Top Product Photography Courses Online to Scale Up Your Skill

Top Product Photography Courses Online

Product photography courses can be confusing and overwhelming. There’s so much to learn and so many options to choose from. When you’re ready to learn how to take better photos, you must follow any of the extensive product photography courses available in the market, suitable for people of all ages and skill levels.

No doubt, this can be a good way to learn how to take photos of products effectively and how to use lighting to set up shots. Learning how to take great product photos will help you to understand how to design products, choose colors, and create an appealing image that inspires you. Also, product photography has many different uses. You can use the photos to show the design or function of a product, add to a blog, or share on social media.

Top Product Photography Courses to Follow

There is a lot to learn about product photography, including how to take good photos, how to display them well on social media, and how to sell your product photography services. You can learn all of this in a professional course.

Getting Started in Product Photography

Getting Started in Product Photography

Let’s introduce you to our 1st pick to learn product photography as a beginner. Karl Taylor, a professional mentor has designed this course to explore the real talent and passion of a photographer. You will get almost everything including essential photography techniques, camera & lenses, equipment, and background choices. 

Apart from the basics, it will show you how to make and use scrims to enhance the beauty of product photography. There are also some advanced lessons like inverse square law that will definitely guide you to understand the better control light. It also introduces the essential lighting modifiers and studio kits for product photography

Course Link: Getting Started in Product Photography

Total Classes: 11 (4 hours)

Level: Basic

Price: $19/month

Food Photography and Styling

Food Photography and Styling

What if you get pro tips to learn product photography and styling from one of the most influential food photographers Anna Pustynnikova along with world-class mentor Karl Taylor? From beginner to advanced learners, it can be a great choice to prepare himself/herself as a professional food photographer. It will help you find the proper props, backgrounds & accessories for creative food shoots. 

From this course, you will learn the necessary techniques for shooting lifestyle & editorial style food photography with models. It lets you grab tips on how to tell the story with the images you capture. Besides, it teaches you how to use natural light and set up studio lighting to make the photoshoot more attractive. 

Course Link: Food Photography and Styling

Total Classes: 33 (26 hours)

Level: All

Price: $19/month

Your COMPLETE GUIDE to Beautiful Product Photography!

COMPLETE GUIDE to Beautiful Product Photography

Ted Nemeth, a top-rated professional product photographer has designed this course to learn product photography from start to finish including the small details a learner requires. The interesting part here is- you’ll know the importance of branding basics in product photography along with time management and various strategies. These will definitely help you build the business mindset as well. 

The course has 8 sections that include 24 lectures. Udemy will give you full lifetime access along with some downloadable resources to gain a better experience. From the very basics, you will learn about a photoshoot in manual mode, background, lighting, and post-production phase. And, finally, you must work on a project to achieve the certification so that you can showcase it globally.

Course Link: Your COMPLETE GUIDE to Beautiful Product Photography!

Total Classes: 24 (2 h 10 min)

Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Price: $84.99

Commercial Photography: Taking Product Photos That Sell

Commercial Photography Taking Product Photos

Once again, we come with a product photography master course guided by one of the industry experts Chris Grey. From product shoot setups to finding and collaborating with clients- all you will get in a box to discover yourself as a professional photographer. Grey is an award-winning photographer who has been in the industry for over 40 years and adding value to beginners. 

This course includes in-depth instructions with downloadable pdf resources & video access. Besides basic and dramatic setups, it will let you know how to build a business in the commercial photography arena. As a result, you can showcase your talents to the world. In addition, you’ll get some pro tips to retouch and edit the captured pictures to make them more appropriate and attractive to increase sales.

Course Link: Commercial Photography: Taking Product Photos That Sell

Total Classes: 7 (2h 2 min)

Level: Basic to Advanced

Price: $7.99

Product Photography – Master Level

Product Photography – Master Level

If you are searching for practical training from industry professionals to take your photography skill next level, this course from Photo Art Study can be a great choice. Depending on color, shape, and texture, it will let you know how to capture product photos of different types (metal, glass, or plastic) professionally. You will also learn to set up studio and lighting for a better creative product photoshoot. 

The only things you need are proper motivation and a camera. Then lesson teaches the way of photographing objects on white or black background. You will get 21 downloadable resources along with certification after completing it. Over 600 students around the world have already been enrolled in this course. And most of them have provided positive feedback as well.

Course Link: Product Photography – Master Level

Total Classes: 69 (3h 22 min)

Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Price: $84.99

To Sum Up

So, hopefully, this overview of product photography courses was helpful. If you’ve considered taking a course, it may be worth checking out some reviews before making your final decision. It is also worth noting that these are just the most popular classes on Udemy; there are many more available for purchase elsewhere online and offline if you would like to do further research into what might work best for your needs!

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