Are you running an ecommerce business and trying to boost it through online media? Then, you might have known about the importance of photography to showcase the products to your targeted audience smartly. It’s an essential factor to make interact with customers and influence them to buy them. To help you out in this area, we have come with a proven product photography guideline with some proper examples. Before that, we want to let you know the ways of how it impacts on an ecommerce business. It will help to be concerned with what we are trying to gather knowledge for online-based businesses.

How Ecommerce Product Photography Impacts Online Business

  • Product photo is the first thing by which creates the sense to the customers to buy. Stat from millions of people shows that over 90% of customers decide on quality images of the product they see on the web. Many of the retailers don’t find the gap in image processing for their store. It’s the ultimate way to reach more people and gain trust. So, it’s undoubtedly a crucial factor in boosting a business.
  • Besides the web store, social media is another sector to reach the audience online. Millions of people always search for a lot of photos on various social media platforms. If your photos are good enough, people like to see them and click them. As a result, you get some leads and opportunities to enhance the business. That’s why product photography is essential and impactful to modern online businesses.

social media impact on product photography

  • Did you ever think about the importance of branding for your business? Among some basic criteria, photos are the crucial elements to build a successful brand. A properly shot product image can gain trust and appeal. Thus, it makes a business trustworthy to the customers. It’s also important to establish a business identity globally.


  • An eye-catchy image always creates a huge impact on the customer’s psychology. The more you increase the image quality, the more you get quality customers. Product photography ensures a good result if it is taken well as a pro. Before taking any post production services, it’s more essential to capture them by expert hands.
  • Visually appealing products always get some extra attention from potential customers. Product photography ensures better engagement with the people you want as buyers. It helps them to remember and recall the products from their memory. As a result, it influences customers and impacts their purchase decision.

Most Essential Product Photography Equipment

Before you shoot products on your camera, it’s important to know what to keep with you. We prepare a shortlist to make the photography properly. You can also keep this as an important product photography guideline. Hopefully, it will help you to keep this as note whether you try this for your business or a company.

Product Photography Equipment

Product Photography Equipment

  • High Quality Camera: While it’s about photography, camera is undoubtedly a must thing to carry. Especially, whether you are doing this for the corporate or business sector. A product may need to be shot in detail to showcase it to the customers. So, it requires a high-quality camera with the best possible features. In some cases, you can also use a smartphone having a good quality camera.
  • Lenses: Lens is the equipment that defines the quality of photography. It focuses light on its sensors and brings an appealing result. Although there are various types of lenses in the market. You have to find out the best lenses to shoot products. Better you take an overview regarding this from experts.
  • Studio: A studio in photography means a lot to shoot pictures professionally. It includes different types of equipment, including table, camera, tripod, umbrella, strobe machines, and lightings. The reason to set up a studio is to get an environment of photography that can bring a better result.
  • White Background: Using a white background is an essential part of achieving attractive product photos. Although it’s a part of a studio where the products will be shot. You can use a photo white sweep for this. It helps to get distraction-free images.
  • Tripod: Tripod is the material that adds stability to your photography work. In some cases, you may need to showcase the products from various angles. It helps to capture the products from different perspectives. To do so, it’s not necessary to buy a high-range tripod. There are lots of devices out there within your budget.
  • Table: To set up a photography studio, a table is a necessary tool to take shots perfectly. You can use a lightweight and portable in this case. This is probably the most useful equipment for products like shoes, jewelry, smartphones, etc.
  • Umbrella: Sometimes hard light may cause distraction in product photography. To control lighting in products, the umbrella is an essential element so far. It helps to capture attractive images by controlling the light.

Some Pro Tips for Professionals

We will try to give an overview of product photography guidelines in this part. As a beginner, the techniques will definitely assist you in dealing with local and international brands.

  • Research Products Before Shoot

Product photography is not just picking and capturing it anyhow. It needs proper research to understand its usage and feature. Most of the professional product photographers suggest this for a better outcome. This is why you can focus on the key points through the camera. Your photography will tell a story to the audience. Whether you are clicking the fashion or beauty products, you cannot get the best shots without studying them. So, to have quality photos, you have to research the products first.

  • Be Aware of Using Light

It is a crucial factor to get a perfect shot for products. You can use the one from studio lighting and natural lighting. Before that make sure which environment makes sense for a particular product. Whether you are trying to use the images for social media or advertising, you can shoot it in the daylight. It can be in the early morning or afternoon. On the other hand, you can choose indoor lighting to capture products in detail. Such as the products for an online retail store like Amazon, eBay, AliExpress use the studio or artificial lighting for this. It brings the most attractive and professional result indeed.

