Top 15 Best Event Photographers in USA

Top 15 Best Event Photographers

An event is special when it’s about something unique and attached to emotions. Who doesn’t want to capture the crucial moments of an event you attend? People grow old as time goes on. But, the event memories still remain in mind. To keep the memorable memories alive, we sometimes search for the best event photographers. They help to make the moments special in a frame for a lifetime. Before going to our focus points, we are going to recall our previous post on the best product photographers list. Let’s move to the key facts below!

Best Event Photographers in USA

Today, in this article, we tried to summarize the best artists from the USA, who have been doing these amazing jobs in event photography for several years with fame. No doubt, hundreds of photographers are on the list. But, we have picked only the top 15 to have a quick look at them and their artistic works.

1. Chris Lusher

Chris Luiser is a professional photographer, who provides the best quality and unique photographs. He learned this skill by himself rather than from a university. His personalized style made him a versatile event photographer in the modern era. No doubt, his magical shots will blow your mind. There are a lot of international clients with whom he has already worked and is in progress.

Some of them are likely Aedas, AISHK, Bespoke, Calyon, Cimigo, Coach, Dressed, HSBC, and more. His images have been internationally featured in ABC US, Asiamoney, Discovery, Fortune, The Guardian, Prestige, etc.

Chris Lusher Photography

2. Ralph Alswang

Ralph Alswang is an experienced and excellent personality in the area of photography in the USA. He has been working as a professional photographer for over 30 years in many reputed organizations. While he worked in the White House, he made official documentary photography for the former president, Bill Clinton, and first lady.

He visited about sixty different countries and took the chance to capture hundreds of beautiful events in different categories. Also, Ralph has an amazing job history in some of the top-notch companies like Reuters and Newsweek.

Ralph Alswang photography

3. Stephen Green

Stephen Green is among the most experienced and skilled event photographers in the USA. He has been doing this job for over 35 years. Currently, he is working in Chicago Clubs along with his own farm, Stephen Green Photography as the principal photographer.

In his professional career, he got a lot of achievements, especially in entertainment and sports events photography. There are many events Stephen covered with great care. He took a lot of shots of rock stages, playgrounds, and many other events in different categories.

Stephen Green event photography

4. Darrylee Cohen

Darrylee Cohen is a famous photographer from Phoenix, Arizona. She is among the best photographers in the event category declared by PhotoShelter. Darrylee runs an agency likely Haute Photography and Videography. This is an amazing photography and videography company doing its operation with fame and a great goal. The most significant part of this organization is donating its services to charity.

They have a bunch of amazing professional event photographers and videographers on their team. Also, they are highly experienced and available to capture events worldwide. Furthermore, you will get the necessary retouching services for the images to make them more appropriate and attractive.

Darrylee Cohen photography

5. Christian Oth

If you are searching for high-rated and quality event photographers, especially for covering wedding moments, Christian Oth can be a good choice for sure. He is a New York-based professional photographer. American Photo has regarded him as one of the best wedding photographers in the world.

Also, Rangefinder Magazine got an award as one of the 10 most sought-after wedding photographers in the world. He runs a photography studio to provides impeccable service to capture the most attractive and memorable photos. You can see the portfolio section of his studio to track the excellence of his skills.

Christian Oth photography

6. Craig Paulson

Craig Paulson is another popular name in the corporate event photography area. He has been doing his job for around 19 years and formed a studio in his name. Now, he works in a team and provides service for various wedding events. He achieved a degree and started a journey as a fashion photographer at an early age.

Some of his renowned clients are likely American Express, Time Inc., Real Simple, etc. The way his studio works make it a unique one compared with other professionals. Paulson and his team strive to tell a story they capture in an event, rather than taking just beautiful photos.

Craig Paulson photography

7. Ira Lippke

Ira Lippke is a real talent in the field of corporate event photography, especially for capturing wedding events. His distinct style and professionalism have made him a successful personality in the photography area for years. Wedding Photojournalist Association awarded him as ‘The Photographer of the Year’ for his creative works.

Also, American Photo magazine recognized him as one of the 10 best wedding photographers in the world. Besides this, many international organizations and publications, including the New York Times, Town and Country, and Inside Weddings feature Ira his works regularly.

Ira Lippke event photography

8. Michael Jurick

Here is another famous event photographer Michael Jurick from NYC, USA. He is a true legend in the area of event and family photography. There are hundreds of iconic and exceptional photos captured by him in different events around the country. He is a proud member of an elite society of event professionals, The Chosen Few. Legendary event producer Harriette Rose Katz founded this group.

