Most Unusual Macro Photography Ideas You Must Try!

macro photography ideas

Photographing close shots of any object is basically for representing something in detail. It’s always been special and interesting as it focuses on those elements that are not visible clearly to the naked eye. That’s the reason macro or close up photography comes to give a better option to capture those particular types of shots. In this article, we’ve planned to prepare a resource to deliver some unique macro photography ideas.

Hopefully, the audience will get on the right track to learn something innovative and expect to build up their career in the photography genre and reach the next level as well. Although many professionals treat this photoshoot as a complex one compared to other categories. On the other hand, there is also a number who find them interesting. 

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Common Macro Photography Subjects

As we know, macro photography involves capturing images of small objects or details of larger objects in close-up and high-resolution, allowing for intricate details to be seen. Here are some of the most common macro photography subjects:

  1. Flowers – Flowers are a popular subject in macro photography due to their intricate details and vibrant colors. You can capture images of petals, stamens, pistils, and other parts of flowers in great detail, making for unique images.
  2. Insects – Insects are another popular subject where photographers can shoot butterfly wings, beetle shells, and other parts of insects in high resolution, creating amazing images.
  3. Water Drops – Water drops make for excellent macro photography subjects having their unique and interesting shapes. You can capture images of water drops in a variety of settings, including on leaves, flowers, and other objects.
  4. Food – Food can also be an interesting subject for its texture and color. Photographers can capture images of fruit, vegetables, and other foods showcasing the intricate details and patterns found in these objects.

Well! Some many other interesting objects and subjects can be captured in macro photography as well. Regardless of the subject, the key to successful macro photography is to focus on intricate details and capture images in high resolution.

20+ Unique Macro Photography Ideas & Inspiration

Here are some basic instructions that should be followed before taking macro shots of complex subjects.

Find Out A Strong Photography Subject

For most photographers, finding out the best subjects for macro photography becomes sometimes the crucial part of taking photos. After all, not every photographer lives in a photogenic place! So, the best way is here to look around the places you live and a lot of subjects will come to capture. It can be insects, feathers, water droplets, fruit and vegetables, leaves and grass, flowers, foods, or anything near your eyes. Any of the mentioned items can be an inspiration to create a beautiful photography story. 

Follow the Basic Photography Rules

Every creative work has some basic rules. In macro photography, there are also some to create amazing macro photos. For instance, positioning the subject into the camera frame is a crucial factor while you are doing a photoshoot of the little things. To do so, being familiar with the ‘rule of thirds’ can be truly beneficial. 

This compositional technique breaks the image into two horizontal and vertical lines so that it gives a clear focal point and the subject looks more natural. Another basic thing you should always remember is- to utilize a distraction-free and appealing background to make the subject powerful. 

While capturing macro shots, avoid camera shaking and angling. Here, to get rid of blurriness and shaky effect, the better way is to use a tripod. Lastly, keep the composition simple even if you shoot a complex scene/subject. The more you keep it simple, the more it gives realistic and stunning output. 

Macro photo ideas can be revealed with simple thoughts both in outdoor and indoor destinations. The main thing is that you have to research and focus on the subject appropriately. Apart from these, there are some steps to be considered as a professional to capture awesome macro photos. Let’s start with some basic ideas! 

1. Color Pencils, Chalk Pastels, And Crayons

macro color pencils

Macro photography brings out textures and small details that regular images miss. 

Objects such as color pencils, chalk pastels, and crayons all have their own unique textures which make them perfect subjects for macro photographs. Moreover, they come with a splash of colors that add a hint of liveliness to your results.

2. Needles, Feathers, And Threads

feather macro shot

Delicate objects such as feathers may seem like a hassle to photograph but it is worth it.

Needles and threads are also similar objects that need proper lighting and background to give the best results. But macro photography can work brilliantly to enhance all their details. One can also place them around reflective surfaces for creative images.

3. Carbonated Beverages In Glasses

macro carbonated beverage

Beverages are a whole other range of subjects for macro photography.

One idea to make use of drinks can be a glass full of carbonated beverages on a minimalistic white countertop and a white background. It is just that simple! One can also fill up several glasses and play with some macro perspective to create stunning images.

4. Flowers, Plants, Trees, And Leaves

leave macro shot

Nature has so much to give when it comes to macro images.

Our list cannot justify the ocean of macro photography ideas that have natural things as the main subject. Flowers, plants, trees, and leaves are mere fragments of such objects. The earthy tones work well in almost any setting, leaving behind a trail of awe-inspiring photos.

5. Souvenirs And Showpieces

Souvenirs and showpieces can easily be found laying around in any household.

And that is why they make such great candidates for some macro action. It is indoor photoshoot ideas made easy since all you have to do is select your subject and bring out your macro lenses to click photos in proper lighting and background.

6. Birds, Insects, And Fungi

macro insect shot

We cannot even begin to count the number of different species that birds, insects, and fungi have.

