Ugliest Jewelry in the World: The Worst Jewelry Pieces Ever!

Ugliest Jewelry

A well-designed, perfectly shaped jewelry piece uplifts an individual’s mood and enhances his/her personality. However, not all the time is traditional jewelry presentable. In some cases, ugly jewelry can change the game.

What is ugly jewelry? It indicates jewelry made of uncommon objects or containing odd concepts and designs. Like traditional jewelry, ugly or grotesque jewelry also one’s appearance. But the latter type is more powerful than the first one. Most of the time odd-looking jewelry intends to create a sense of mysteriousness, dominance, horror, thrill, or psychological differences.

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Shortlist of the Ugliest Jewelry on the Web

There are also ugly things in the world, and some of the ugliest jewels are actually quite beautiful. So, what makes a jewel hideous? Well, some factors include its size, design, and how often it is worn. In this article, we are going to present some of the ugliest jewelry in the world you will find on the web.

1. Bleeding choker necklace

Bleeding choker necklace

Because of the vivid red color, when you wear this necklace, your neck would look like bleeding slowly. The necklace is quite eye-catchy but it may seem disturbing to some people. 

2. Bloody nose bolo tie

Bloody nose bolo tie 

For the upcoming Halloween, you should try this one if you want to stand out in the crowd. The creepiest jewelry ahead of the time indeed! This 3D-style resin neck piece is available with leather and nylon cords. 

3. Baby back ribs and fries necklace 

Baby back ribs and fries necklace 

You might have tried a platter of ribs and fries. Now hang this tasty dish around your neck! The designer hand-crafted this necklace from polymer clay.

4. Brain necklace

Brain necklace

For horror and zombie lovers, the brain necklace is a great item to wear. The designer’s skill is praiseworthy. He combined the materials to make the artificial little brain look realistic. 

5. Cockroach necklace

ockroach necklace 

Cockroaches are disgusting, how can the cockroach necklace be decent and out of this list? This necklace is literally eerie. Even a quick glance of it can induce vomiting.

6. Kitchen knife necklace 

Kitchen knife necklace 

To be specific, this stainless steel, gold-colored necklace is the best match for people with hardcore personalities, tattoos, piercings, etc. No restrictions on gender, you can give it to anybody. 

7. Dinosaur vintage necklace 

Dinosaur vintage necklace 

It is for teen women. Along with hypoallergenic metals, this necklace comes with two earrings. Be it Christmas, Valentine, Halloween, or any casual occasion, you can wear this jewelry set.

8. Existential tooth trinkets Existential tooth trinkets 

This bizarre collection is heavily influenced by Samuel Beckett’s play Waiting for Godot. Like Beckett’s dark humor and existential absurdism, the tooth trinkets display the same weird tone, but with uniqueness. The odd design along with the sexy metal-porcelain combination make these jewelry pieces bizarrely beautiful and worth trying.

9. Frankenstein earrings

Frankenstein earrings 

Hola Frankenstein lovers! Decorate your ears with your favorite creepy character and rock your Halloween. You will get these funny but ugly earrings with bolts and surgical steel ear wires. 

10. Gruesome fake eyes cuff

Gruesome fake eyes cuff 

The fake eyes cuff from Dogzillalives may make you puke at first glance. Or worse, those horrid eyes from the piece may haunt you in your sleep. You will find eyeballs filled with veins, wrinkled flesh, huge warts, and nasty puss on the cuff. Surely, the makers have portrayed vulgarity and realism in every way possible through this jewelry piece. 

11. Hand Painted rat stud earring

Hand Painted rat stud earring

A pair of 3D, funky, and funny rats hanging on your earlobes will add another level to your outfits. The earring is made of high-quality metals, handpainted, and measures 0.5×1.9×0.3 inches. But be careful, the rats look so real that they can confuse your cat!

12. Human tongue pendant necklace 

Human tongue pendant necklace 

As the name suggests, this piece has the shape of a human tongue. It is a stainless steel product with the original metal color. If the necklace had the color of the original human tongue, it would look like a newborn baby’s tongue. And that could give you a heart attack! 