Besides this, Michael contributes to Getty Images regularly. There are many more international places where his images have been featured. Some of them are likely the New York Times, Rolling Stone, Dejuan Stroud, and more. No doubt, he is one of the best photographers of the present time.

Michael Jurick photography

9. Marissa Joy Daly

It’s about Marissa Joy Daly, another awards winner photographer from Los Angeles, California. Fearless Photographers has announced her as ‘One of The Top Photographers of 2017’. Also, Marissa was regarded as one of the ‘Top 10 Wedding Photographers in Los Angeles 2016-2018’ by Zankyou Weddings. She started a photography journey during her college life.

Since then, there have been plenty of artistic captions featured in the Huffington Post, National Geographic, USA Today, and other international media and organizations. She gained vast experience in photography by working with many brands like Netflix, Amazon Studios, Dove, Samsung, and Absolut Vodka. At present, she is running her own agency with a team, namely Marissa Joy Photography.

Marissa Joy Photography

10. John Edelson

John Edelson is among the established commercial and best event photographers from San Francisco, California with having experience in Corporate Event, Wedding, and Portrait photography. His works have been featured in many international news, magazines, and organizations like The New York Times, SF Weekly, The Settle Post, Huggington Post, and more. John already covered the 2017 presidential election, California wildfires, and various product launch events globally.

Including some of the world-famous brands like Apple, Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn, he has been working in this area for around 15 years. He works as a freelance Photojournalist in ‘The Associated Press’, AFP/Getty Images, ‘The Los Angeles Times’, etc.

John Edelson photography

11. Drew Altizer

It’s about a professional and experienced San Francisco based event photographer, who is running an agency as Drew Altizer Photography. It provides services in both events, portraits, video, PR and media placement. Especially, they are much more passionate about corporate event photography with a bunch of skilled and well-trained photographers.

They are experienced enough to capture charity, corporate, cultural, political, and personal events as well. Some of their clients are San Francisco Opera, Bonhams, Alonzo King Line Ballet, Arthritis Foundation, and more. With over 16 years of experience, Altizer ensures the best quality photography services for your events.

Drew Altizer event Photography

12. Jason Talley

Jason is a Houston, Texas-based professional photographer and the owner of Jason Talley Photography working about 10 years in this industry. Before starting photography, he was in Air Force for 15 years and learned a lot about commitment, respect, and relationships. As per his sayings, it helped him in his career and personal life in many ways.

He loves to provide services in Weddings, Portraits, Couples, and Commercial events. There are many individuals and organizations like Crazy Daisies, The Emerics, Enloe Entertainment, and Mitchies Munchies by whom he has been praised in the long journey. His agency got the Couple’s Choice awards by Wedding Wire several times for its excellent outcomes.

Jason Talley Photography

13. Shane Karns

Shane Karns is another popular name in the field of event photography based in Burbank, California. He is a passionate photographer capable of capturing family, wedding, dance, music, and other events with real people and objects as well. His services include engagement shoots with high-resolution images and professional editing.

Since the beginning of his photography journey, he has been praised by many people who have tested his excellence. Especially, he got excellent reviews in Wedding Photography from several couples. In the years 2017 and 2018, he achieved Couple’s Choice Awards from Wedding Wire.

Shane Karns photography

14. Becky Green

Becky is a young and natural light event photographer based in the Salt Lake area, Utah. She is running an agency, namely Becky Green Photography since the year 2009. As a photographer, she loves to use the combination of interactive invitations and suggestions to bring natural impacts to the captured images. Besides corporate event photography, she also works as a family, portrait, and wedding photographer in different locations.

She already covered the area likely Salt Lake Valley, Layton, Provo, Bountiful, and more. Becky has an excellent team with whom she provides exceptional services for both individuals, families, graduates, kids, and many more.

Becky Green Photography

15. Pamela Leeds

With having more than 25 years of experience, Pamela Leeds and team have been capturing a lot of happy moments. She is a commercial and gifted photographer based in Central California, USA. Pamela deals with different fields of photography, including weddings, children and families, portraits, newborns, and events. Her works have been featured in many international magazines and album covers.

She has an amazing professional team with real-life experience in different categories. The agency has been spreading its business outside California for the excellence of its photography skills and energy, especially in destination wedding events.

Pamela Leeds event photography

Finishing It Up

Event photography is really something special as it deals with real-life occasions like weddings, parties, award ceremonies, engagements, corporate events, and more. We tried to pick up some of the best event photographers in the USA region, who have been doing their best for several years in the industry.

Although they are fluent in other fields, we focused on the key part of our discussion. Hopefully, the list will help you to hire one for any of the important events in your life. So, it’s enough for today’s post!

Thanks for your patience. Have fun!

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