Best Photography Books to Follow in 2022

Best Photography Books to Follow

Although Photography is all about learning various aspects practically. You cannot avoid the importance of grabbing many essential facts with the help of books. So, in this regard, we’ll introduce you to some of the best photography books which have been regarded as helpful assets for many photographers. The list will cover not only the basic & advanced techniques to be a professional photographer. It will also cover some items to make you inspired to be a successful entrepreneur as well. 

Best Photography Books for Beginners

So, let’s drive into the shortlist below to be familiar with the best and popular books to learn photography. 

1. The Digital Photography Book – Part 1

The Digital Photography Book-Part 1

Want to know what’s the best photography book ever? Scott Kelby wrote his best-seller book for beginner photographers. The Digital Photography Book is so, comes in multiple versions. And we are talking about part one.

You will find this award-winning book in different languages. It will introduce you to the world of photography from the core. Besides, it is diligently arranged and written in very simple and perceivable words.


2. Complete Guide to Digital Photography

Complete Guide to Digital Photography

Ian Ferrell wrote Complete Guide to Digital Photography for both beginners and amateurs. From shooting to post-production editing, this book will say you all about photography.

The best part of this book is the writing style that Ferrell followed. You won’t feel boring reading this book and so, you will easily complete it understanding all the sectors. Additionally, you will get a bonus chapter where the writer describes how to choose the appropriate camera.


3. Read This If You Want to Take Great Photographs

Read This If You Want to Take Great Photographs

Yes, the book title says Read This If You Want to Take Great Photographs. So, you must read it to learn how great and successful photographers start their work. Henry Carroll is the writer of this bestseller photography book.

This book comes with a practical guide to photography and everything related. But the best part of this book contains tips from the 50 best photographers around the world. So, you will definitely learn anything that most people may not know about.


4. Complete Digital Photography

Complete Digital Photography

If you are interested to be a wise photographer, you must have to learn base photography details. Complete Digital Photography by Ben Long will help you learn them all. It will take you to a deep knowledge of the fine arts of photography.

With a very easy-to-understand style language, the writer basically wrote it for beginners and amateurs. Ben Long is eventually a well-known photographer and so, you will get all the practical tips in this book.


5. Langford’s Basic Photography: The guide for serious photographers

Langford’s Basic Photography

Yes, this book is not for the so-called photographers who don’t think that photography is the most difficult type of art. Indeed, it is for serious photographers. Michael Langford, a renowned photographer wrote this book for the professionals.

This book will help you from the beginning to the core. You will learn how to choose the best camera, lens, and other accessories. Also, it will tell you about the right angle, light setup, exposure measurements, and many things similar.


6. Understanding Exposure (Fourth Edition)

Understanding Exposure (Fourth Edition)

If you have difficulties in understanding exposure as a beginner photographer, maybe Bryan Peterson can help you. His book, Understanding Exposure is all about the exposure measurements of the camera. You will get the whole concept of exposure clear in this book.

Undoubtedly, exposure is one of the most critical facts of photography. And understanding it completely is a little bit difficult. That’s why this book is so popular. Indeed, it already has its 350,000 copies sold. Hope you understand why you shouldn’t miss it.


7. Camera: A History of Photography from Daguerreotype to Digital

Camera A History of Photography

A real and professional photographer is always interested in learning about the history of photography. If you are also in, Camera: A History of Photography from Daguerreotype to Digital is you must-try. Todd Gustavson collected all the details of the history of cameras and photography to complete this book.

This award-winning book will expose how machines are developed over time. And you will learn the core functions of the camera in this book. History may not teach you photography but you will get answers to many photography-related questions.


8. On Photography

On Photography

Susan Sontag wrote a classic book about photography and names On Photography. This book was published in 1977 and still, it is considered the most evergreen photography book ever. Eventually, it is one of the most read books in this section.

You will learn about the basic role of a photographer and his duty. At the same time, this book will show you the history of photography, the revolution in camera technology, and photography in different circumstances.


9. LIFE Guide to Digital Photography

LIFE Guide to Digital Photography

LIFE Guide to Digital Photography by Joe McNally is another must-read for all professional photographers. It has multiple chapters regarding the basic functions of photography. It is written in easy to read text language and has already been translated into different languages.

In this book, the writer explains how to use the functions of a camera to their best. You will learn about finding the best angles, and ways to set the functions to get the best shoot. Eventually, there are numerous photos with details in this book.


10. One Face 50 Ways: The Portrait Photography Idea Book

One Face 50 Ways

Imogen Dyer and Mark Wilkinson had their combined masterpiece. The Portrait Photography Idea Book will simply tell you about how to capture one face in 50 different ways. Sounds interesting, right? Well, it is the must-read for all the model photographers and even videographers.

It is a practical guide where the writers explain how to take the best shoot of a simple thing. Eventually, it will tell you everything about the camera settings in different situations. So, you shouldn’t miss it anyway.

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