13. Marshmallow zombie pendant

Marshmallow zombie pendant 

The design of this zombie pendant may give you a little shock at first glance. You can use Gene Marshmallow the zombie as a purse charm, necklace, zipper pull, or anywhere you can hang it.

14. Owlctopus monster necklace

Owlctopus monster necklace

Looking for something vintage in weird jewelry? Try this Victorian-style, antiqued silver-plated metal necklace. The combination of half owl and half octopus may scare you a bit. What’s more interesting is, this neckpiece is amazingly lightweight and super sturdy. 

15. Severed ear necklace 

Severed ear necklace 

A really gruesome jewelry piece we are going to introduce at this point. This necklace includes 8 silicone heavily blooded human ears. Those who are slasher movie lovers will find this jewelry piece amusing. 

16. Slit throat maggot choker

Slit throat maggot choker 

Perhaps this is the ugliest, creepiest jewelry piece on our list. Without telling us, we can guess how you feel when you take a glance at this necklace. If you want to irritate someone with it, you are welcome. But make sure nobody dies from your fun. 

17. Slug necklace with eyeball flower necklace

Slug necklace with eyeball flower necklace 

In a metal frame, the combination of a fleshy slug and creepy eyeballs looks so realistic. Especially, the slug has a shiny yet sickly look.  This dark gothic art is a cool match for dark personalities. 

18. Spiked bracelet 

Spiked bracelet 

If you are a woman craving a badass look, then the spiked bracelet is for you. You can make it yourself with a thick silver metal chain, a clasp, a set of pliers, skinny gold-colored metal spikes, and jump rings. 

19. The Mister Dead Serious collection

The Mister Dead Serious collection

Though the name suggests that this ghoulish jewelry collection is for men, women can also wear them. Made in the USA, the collection includes handmade bracelets, rings, and safety pins with edgy, gritty skulls. 

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20. The Marta Mattsson Rebirth collection 

The Marta Mattsson Rebirth collection 

Marta Mattsson’s collection is known as “KimoKawaii”, meaning cute and disgusting in Japanese. She made broaches, earrings, and necklaces using laser-cut skins of calves, goats, and reindeer. If you are a woman, try these jewelry pieces to give a delicate and beautiful touch to your outfits. 

21. Toilet paper earring 

Toilet paper earring 

Another good example of creativity is the toilet paper earring. Though the product is funny and cute, the concept is toilet paper, which we daily use to wipe our butts. And such a thing is not great to hang around your ears, right? 

22. Tooth fairy jewelry 

Tooth fairy jewelry 

Among all the bizarre jewelry and its designers, perhaps no one could bring ideas as crazy as Kim Kovel. She used teeth for her Le Knockout collection. Her idea was to preserve human teeth in gold and make never-seen-before jewelry pieces with them. This is tolerable. But her making the very first piece of her collection from her own son’s teeth is really creepy beyond the limit. However, she didn’t put it up for sale, rather wore it.

23. Ugly faces brooch 

Ugly faces brooch 

If you are looking for weird costume jewelry, then try this brooch. This brooch features ugly faces made with polymer clay and filled with green Swarovski crystal beads. Those crystal eyelets and teeth are sure nerve-wreckers. 

24. Victorian eye bracelet 

Victorian eye bracelet

A creepy bracelet, yet the creativity is sky level. The designer used colorful vintage eye images from Victorian-era advertisements. But the eyes can match modern and postmodern concepts.

25. Zombie octopus necklace 

Zombie octopus necklace 

Made of colorful polymer clay, this zombie octopus necklace has the yucky look at its best. The vein-filled eyes of that creature are popping out, and the color combination of the pendant is gross. 

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To Conclude…

All the jewelry we have enlisted here is just the tip of the iceberg. If you dig deeper, you will find more like these, perhaps the weirdest ones that you could never imagine. Actually, ugliness is an art, it opens a new door for creativity. So before you react ‘eww’, you may find some odd-looking jewelry as true artwork. If you are a thinker outside the box, why don’t you try making some bizarre jewelry and selling them online? 

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