60 Best Photographs Captured in 2019 by World Famous Photographers

Photographs are the elements that express the feelings of events, places, and stories. Every year, millions of images are captured by thousands of photographers around the world. They have different categories, including Wedding Photography, Event Photography, Portrait Photography, Product Photography, Fashion Photography, Architectural Photography, Sports Photography, Travel Photography, and many more.

Today in this article, we are going to show you 60 best photographs in the year 2019. We tried to keep various images from several categories. Hopefully, you will get it as a helpful resource of some amazing photos. So, let’s move on.

Best Photographs Taken in 2019

1. ‘Alone in the Desert’ by Carles Alonso

Carles Alonso captured this shot in the Sahara desert, Morocco. This photo describes a beautiful scene with a few people in the desert riding camels. It was nominated in the best 50 photos for the Agora Photography Awards.


2. ’Dreamers and Warriors’ by Martin Stranka

This photo is the winner of the Sony World Photography Awards 2019. Martin Stranka discovers this artwork with a powerful message. It inspires you to be determined so that your dreams come true. It also achieved International Photography Awards, Fine Art Photography Awards, and so on.


3. ’Songs of Freedom’ by Michael Aboya

Michael Aboya, a Ghanaian photographer clicks this amazing photo. This photograph shows a group of boys enjoying music with freedom. It achieved the ‘Best Photo of the Year’ in Agora Awards 2019, including the prizing money of $25000.


4. ‘Woman Wearing a Wedding Dress’ by Nicolas Boyer

This is truly an amazing photo, captured by Nicolas Boyer from France. He captured a beautiful woman in the traditional Shinto wedding in Tokyo. Her dress shows the token of the white and purity of Japanese culture. It was shortlisted in the Travel- Sony World Photography Awards 2019.


5. ‘Forest of Resonating Lamps’ by Yukihito Ono

Yukihito Ono, a Japanese photographer captured this excellent photo. No doubt, it will bring relaxation and peach to your soul. This incredible picture was shortlisted in the Travel (Open Competition), Sony World Photography Awards 2019.


6. ‘Huddle’ by Nadia Aly

An excellent photography of some penguins trying to keep them warmer in an icy place. They are hungry and going to hunt for some food. Also, it shows the love of parents for their children. Nadia Aly, a USA photographer captured this photo and was shortlisted in the Nature World and Wildlife category of Sony World Photography Awards 2019.


7. ‘Synergy of Humanity’ by Eng Chung Tong

Once again, ‘Synergy of Humanity’ comes with a message of the hard working life of a minority tribe in Yunnan. Eng Chung Tong from Malaysia captured the scene. This photo was nominated in the Open competition, Culture, 2019 Sony World Photography Awards. It represents an art of humanity for their daily job, teamwork, and cooperation.


8. ‘Among the White Umbrellas’ by Aung ThuYa

It’s a beautiful picture of a traditional umbrella factory situated in Mandalay, Myanmar. A woman is making an umbrella with care and attention. Aung ThuYa was nominated as one of the finalists in the Agora Photography Awards 2019.


9. ‘Colors of Life’ by Pranab Basak

‘Colors of Life’ is a fantastic caption from an Indian photographer, Pranab Basak. It represents the hard working life of female fishermen in West Bengal. They are trying to catch fishes to sell in the local market. This art also got the nomination in the Agora Photography Awards.


10. ‘The Moment’ by Yongqing Bao

This absolute beauty was selected as the best wildlife photo of the year in 2019. Chinese photographer, Yongqing Bao captured this exceptional scene in the alpine meadowland of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, China. It shows a battle between a fox and marmot. This is like a moment of death or life.


11. ‘Land of the Eagle’ by Audun Rikardsen

‘Land of the Eagle’ won the most prestigious nature photography award, along with the Wildlife photographer (bird category) of the year. Norwegian photographer Audin Rikardson achieved the awards in 2019 for his great caption. This amazing photo was taken outside his home in Tromsø, Northern Norway. The most interesting part is- it took around three years to get the picture.


12. ‘Night Glow’ by Cruz Erdmann

Cruz Erdmann is a young wildlife photographer, who has been in love with the ocean from childhood. He took this photo of an iridescent big fin reef squid on a night dive. The place was in the Lembeh Strait off North Sulawesi, Indonesia. Cruz won the Grand title winner of the Young Wildlife Photographer of the year 2019 for this caption.


13. ‘Dark Disneyland’ by Tommi Matz

First of all, this is not actually Disneyland. Tommi Matz captured this Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria, Germany. It was among the top finalists in the Agora Photography Awards 2019. The photographer used a drone to take the shot.


