How to create a realistic drop shadow in Photoshop?

Most of the beginner graphic designers try to make/ add a reflection shadow in Photoshop to look a more realistic image. We present a realistic natural shadow tutorial for every Photoshop leaner. So let’s start

In this Photoshop graphics design tutorial we will give you step by step actual/easy instruction and tips on “How to create a realistic mirror shadow in Photoshop” using the Photoshop software platform.

Now at first open Adobe Photoshop Software, at that time select/import your existing image wish to for this task. After that remove the background around the image before you do the drop shadow when you have completed this part, you are ready to move on to the next section.

Therefore, when a complete imported image in Photoshop, the first step you can select sidebar toolbar (crop tools) make space for resize round the image.

Now we can apply mature size and press Enter to get the final look.

Therefore move the image with setup appreciate position similar to right or left corner of the layer style box, which can help to make reflection shadow. In this part we can setup/apply right position.

Then you would select the existing Model layer and press mouse left button on add layer style select drop shadow options.

Now start, we can customize the shadow as we need.

photo editor with mirror effect

At this stage create a new duplicate layer besides, rename it and move under the model layer.

Then pick a black color as you need. We can use paint bucket tool (G) to apply BG (Background Layer) layer and finally existing drag BG layer to make a custom shadow effect.

Select Shadow layer and check show transform control, then click upper point and lay as a shadow

Then you can select transform tool and move it around to behind the image or CMD+T (Mac) otherwise CTRL+T (PC), continue the transform mode until drop shadow is perfectly created and gets it proper position.

Then you can begin moving the drop shadow layer, here it would depend on your specific image as you need.

Now you can go back and adjust the opacity settings to lighten the shadow’s appearance.

Go to Filter>Blur>Gaussian Blue, then adjust blur radius value as you need.

Finally, Complete How to create a realistic drop shadow in Photoshop as you want. So, we hope now you can produce a reflective shadow for your own product from the guidelines written above

Moreover, we have added a video sample of this  video tutorial so that you can understand the concept easily.

So finally done our presented Photoshop drop shadow tutorial for our graphic design leaner. Our get experienced graphics designer try to carefully share how to do basic drop shadow technique and add a more realistic appearance to your images.

This tutorial is prepared by Clipping Path India (CPI).

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