Top 20 Best Product Photographers in Europe

Product photography is more than special and crucial to achieving success in the digital business. If you are trying to start an online business through a website or social media, it’s a must thing to work with a lot of photos captured by best product photographers. They should be properly captured in a professional manner. Otherwise, your all efforts can go in vain. And, especially in the European market, this is a really concerned issue because of the online presence of their people in most cases.

Before this, we published the best event photographers in the USA to let you know the best artists to make your events memorable. Hope, you already went through that.

Best Product Photographers in Europe

No doubt, the product images, and quality do matter for the customers to make the buying decision. Only experts in the relevant industry know-how to trigger a brand photo and bring the correct appeal to the consumers. This is a smart way you can interact with people fast to your business. Today in this article, we are going to let you know about the top product photographers in Europe.

1. Holly Booth

Holly Booth is a freelance product photographer based in Derbyshire, England. She loves to work with designers, crafters, and online shops and captures amazingly appealing product images. Since the year 2010, she is running an agency by her name. Holly is blessed with a lot of brands and individuals with her creative job. They got some amazing and innovative photos of their products that are really capable of getting attracted by the customers.

There are many clients with whom Holly has worked so far for a long time. It includes London Zoo, Studio Seed, Kate Rowland, Rose & Co, Witshop, and more. Also, some national publications and blogs featured her work. They are likely 91 Magazine, Gifts Today, Derbyshire Life, Creative Boom, and Photography Monthly.

Country: Derbyshire, England.

2. Anait Sagoyan

Anait Sagoyan is a German professional photographer. From a very young age, Anait developed an interest in photography. She was put in charge of the family camera. Observing the world and recording it in a portrait has always been Anait’s passion. She turned this passion into a profession. Mostly focusing on the narrative-driven representation of life, she has made her way into success. She is from Berlin, Germany. Anait has done her M.A in Eastern European Cultural Studies from the University of Potsdam. She is a top-rated freelancer who has a successful work history.

Country: Berlin, Germany.

3. Stephen Belcher

It’s about another renowned photographer, Stephen Belcher. He has been working in the area for 25 years with positive reviews from many clients. He is running an agency by his name to provide approachable and professional services in the commercial areas with a bunch of expert photographers. It includes studios in two different areas, including London and Suffolk. Besides product photography, Stephen also works in the area of Interior, Food and Drink, Lifestyle, and Fashion photography. He has a lot of experience in capturing many brands, including local and international products.

Country: London/ Suffolk, UK.

4. Tomislav Maric

Tomislav Maric is a Croatia based professional and creative photographer, who has been working in this field for about 30 years. He has smart settings for producing all types of photography, including small to large format cameras with lenses, micro lighting, LED lighting, Flash lighting, and more. As a product photographer, he loves to capture various alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and food. Tomislav has vast work experience in the area of photography. He worked as the chief editor of XL Magazine and B4L Magazine. Besides this, he was engaged with some professional associations. He worked as the President of the Arts Council at Photo Section at ULUPUH.

Country: Zagreb, Croatia.

5. Matthew Seed

Matthew Seed is one of the most popular and leading London, UK based photographers with a diverse portfolio in product photography. He has been showing his talents in the industry for more than 28 years for many individuals and brands. Since the beginning of his care, he proved himself as a successful commercial photographer internationally. Some of his world-known clients are BBC, Pepsi, JD Sports, Reebok, McCann, Lacoste, Selfridges, and more. The remarkable fact of Matthew’s photography is to gain the existing clients for their next projects. His work featured on some prestigious media and organizations like Hasselblad TV and Manfrotto School of Xcellence.

Country: London, UK.

6. Bartlomiej Magierowski

Now, we come with a Polish photographer, namely Bartlomiej Magierowoski with having experience of several years. He is among the best product photographers in Europe. Bartlomiej started a simple photo studio in 2009 and started commercial photography with some garment and fashion products. As a professional photographer, he believes that only a good camera is not a reason to have better photos. That’s why he always tries to improve his knowledge with different subjects. Besides commercial or advertising fields, he also loves to work with Beauties, Portrait, Landscape, Architecture, Nature, Kids, and Nightscape photography.

