January 26, 2022

Top Soccer Photography Tips For Beginners

Soccer Photography Tips Banner
Soccer is known as the most beautiful game in the world. The game is full of actions, emotions, and drama. It is an extremely fast-moving game where you might be missing the best actions or defining moments to photograph if you are not prepared enough. Below we are sharing 10 amazing soccer photography tips which you will find helpful in your sports photography journey. 1.  Use a Longer Lens Longer lenses are always preferred for sports photography. A shorter lens such as an 18-55 mm lens will not be sufficient to capture shots from a distance. While you still might
January 5, 2022

14 Best Photography Books to Follow in 2023

Best Photography Books to Follow
[Last Updated- February 2023] Although Photography is all about learning various aspects practically. You cannot avoid the importance of grabbing many essential facts with the help of books. So, in this regard, we’ll introduce you to some of the best photography books which have been regarded as helpful assets for many photographers. The list will cover not only the basic & advanced techniques to be a professional photographer. It will also cover some items to make you inspired to be a successful entrepreneur as well.  Best Photography Books for Beginners There are many great photography books available that can help

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