How to Make Your Dessert Photography Awesome

If you love desserts and photography, this blog is for you!

Do you want to learn how to take the perfect picture of your dessert? You’re not alone! Just about every food blogger has a signature shot. There are a lot of tricks and tricks to take a picture that looks appetizing, but sometimes it all comes down to taste.

Dessert photography is an essential & popular genre of photography that require particular props, lens, and skill. So, is it something complex and tough? Not at all! It’s all about passion and professionalism to introduce yourself as a successful figure in this category. So, let’s be familiar with some of the very essential tips and tricks to improve the art of dessert photography.

Tips to Make Your Dessert Photography Incredible

Desserts are delicious, but it can be hard to take a great photo of them. A lot of desserts are messy or have sauces that don’t come out well in photos. You can avoid these problems by following these simple photography tips. These tips will help you take the perfect picture of your dessert every time.

Background is Essential

In every aspects of food photography, you’ll need an appropriate background to make the item more visible and mouth-watering. Finding the suitable background maintaining the relevancy might seem tricky but not for the professionals. If the dessert item is like some cupcakes of different colors, you can use a white background for this. Keep remember that the more you keep the background simple, the more it will look good.

Capture Details

To bring out the best in a subject, there is no alternative to capturing details. It may include the textures and layers. You have to shoot those things to showcase your audience or customers perfectly. The things you can give attention are likely the cookies, peanuts, or cream on a delicious cake, ice milk, etc. Thus, it will bring your dessert photography to the next level you are waiting for.  

Use a Small Mirror for Reflections

When taking pictures of your dessert with customers in the shot, try setting up your background so that the customer is in the middle of it. Have them sit against the dessert table and use a small mirror to reflect the customer’s eyes in your shot. This will help make your customers look beautiful.

Try Photoshoot in Dark

If the dessert you are photographing is colorful, it may be hard to tell what it is in a photo.

One trick you can do to take better photos of colorful desserts is to put them in darker settings. Darker backgrounds will make the colors of your dessert really pop. This technique also has the bonus that if your dessert doesn’t have a lot of sauce or other messy parts, these won’t show up as much on the dark background.

Although dark environment is not suitable for all types of pictures. But some dessert items are absolutely nice to test with this circumstance. The key reason of using dark mode is to catch visitors’ attention to the main subject. It not only creates attraction but also increases you appetite to get. 

Create a Contrast with your Background Color

Many dessert photos take on a single color. If you do this, your dessert photos look really boring. Think about how different colors can create interest.

If you are making a dessert that has a brown top and a white bottom, you could use different colors for your dishes to add interest to your photo. Dark green for the green layer, and a dark purple for the pink layer. Or if your dessert is yellow and orange, you could add yellow and orange food coloring. Just remember to take your photos in natural light.

Get up Close and Personal with your Food

Dessert photography is all about trying to get the perfect shot. Try taking pictures with the customer in the shot as well. The customer will also be happy to have a special photo of their own and will be more likely to buy from you in the future. Make sure they are smiling, have their eyes open, and that they look happy.

Use Artificial Lighting

Artificial lighting has been a staple of dessert photography for years. It is a great way to turn a dark room into a light room and add creative lighting to a dessert. The downside to artificial lighting is that it can sometimes lighten up a dish, making it look more like a bright pink slice of cake rather than the traditional dark chocolate. Here at test, we use artificial lighting; however, we keep the artificial light nice and low so the desserts look right.

Be Careful in Capturing Frozen/Hot Desserts

It’s always fun to take pictures of some delicious desserts. But if you’re not careful, you can end up with a product that looks like the real thing and is just as good, but you won’t get the same aesthetic appeal. This is what happens when you try to capture desserts late or have been made with non-standard equipment. 

For example, you get a cheesecake, but a layer of chocolate is melted on top that doesn’t look nice like on a regular cheesecake. And when you’re taking a picture of a caramel cake with a melted chocolate glaze on top, the result will probably look a bit like a burnt object. To make sure you take the perfect picture, be very sincere to take pictures at the right time.

To Conclude

So, hopefully the mentioned tips to beautify dessert photography will help you get the output you expect. But the question may arise- Why should you hire a professional photographer to shoot your desserts? Because you want the end product to look as good as the treats themselves. A talented food photographer will take care of all the details, from arranging the perfect shot to highlighting your best features.

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