use Animated GIFs either. These kinds of image files are not particularly supported in the Amazon web system. So, your images can fail to be uploaded if they are inserted with these kinds of unusual formats.



Another unavoidable part of an Amazon commercial image is its background. Did you even find any color other than white in an Amazon featured image? We are sure that you don’t. However, Amazon has selected the pure white color as the background of the image from the beginning.

So, you have to ensure showcasing your photo with a pure white background. But this requirement is applicable only for the main image. You can use different backgrounds in the supporting images too. You can initially change the background of a normal photo to pure white color using any photo editing tool. You should use the RGB 255, 255, 255 on the color wheel as the background.

Image Frame

Image Frame

Basically, images for Amazon don’t have any decorated frames. But the frame is quite essential here. In this case, the frame is the white part around the product. As the background color is selected as white, the white frame cannot particularly be visible. 

However, according to Amazon’s guidelines, the four side frame must be at least 15% of the whole image. That means the product image should cover around 85% of the entire image. The white frame is very important as it ensures a better view when viewers will zoom the photo.

These are base instructions to prepare an image file for Amazon. It’s time we should share some additional image requirements with Amazon.

Structure-Related Image Requirements

There are additional structure-related image requirements that you should follow too. These directions are not always mandatory but they provide the chance to earn the trust of the clients easily.

  • The file size should not be more than 10 MB.
  • You can add cropped photos. While cropping the photos, make sure that there is enough white space that lets the viewers zoom in.
  • You can compress the images before insertion. It will help you get the file in the perfect size.
  • The images should have a natural and realistic color.
  • You cannot use any Watermark on the images.
  • Amazon doesn’t allow images with stickers and any sort of personal designs as well.
  • The images also need four side smooth edges too.

These are the basic structural image requirements for Amazon stores. There are some additional rules to select the photo for Amazon too. Let’s check them out in short.

Additional Image Requirements

There are some other image-related rules and directions given by Amazon too. These short requirements are equally essential to the base requirements. We suggest you not skip a single requirement by any means.

  • You shouldn’t use any unnecessary text, stickers, or graphics on the images. It will destroy the focus and authenticity of the product.
  • You can add a graphical scale to show the size of the product. 
  • The image should have no content related to violence, pornography, racism, and other offensive matters. This kind of content violates the rules of Amazon. 
  • The image should showcase the exact product you will deliver. Amazon decreases providing different products from the main image.
  • The focus of the camera while capturing the image should be on the product directly. You should make the viewers confused about what you are selling.
  • Amazon also decreases using too many filters while editing photos for your eCommerce store. Too much filtration can make the real product look different from the image.
  • The product in the image should be seen properly. The light setup must be proper and all sides of the product should be visible.
  • If the product has a different structure and appearance, you should capture images of it from different sides. You can insert those images as supporting images.

Hopefully, the above discussion covers all the Amazon image requirements. But we are not ending it here. Before we go, we would like to share some effective tips to choose and prepare photos for Amazon stores that can help you increase sales.

Effective Tips for the Best Amazon Product Image Selection and Insertion

Following the requirements cannot help increase your sale on Amazon. You have to earn the trust of the customers too. Hopefully, the following tips will help you grow your sales and earn viewers’ belief.

  • Always showcase exactly what you will provide. Almost 80% of the customers prefer to buy from the same shop they had good service before. So, if you want to earn the customer’s trust, make sure to provide the same product you show in the photo.
  • Try to add multiple photos as the supporting images. It helps the customers check the product from different angles and have no trust issues.
  • You should add a graphical scale to show the length and width of the product. You can use the method of iPhone size measurements comparison too.
  • Make sure that the product has enough resolution so that it doesn’t break when zooming in.
  • You should showcase the products in use. It helps the customers understand the features of the products properly.

To Include

When you finish checking out the requirements, don’t forget to check the tips. The basic Amazon image requirements will help insert images properly on your Amazon shop while the tips will help you earn the customer’s trust with the photos. Hopefully, you have now all your confusion cleared with this discussion. Thank you for your time.

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