14. ‘Ant Balancing the Earth’ by Analiza De Guzman

Analiza De Guzman captured this amazing shot of an ant carrying water drops using her smartphone. It represents the hard work of an ant on a piece of thread. It was among the finalists in the Agora Photography Awards. It required the photographer about four hours to take the shot. Many macro photographers have this type of captions that reflect waterdrops with insects.


15. ‘Shadow Puppetry’ by Pan Jianhua

‘Shadow Puppetry’ is another one of the best photographs in 2019. It is a beautiful cultural invention by a Chinese photographer Pan Jianhua. Some village people in Mainland are enjoying shadow theatre in this picture. It got the award in the Culture category of Sony World Photography Awards.


16. ‘A Dog And Its Best Friend’ by Ardivs Baranovs

The photographer shows the friendship between a dog and a man in the dark night. It looks like the stars dropping down into the forest. Actually, the light comes from the drone. Ardivs Baranovs from Latvia captured this amazing picture and was nominated for the Sony World Photography Awards.


17. ‘Wasp Carrying It’s Prey’ by Imam Primahardy

This is another stunning image that reached the final of Agora Photography Award. Imam Primahardy took this shot in Surabaya, Indonesia. In this photo, a sand wasp is flying with a fly to eat it later.


18. ‘A Walk On The Bike’ by Alexandr Vlassyuk

‘A Walk On The Bike’ is another beautiful caption that reached the final in the Sony World Photography Awards competition. Russian photographer Alexandr Vlassyuk took this picture in the yard of a private house using a drone.


19. ‘Dusk of the Jellyfish’ by Angel Fitor

Spanish photographer Angel Fitor took the shot of this Jellyfish at the water’s surface. It’s among the best photographs of 2019, which was shortlisted for the Sony World Photography Awards Exhibition in the category of Natural and Wildlife at Somerset House in London. The scene in the dusk also represents excellent twilight photography by expert hands.


20. ‘Risky Journey’ by Akhlas Uddin

Risky Journey refers to a moment of an overcrowded train and station in the early winter morning. Bangladeshi photographer Md. Akhlas Uddin took this picture in the Tongi railway station. The people on the train are going to attend the Akheri Munajat of Biswa Ijtema (Second largest Muslim congregation). This photo was in the shortlist in the Open competition (Street Photography category) of the 2019 Sony World Photography Competition.


21. ‘Divided’ by Emma Last

‘Divided’ is another one of the best photos of 2019 captured by a British photographer Emma Last. It was also nominated for the Sony World Photography Awards in the Youth category. It represents the lack of equality and acceptance of particular groups or individuals. The photographer tries to show boundaries and restrictions upon them.


22. ‘The Best Friend’ by Andi Abdul Halil

This is an amazing macro photoshoot that shows a friendly time between a snail and a lizard. ‘The Best Friend’ was in the in the final shortlist of Agora Photography Awards 2019. Indonesian photographer Andi Abdul Hatil took this beautiful moment to showcase the meaning of true friendship.


23. ‘Mother’s Goodness’ by Phyo Moe

It’s among the best photographs of 2019, captured by Phyo Moe (Myanmar). It’s a great scene of mother’s love towards her baby bird. A Hoopoe bird is coming to its chicks with the food to feed her. It took place in the shortlist of Agora Photography Awards.


24. ‘Farming’ by Diep Van

Diep Van captured this photo to showcase the hard work of village people in rice fields. They are seeding rice in the fields of Northern Vietnam. Agora Photography Awards regarded this picture as one of the best photos in the final list.


25. ‘Hearts On The Sea’ by Nguyen Phan Xuan

Two fishing boats created this beautiful scene of heart shape. The photographer captured this picture at the right time. It was also nominated in the Agora Photography Awards 2019.


26. ‘Run and Fun’ by Ling Ling

It’s another finalist in the Agora Photography Awards. Three young monks are having fun in the Hsinbyume Pagoda. Photographer tries to showcase the childish behavior along with the red colored dress and white architecture.


27. ‘East Java’ by Jonathan Rogers

This photo was taken in the Tumpak Sewu Waterfall, East Java. Jonathan Rogers captured this cool shot of waterfall with the rays of the sun. It was among the nominated photos in the shortlist of Agora Photography Awards.


28. ‘Eid Prayer’ by Azim Khan Ronnie

This picture represents the Eid-ul-Fitr congregation in Gor-e-Shahid, Dinajpur. Around 600000 people joined this Eid prayer event in the early morning. Bangladeshi photographer Azim Khan Ronnie took this aerial shot not only to showcase the worshippers but also the civilization.