Product Photography light

Product Photography light

  • Take Professional Editing Services

As a photographer, you can’t give assure the 100% perfectness for all the elements you capture. Sometimes it needs more to do with them. It impacts on product image quality that helps to turn your visitor to the consumer. Although there are some free and paid tools for this task. But it is highly recommended to take the photography post production service from skilled and experienced professionals. They use industry-standard software like Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom to bring the proper outcome.

  • Capture Products in Different Styles

You can’t gain the perfect caption in just a single click. It needs time, passion, and skill. In some cases, it may take a couple of hours. Better you try different styles, angles, and environments. You can use a white background, table, and sometimes a tripod for this. This will allow showcasing products in detail to the customers. It helps to make the decision whether he/she should buy them or not. Another good practice is to shoot varieties of pictures for an item. Don’t delete any of them before you finalize them for a store.

Products in Different Styles

Different photography Styles

  • Arrange Products by Weight and Size

Not necessarily every product needs the same studio set up and camera configurations. It depends on their sizes and weights. In some cases, you may require to summarize them in a group and capture in a single frame. And, it brings a variation in photography positively. You can make the arrangement of the products from small to large or vice versa to do so. Also, it can be summarized according to their types.

Guidelines for Individual Ecommerce Product Photography

Now, in this part, we are going to let you know the individual product photography guideline. This will help you to capture the products properly from different industries.

Footwear Products

Footwear Products Photography

Footwear Products Photography

  • Before starting a photo shoot, you must prepare the products (shoes). It shouldn’t have any dust or bad scratch. Then make ready the lightings, camera equipment, and your mind.
  • For footwear products, it’s better to choose a white background rather than using a colorful one. The reason is to focus the product clearly to the customers. It also helps to get extra attention.
  • Finding the proper angles for shoe photography is crucial to showcase it in detail. There are some key angles that follow most of the professional product photographer. Some of them are likely a single angle shot, front angle shot, left/right angle shot, etc.
  • Shoe is an essential product having a huge market globally. You will see available advertisements to promote this product. So, the shooting of shoes with a model can be a great idea. You don’t need to capture the whole body to capture shoes. Just focus the products with legs to see the outfit.
  • Don’t take a shoot in extreme daylight. This can impact on picture tone and density. So, be sincere in using lighting on products. In some cases, you can also use studio light to avoid harshness.
  • 360 shooting is another aspect to get the best advantage of footwear photography. In this case, make sure to place your product perfectly. This a unique and cool strategy in product photography that really works.

Jewelry Products

Jewelry Product

Jewelry Product Photography

  • Jewelry is a little bit different than the other products we see regularly. Firstly, you need to choose a perfect camera with high-quality lenses to capture this type of product. It can either make or break your photography. So, be very careful and sensitive in this area.
  • As jewelry needs to be focused in detail to customers, a tripod can be a good option to capture the best photos. It can make the noise reduction level lower using lower shutter speed and ISO.
  • Can you think of any popular jewelry brand item with dust? Never! So, make sure it is properly cleaned and polished enough before start shooting your products. It’s the primary criteria to have a beautiful jewelry product photo.
  • Some items seem more beautiful in a simple way. It doesn’t need extra design or colored background to catch attention. So, keep the presentation simple with a minimalist setup.
  • A piece of jewelry with a face can bring an extra appeal in promoting the product. Try to bring a human face to bring the focus to your customers. And, it really works. So, why won’t you try this?

Garment Products

Garment Product Photography

Garment Product Photography

  • The technique of presenting the accessories is an essential fact in photographing clothing apparel. Prepare and present them in the most attractive way. To do so, clean and iron the products before starting your job.
  • A garment product with a model can turn the photography to another level. People love to see a human face and body with the products they want to buy. It increases the opportunity of achieving extra attraction from viewers. So, try to use a model in your product photography.
  • In case you are not able to hire a model, there is another way to showcase the garment products. It’s called the ghost mannequin technique. You can show products in both the ways- cloth with a visible mannequin or invisible mannequin.
  • Using a background is something tricky in clothing photography. You can’t always use the white background to present the apparel. Make the decision according to the clothing material, color, and features.
  • Like footwear products, 360 degree photography can also be a good try here. It enables customers checking the item in full rotation in real life. As a result, it helps them to take the decision of buying it.

Wrapping Up

ecommerce Product photography is something special for having a powerful business outcome. To achieve it, you must maintain a set of guidelines. We prepared a checklist that can eventually promote you to the next level of photography. Besides following the product photography guideline, be sensitive in using the best photo editing services for the products. It’s the ultimate way that will ensure a final and visible result for business growth. So, are you ready to apply them?

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