Country: Wroclaw, Poland.

7. Fabio Napoli

Fabio Napoli is an advertising and commercial photographer from Italy. He has worked as an ecommerce photographer in Milan. He is also best known as a specialized in London in advertising photography. Fabio’s focus is mainly on e-commerce where he presents every single product to be unique and valuable. Using professional equipment Fabio excels in surrealist photography. With work experiences both in Italy and the UK, Fabio has built his own studio. Currently, he is running a new experience on YouTube.

Country: Milan, Italy.

8. Daniel Horvath

It’ another name on the list from Budapest, Hungary. Daniel Horvath is an experienced photographer, specialized in Product, Still Life, Food & Drink, Architecture, and Brand Advertising Photography. He got an MA in Photography from MOME, Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design. Daniel has been working as a freelance photo designer since the year 2000. In 2007, he got the opportunity to work as a guest photographer and studio manager in Auckland, New Zealand. Since the very beginning of the journey in this field, he has been working with many popular brands like Euro RSCG, Coca-Cola, Nokia, and many more.

Country: Budapest, Hungary.

9. Peter Stephens

Peter Stephens is a commercial photographer based in Devon, England. He is a self-employed photographer, specialized in various fields like Product, Architecture, Business, Virtual Tours, Events, Landscape, Workshops, and more. Currently, he is running his own agency, namely Peter Stephens Photography with a group of talented photographers. Before this, he worked as the Managing Director in PJS Photography Ltd. As a professional photographer, he has gained experience of around 16 years. There are many clients with whom this agency worked with. Some of them are the University of Exeter, Devon Air Ambulance, The Caravan Club, and many more.

Country: Devon, England.

10. Julien Baek

Turning leisure into passion is nothing new in the photography field. Julien Baek from France is no different in this consideration. Since 1998 Julien has been working as a professional photographer. His career started from a small photo club from his building to an enormous agency. He excels not only in product photography but also in fashion and beauty. Recently he has worked for Close-Up Magazine- Fashion Photographers France. Julien is flexible to work for diverse fields of photography with proper upstream preparation.

Country: France.

11. William Wilson

Commercial photographer William Wilson started his journey in the area of photography since the late 1980s. He earned a Bachelor of Art Degree in Photography. It’s a team with Aileen, who are working together throughout the UK and also outside of the region as well. Their photo studio is located between Glasgow and Edinburgh. They have clients from luxury goods, fabrics, food and drink, scientific equipment, etc. Some of them are likely Hays Shipping, Radisson Blue Hotels, Bakers PI, Lanark, Douglas Plastics, and many more. Besides the product or commercial photography, it also covers the area of Architecture, Interiors, Advertising, and Head Shots Photography.

Country: Glasgow, Scotland.

12. Atte Tanner

Atte Tanner is a photographer from Helsinki, Finland. His special skills rely on the field of fashion and commercial shots. He earned his graduation degree with a BA in Photography from the Lahti Institute of Design. Since then, he has been working professionally for several years with cameras for different brands worldwide. He claims to make someone’s fantasy come true by his shoots. Some of his great clients are likely, Lexus, ASUS, Warner Music, Sonera, Miltton, Lovia, and more. Nonetheless, he is a photographer with a consistent and successful work history.

Country: Helsinki, Finland.

13. Ian Knags

It’s about Ian Knags, the ultimate awards winning product photographer from Leicester, East Midlands, UK. He runs a full-time photography business with a small team. His agency is highly capable of producing quality images of various products at cheap prices. Besides this, it provides top-level customer service for achieving complete satisfaction for the clients. Since the beginning of the journey, he worked with many local and international brands. He got some prestigious awards like ‘Guild of Photographer Annual Awards 2017 and 2018’ as one of his great achievements. Also, Practical Photography Magazine nominated him as the ‘Photographer of the Year’ in 2011 and the finalist in the year 2014.

Country: Leicester, East Midlands, UK.