29. ‘Rainbow Reine’ by Paal Uglefisk Lund

Paal Lund captured this amazing picture in Reine, Lofoten. He took the shot of double rainbows while he was crossing a bridge in the Lofoten Islands. It was also nominated for the Agora Photography Awards. No doubt, it is among the best photos in 2019.


30. ‘Reaching for Heaven’ by Konrad Paruch

This amazing picture of the Mont Saint Michel covered with fog is a creative and exceptional creation. It is an island in Normandy, France. Konrad Paruch was not actually prepared to take this picture. He, along with his friend went there to capture the sunrise photo. Suddenly, they decided to catch the chance using a drone and it created history. It was nominated as a finalist in the Agora Photography Awards in 2019.


31. ‘Echoes of The Unknown’ by Clement Eastwood

Clement Eastwood took this picture to display a true relationship and feelings between a person and a horse. The place is in Accara, the capital of Ghana. ‘Echoes of the Unknown’ was also nominated as one of the best photos in the Agora Photography Awards.


32. ‘Veins of Earth’ by Hugo Healy

‘Veins of Earth’ comes with unique natural beauty. It looks like the Amazon at first sight. The grasslands divide the river in an artistic manner. It was in the final list in the Agora Photography Awards 2019. Photographer Hugo Healy took the shot of the Cuckmere River, England using a drone.


33. ‘Under The Light Making Batik Crafts’ by Bimo Pradityo

This photo was taken in Yogyakarta, Indonesia by Bimo Pradityo. An old woman is making batik crafts with a caring look. The sun rays in the darkroom made this traditional scene more attractive. Agora Photography Awards team kept this picture in its 2019 final list.


34. ‘Wild Look’ by Sergio Saavedra

This is among the best photos in the animal category in the Agora Photography Awards. Spanish photographer Sergio Saavedra captured this beauty of a tiger in the Cabarceno Natural Park.


35. ‘Motherly Love’ by Santiago Lopez

The ‘Motherly Love’ defines a true mother’s love of a female chimpanzee for her infant. Photographer Satiago Lopeg captured this beautiful moment after waiting for more than two hours at Tenerife zoo.


36. ‘Nature Always Wins’ by Cahrlie Berthaume

This is an amazing picture of Shipwreck graves in Brittany, France. Some of the boats you see are here for more than a century. Cahrlie Berthaume captured this scene and was shortlisted in the final of the Agora Photography Awards.


37. ‘Winter in Mongolia’ by Zay Yar Lin

It’s another best photo of 2019, which was featured in Agora and Smithsonian Photo Contest. A Mongolian horseman is showing off his skills in the cold weather. The photographer took the shot quickly in the low temperature of Inner Mongolia.


38. ‘Dancer’ by Markellos Plakitsis

It’s a lovely picture of a dancer at the Peace and Friendship Stadium, Athens. Greek photographer Markellos Plakitsis captured this pretty shot and reached the final of Agora Photography Awards in 2019.



39. ‘Incense Work’ by Khanh Phan

Khanh Phan captured this photo in a village of Vietnam. A woman is working with red incense sticks. The products are the symbol to connect people to their ancestors according to their beliefs.


40. ‘Fire Fighter’ by Tanveer Rohan

Bangladeshi photographer Tanveer Rohan shot this picture at a boarding house in Badda. Because of power failure, the fire spread out the place and firemen along with the local people are trying to take the situation under control.


41. ‘In Retrospect’ by Patricia Soon

Patricia Soon took this beautiful shot in Kobe, Japan. An old man seating in a bench beside a bridge makes a sense of something thoughtful. The cloudy sky and the calm environment make the scene more meaningful.


42. ‘Emotional Reunion’ by Brittany Watson

It’s an emotional moment of a military dad and his beloved son. Professional photographer Brittany Watson captured this beautiful moment of joy and emotion. The tears will make you remember the true relationship between a father and son.



43. ‘Teary Father’ by Alyssa Lee

A former senior chief in the Navy gets teary-eyed while he gives his younger daughter away at her wedding. Alyssa Lee took this emotional scene in her frame and it got viral after posting it in social media.


44. ‘Man’s Best Friend Becomes His Best Man’ by Julie Newman

This is another viral photo in the year 2019, captured by Julie Newman. A groom is getting his best man ready for the wedding event. He shows the respect and love towards a dog, who had gotten him a lot of tough times in his life. The scene touched a lot of people, especially the loving eyes for his man.


45. ‘China Resources Headquarters’, by Su Zhewei

Su Zhewei took the shot of this huge architectural view, namely China Resources Headquarters. It was developed by Kohn Pedersen Fox. This is one of the tallest buildings in Shenzhen.


