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Old Photo Restoration, Retouching, and Reviving

Restoration of old photo is undoubtedly essential for making long lasting memory. We all want to keep our memories immortal to recap or to show those later to the next generation. Besides, to compare the present situation to the past, to keep the happy memories live within us or reminding we try to store those into the frame of photos.

Our many sweet or painful memories stay connected with our old photos which make us nostalgic later. Besides, in our personal photos there may have our close friends or family members who are no more now and we never want to forget them. That’s why, these images are too much important to us.

In the past, images were stored in bromide or printing form. But these images got damaged by the razor of time due to excessive humidity or not maintaining the right way of storing.

But in the form of the electronic-copy the  image can be stored a long time. That’s why, the damaged, torn or faded images can be regained by Photoshop restoration service along with image retouching process.

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Old photos may be totally or partially damaged. That’s why, the retouching process may require more or less based the complexity of the damaged image. Proper blending of skill, attention and experience is must here for reclaiming the natural look of the image as it was.

Old Photo Restoration Processes

For image retouching on the old, damaged photo with a view to getting back in its original look, the graphic designers need to take a scanned or recapture by the digital camera to have an electronic copy.

Optimizing Old Image

Various effects like black & white to color, brightness & contrast, over or under exposure correction, dust & spot, scratches, shadows, cracks, straightens, cropping, re-sizing and so on are applied in Photoshop for old photo retouching.

Fill in the Gaps

In case of fully damaged images which are so much important, some objects nose, hair, eyes, ears, checks, clothes etc. are replaced from the same looking images to recover. During this process, too much attention is urgent so that the other parts remain distortion free.

Photoshop Tools for Restoration

There are many useful tools in Photoshop for old photo retouching or reinventing. But among these pen tool, crop tool, brush, healing brush, clone tool, eraser tool and so on are used to do the work properly.

How to Restore Photo?

The designers should duplicate the original layer and apply all the techniques on the second layer to avoid the risk of permanent destruction. If it happens, again it can be copied and work as a backup.

Next, crop the rough and untidy border and try to bring a proper perspective and shape. Then concentrate on speckles, scratches, torn spots, etc. Remove them using Spot healing brush tool. But to remove bigger spots, use the Clone Stamp tool. Then, use dodge tool for getting the proper shadows you need. And then to highlight the main image object, use the Burn tool. Finally, for color correction, use various tools and options like curves, exposure correction, levels, vibrance, hue/saturation, color balance and so many.

Memories matter most for most people. Here we take pride in reviving your old image  and put a smile on your face. If you are a graphic designer or graphic design agency and looking for bulk image restoration and retouching support at large scale, we can offer you scale-able services.

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