14. Anton Violin

This is another addition to the list of our best product photographers in Europe. Anton Violin is a self-educated Ukraine based commercial photographer with having experience of more than 9 years. He has been handling various projects worldwide, including Products, Residential, Commercial, and Architectural Photography. Since the beginning of his journey, Anton has developed himself as a professional and quality photographer. Some of the main clients are likely Watsons, Salateira, Totanga, President Hotel, and many more. If the need is about the photography for web page, online store, booklet or catalog, advertising, furniture, or any business purpose, Anton can help you professionally with excellent quality.


Country: Kiev, Ukraine.

15. Jessica Perkins

Whether you are searching for a person in the European region to take product photos professionally, the name of Jessica Perkins comes in the list. She is an experienced commercial photographer based in Derby, UK. Jessica worked for JCPenny Portrait Studios in the USA and learned a lot of things in the field. Besides this, she achieved certification in Portrait, Management, and other Technical Training from Motophoto Franchise Corporation. Currently, she is running her agency full time, namely JS Professional Photography. They have already captured many product photos of several ecommerce companies and retailers. Their work has been featured in different magazines and blogs like Retro Gamer Magazine, GamesTM, and East Midlands Wedding Magazine.

Country: Derby, UK.


16. David Dempsey

Dublin based photographer, David Dempsey is a professional commercial photographer with having experience in both Product, Portraits, and Lifestyle photography. He established his studio in Johnstown, Naas, County Kildare, from where he provides services for his clients. David earned his graduation degree in interior design from Griffith College, Dublin. His profession as a photographer started in the year 1998. Since then, he has worked for many companies like Specsavers, White & Green, Calvin Klein, and many more. There are several publications where his best works have been featured. Some of them are likely The Irish Times, Architectural Digest and Image Interiors & Living Magazine.

Country: Dublin, Ireland.

17. Irmac

Irmac is a well-known professional photographer from Spain. He holds a passion for creating product or portrait images for promising bands with special requirements. Irmac starts to work with the camera from 2013. He begins with e-commerce shooting. He has an interest in music and to work for upcoming unsigned bands. Through his shoots, he claims to portray things with thematic essence. His main focus is on the product dynamic business. He invests his creativity in bold editing which can create a platform for the product in social media.

Country: Spain.

18. RJ Bradbury

Another name comes to the list – RJ Bradbury from Stockport, Manchester. He is specialized in Commercial, Portrait, and Head Shot photography. Since the beginning of his photography career, he has been working on many local and international projects. By time goes, he achieved a lot of experience in capturing a variety of companies and brands. His commercial photography services include Promo Photography, Ecommerce Fashion, Product and Food Photography, etc. Besides this, he also attends several workshops and training sessions to enhance skills and relationships with the community professionals.

Country: Stockport, Manchester, UK.

19. Phillip Pilkington

Phillip Pilkington is among the popular and professional photographers in the European region. He is providing services in Bury, Bolton, Manchester, and surrounding areas for around 10 years. If you seek for a high-quality commercial photographer to capture images for online shops, magazines, and billboards at affordable prices, this agency can be a good choice. Phillip has experience in working with both small, medium, and large businesses. He has been showing talents in different industries, including Design agencies, Advertising agencies, Web Design, and Marketing companies. Along with product photography, he is also specialized in Studio, Architecture, and Food Photography.

Country: Manchester, UK.

20. Michael Marker

Michael Marker is 14 years commercial experienced photographer from Denmark. His skills are including, Branding, Retouching, Photography, Photoshop, Training, etc. He has experience in different fields of photography, such as – Architecture, Food, and Beverage, Hotels and Resorts. He is a photographer with the background of Fine Art and History of Art. It is to be noted that his clients include the BBC, Hertford Investors, Museum of National History Barcelona, USDAW, Craig Chapman and Sardine factory. He is currently working in the area of photography from Plymouth, UK.

Country: Denmark.

Wrapping Up

In business, product photography has huge importance from different perspectives. We tried to cover the best product photographers in the European region. Hopefully, you will find something helpful from our research. So, that’s it for today’s post from Clipping Path India.

We will come with another topic soon to let you know something new and trendy. Till then, have a nice day!

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