46. ‘If Penguins Could Fly’ by Eduardo Del Alamo

Photographer captured this gut-wrenching moment between a leopard seal and penguin. The penguin is trying the best to save the life from the leopard seal. It’s one of the stunning and best photos in the wildlife category.


47. ‘Beach Waste’ by Matthew Ware

‘Beach Waste’ is among the best wildlife photos in 2019 with a powerful message for the world. The horrible scene of a dead sea turtle beside a discarded lawn chair. The photographer focuses on the message to save the natural environment.


48. ‘Touching Trust’ by Thomas P Peschak

A young grey whale looks through a pair of human hands. The hands are extending down from a tourist boat, which expresses the contact and trust of a whale towards a human and vice versa. Photographer of National Geographic Magazine, Thomas Peschak captured this beautiful moment.


49. ‘The Vessel’ by Joan Munoz

This is an excellent architectural view of The Vessel, captured by Joan Munoz in New York City, USA. It was actually built as a part of the Hudson Yards Redevelopment Project. This picture was seen in the World Architecture Festival in Amsterdam.


50. ‘Sleeping Like A Weddell’ by Ralf Schneider

This photo is in the top list of black and white photography in the Wildlife Photographer of The Year competition. German photographer Ralf Schneider took this shot of the Weddell Seal fell into a deep sleep in the icy background of Larsen Harbour, South Georgia. It looks like a relaxed body taking rest in peace after a long time.


51. ‘Guardian Art Center’ by Aurelien Chen

Guardian Art Center is undoubtedly more than just a museum, situated in Beijing, China. Chinese photographer Aurelien Chen captured this beautiful exterior architectural view. It was also nominated as one of the best shots in the Exterior category in 2019 Architectural Photography Awards.


52. ‘Grundtvig’s Church’ by Joris Hoogstede

This is another stunning picture of the Grundtvig’s Church, situated in the Bispebjerg district of Copenhagen, Denmark. Joris Hoogstede took this shot and shortlisted in the Interior category for the Architectural Photography Awards 2019.


53. ‘The Generali Tower’ by Marco Tagliarino

The Generali Tower is among the beautiful skyscrapers, situated in Milan, Italy. Architect Zaha Hadid created the design of this creation. This beauty was captured in the year of 2019 by Marco Tagliarino. It was also nominated for the best Architectural Photography Awards in the Exterior category.


54. ‘Skanderbeg Square’ by Laurian Ghinitoiu

This is a historical place of Albania, which is named after its national hero Gjergj Kastrioti Skenderbeu. The photographer captured the moment with a few people and the shades. It was shortlisted in the category of Buildings in Use in the Architecture Photography Awards.


55. ‘MATT’ by Inge Schuster

The short form refers to The Museum of Art, Architecture, and Technology, situated in Lisbon, Portugal. The structure was designed by architect Amanda Levete. Inge Schuster captured this artistic scene with a cloudy sky. It took place in the Sense of Place photography category.


56. ‘The Twist Museum’ by Laurian Ghinitoiu

The Twist Museum is an excellent sculpture and bridge as well. It is situated in the Kistefos Sculpture Park, Jevnaker, Norway. Bjarke Ingels Group created this beautiful design. This caption was also shortlisted in the Exterior photography category.


57. ‘Hill of the Buddha’ by Vincent Wu

The Hill of the Buddha is a Buddhist shrine of Japan, located at Makomanai Takino Cemetery, Sapporo. This beautiful creature was designed by Japanese architect Tadao Ando. The photographer shows the interior scene, including a visitor looking at the shrine.


58. ‘Jump’ by Csaba Daróczi

Hungarian photographer Csaba Daróczi took this interesting shot of two rabbits jumping on the air. He was regarded as the best Nature Photographer of The Year in the Black and White category. It is undoubtedly one of the best photos taken in the year 2019.


59. ‘Lonely’ by Luke Massey

This is another emotional scene, captured by nature and wildlife photographer Luke Massey. The place is in Bali’s Denpasar, Indonesia. The baby monkeys are waiting to be bought with misery and helpless face. The photographer got an award in the ‘Man & Nature’ category of The Nature Photography of The Year competition.


60. ‘Up in the Air’ by Alexey Zozulya

Russian photographer Alexey Zozulya achieved the best Nature Photography Award 2019 in the ‘Under Water’ category for this exceptional photograph. A Whale is jumping in the sea and the photographer got it at the right moment.


Finishing It Up

So, it was a long way to describe the 60 best photographs captured in 2019. We tried to pull the pictures after in-depth research from several sources. Most of the photos have been nominated for awards from different renowned organizations in several categories. As a part of the participating rules and regulations in the contest, photographers have worked to fix the photos in some cases. As you know, it’s a great way to enhance the power of an image.

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