Still, we can count on mother nature to once again fail even the greatest of artists. The sheer details on such subjects can drop your jaws to the floor but the only cons are that you may need to put in more effort into it. Once you find worthy models, let your macro lenses do the rest of the job.

7. Salt, Sugar, Or Ice Crystals

macro salt photo

Certain crystals are said to bring in positive energy and also be perfect macro photography subjects.

But not everyone has random crystals within their possession and so our idea takes a more household approach instead. Why go anywhere else when table salt, sugar, and refrigerator ice contain crystals with such fine details? Just take it with a pinch of salt instead!

8. Human Eyes And Furry Pets

macro human eye photography

Humans and pets may seem gigantic models for macro photoshoots.

If parts of the human body, as well as animals, can have so much to offer when it comes to macro photography ideas. For example, our eyes have a whole fanbase when it comes to the world of macro lovers. The same goes for animal furs.

9. Trinkets And Makeup Products

macro makeup products

For this idea, you may or may not need a female presence in your life.

Dainty trinkets and makeup items work perfectly for macro images. One may use trinkets to do nostalgia-themed macro photoshoots or use makeup products for photography. Eyeshadows, highlighters, and powder items work fantastically for such images.

10. Rust And Chipping Plasters

macro chipping plasters

Believe it or not, there’s a certain allure towards decaying things to photographers. 

While the cold creeps in and the emptiness of decaying objects bring forth a hint of melancholy with them, the details of decay may as well display a necromantic side to macro photography. Rust and chipping plasters or peeling paints are only primary examples of subjects for such macro images.

11. Guitar, Cello, Or Violin

macro guitar photo

Almost any kind of musical instrument can play a part in the world of macro escapades.

Details of ivory keys in contrast to the black ones brought together by a wooden body, pianos can be one such subject. Even better though, instruments with strings can take your macro photography to another level. Once again these can be found indoors, so just keep experimenting with objects.

12. Legos And Small Toys

Toy photography is a whole other sector that when infused with macro can give awesome results.

Small toys such as legos and figurines can work well for macro photography. One can even choose a storyline to go with the photoshoot, get results that can make anyone relive cozy childhood memories, or even capture stunning sparklers with macro photography techniques for such subjects.

13. Textured Clothes, Silk, Or Satin

macro textured cloth

It is a bull’s eye assumption when we say clothes are found everywhere.

Even if one day you find yourself in the depths of the deep blue ocean, you have a good chance to come across pieces of clothing just swimming around you. Different varieties of clothing materials have different textures, all of which can be used to capture some cool macro images.

14. Water Droplets

water droplets macro shot

Another super versatile idea that our list will be incomplete without is using water droplets.

From window panes to car windshields, bathroom mirrors, flower petals, and almost anything imaginable except for fire, water droplets can enhance the beauty of any macro photograph. Even humans can model for these photos if water droplets are there to change the image’s whole personality.

15. Soap Films Or Oil On Water

oil on water macro shot

Soap films and oil on the water are some more suitable subjects for macro photographs.

The way light diffracts on soap films creates stunning rainbow patterns and the way oil droplets float on top of water makes for simple yet vivid macro photos. Also, diesel and petrol spills on wet roads can give off the same vibe with a different outlook. 

16. Macro UV Photography

The ultraviolet technique strays away from the other ideas we have spoken about till now.

You will need to have a low light setting with UV lamps and subjects that go well with the ultraviolet lighting. Flowers, butterflies, dragonflies, and other such things do well as models for macro UV photography. The results look utterly magical!

17. Food Items

macro food photography

Another super exciting idea involves food photography with the help of macro.

Just like beverages, different food items can also be used in a variety of ways to capture their delicious details with macro camera lenses. With the lighting focused on the food and complementing colors for backdrops, the drool-worthy results are usable in many places including food adverts.

18. Rocks, Crabs, And Seashells

Crab macro shot

Almost everyone has had the opportunity to click beach photos during summer. 

Macro photographers are no exception since the beach has to offer many detailed objects perfect for such photography. Some examples can be rocks aligned on top of each other, seashells on the seashore, sandcastles, and even crabs if available. 

19. Glass And Abstract Macro

macro glass balls

If the art industry has a fanbase of abstract pictures, it is only plausible that photography does so too. 

One can use glass balls and other random objects placed logically to convey some sort of emotion to create some fabulous abstract results. That said, macro photography comes in handy here because it enhances the correct parts of such objects.

20. Smoke Patterns And Embers

macro smoke patterns

Macro photography comes into play here and snatches the spotlight right away by efficiently highlighting all the details in smoke patterns and dancing flames. So go ahead with your fire-bending dreams and use air to change the patterns to click your desired macro image perfectly. 

Hopefully, the mentioned macro photography ideas will add some value to the photography skills of the photographers who are experimenting with this genre and expecting something creative. So, keep practicing to gain the best outcome.

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