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Glamour Retouching with Digital Makeup

Glamour retouching with digital makeup is professionally known as digital cosmetology. It is done to give an image more gorgeous look using Photoshop and its various tools & effects. Typically, this technique is applied to the images of models, fashion personnel, wedding moments etc. But, it is seen, now a days, to apply the effect to the images of any man or woman, according to the clients’ demand, for making them young or old in appearance. The purpose of beauty retouching is to let an image stand out of all others for getting more focuses to the model image, ultimately to the product image. This photo editing technique is so much important for shaping a vital impression. At present era, almost every popular image is edited with digital makeup because it is proven, like a retouched image, the natural images cannot gather such a mark due to its flaws. Human body, however, is not out of faults and that is the reason of taking various photo editing services especially image retouching service. Glamour portrait retouching is generally applied on the face and skin because these parts of our body get harmed much with undesired wrinkle, blemishes, acne, red or black spots, various age spots etc. During glamour image retouching, the graphic retoucher tries to expel these problematic issues from the image and add or change skin color tone and texture, extra color from eye brow, eye liner, shed, lip shed, hair style etc. to increase the glamour and beauty to a new height of standard.

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Professional glamour retouching with digital makeup includes proper body shape reducing fatness, appearance correction, professional face and skin retouch, hair stylization, etc. with many other services like the elimination of blemish, reduction of red eye, slight dental shape and color mending, age reduction, hair straightening or curling, removing background, lighting sheds, perspective, image dimension and so on. This image manipulation needs the touch of the professional and experienced designer’s hand. This service is mostly applied to the image of models or fashion personnel who generally work as the business ambassador of various companies such as ecommerce business, magazines and newspapers, multinational companies etc. They carry the product name with their glamour and personality. In this case, it is expected the mass people will follow them being fascinated with their outstanding name, personality and glamour. So, they must have an extraordinary look for attracting the general customers to them and ultimately to the products.
There are various ways of glamour portrait retouching with digital makeup, especially with Photoshop. This service covers almost every part of the human body and to retouch different parts, the graphic designers use different tools as well as effects. As an example, to retouch the skin color, the designers use brush too, healing brush tool, clone stamp tool, color palate etc. Besides these, a proper blending of the designers’ skill and experience is inevitable to get a dreamy output. However, Digital glamour retouching has a money and time saving factor. If it is not possible to take makeup manually or if it doesn’t give the model better look as desired, no matter, glamour photo retouching with digital makeup has capability to give a gorgeous look with less cost and time.

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    Clipping Path Services

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    $0.49per image

    • Basic Clipping Path $0.49
    • Simple Clipping Path$1.25
    • Compound Clipping$2.50
    • Complex Clipping Path$6.90
    • Extra Complex$9.99
    • Super Complex$14.99
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    Vector Drawing

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    $3.49per image

    • Raster To Vector$3.49
    • Vector Line Drawing$4.50
    • Logo Design$14.99
    • Photo To Vector$19.99
    • Artwork To Vector$25.00
    • Nature Image To Vector$30.00
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    Image Retouching

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    $0.99per image

    • Color Correction$0.99
    • Photo Retouching$2.50
    • Jewelry Retouching$3.49
    • Portrait Retouching$4.49
    • High End Retouching$9.99
    • Photo Restoration$14.99
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    Ghost Mannequin

    Starts From

    $1.25per image

    • Ghost/Doll Remove$1.25
    • Neck Joint$1.75
    • 2D Ghost Mannequin$1.75
    • 3D Ghost Mannequin$2.99
    • Jewelry Neck$3.99
    • 3D Shoe Effect$3.99

Our Pen Tablet (Wacom) Related Works

We are offering very competitive but affordable price packages for professional image manipulation, retouching, composition, and editing services. We provide high-end quality services using Pen Tablet within turnaround time, because we care and know the value of you and your files!

High End Retouching

We offer competitive price for professional image manipulation and retouching & photo editing services which is very much affordable. We don’t say we provide the cheapest, but we provide the most reliable photo retouching and image editing services at affordable cost. Because we care for you!

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Our expert graphic design team uses pen tablet (Wacom) for hair, fur, clothes with soft edge to change color tone, image exposure, brightness, contrast etc. We work for world famous magazines, fashion houses, e-commerce websites, product and model photographers for providing image masking service.

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While creating shadows on products for display, we perform couple of photo editing techniques, viz. remove background of the product, noise reduction, enhance & retouch the photo, color correction, and finally apply the best shadowing effect with pen tablet to give the product a natural look and shape.

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Photoshop Compositing & Manipulation

Here at CPI, we have experts who can create high quality and high end composites photos. Photoshop Compositing is a major art of Image Manipulation and most of these artwork are done with pen tablets. Our artists can provide you with stunning aesthetics by placing, replacing, blending, and compositing various photos into same image through Photoshop and other software. These Composites can be used in various print media, wedding albums, websites, blogs, and even in videos.

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