How to Boost Your Creativity by Learning Abode Photoshop

When you explore lovely digital art and compare it with the items you draw with a pencil, you’ll feel astounded and reduced. If solely you’ll afford a graphics pill, you’ll be even as good! And if you have already got a pill, your thought is, “If solely I may afford Photoshop! Such a lot of wonderful things are often finished this package.” And if you have each a pill and good package, you are dreaming concerning the godlike Wacom Cintiq—the larger, the better. But, until then, you are stuck. You cannot be any higher. And it isn’t your fault, it’s all concerning money!

This is probably why there’s a misconception that digital art isn’t real art. After all, a real artist needs to learn all these hard things, master pencils, brushes, color mixing, different kinds of pigment, and they can’t just undo a mistake! And when they finish, their art is one of a kind, it exists physically, it’s not just an array of digits that you can copy infinitely. At the same time, a digital “artist” buys some expensive equipment and that’s all—they can now produce outstanding art. That’s cheating, isn’t it?

Let’s see what we can find further.

What are the advantages of learning Photoshop

Whenever you learn something, you get many benefits. Some of them can be visible and others may not be. Hence, it can be difficult to pin down the exhaustive list of benefits, but I will try.

1.It makes Image Processing, Computer Vision etc. learning easy

You have learnt Photoshop and you have been working with it and hence many image processing concepts are much intuitive to you, compared to those guys who are going to hear it for the first time. For an example, high pass filter. If you have dealt with Photoshop, you can visualize what exactly high pass filter does and hence the formulation for it would be easier for you to understand or even figure out. (In one of my exam, a similar question was asked, and I didn’t know the formulation. Nevertheless, thanks to Photoshop, I derived the formulation in the exam.)

It makes Image Processing, Computer Vision etc. learning easy

Apart from that, you come across many scenarios, where you wish you had better results. For an example, if you want to select a person from one image and paste it to the other, you need a lot of effort in “selection” of the person. (In other terms, you need to tell your Photoshop which are the edges of a person so as you don’t end up cut-pasting more or less than the exact person. I think an example would better explain things. Image obtained from Kush Technologies via Google Image Search.)

So, in these courses, when you learn the fundamentals, you are eager to solve your problem of “selection”. You understand the importance of the edge detection problem. You are eager to know how that can be done automatically, and you learn some really complicated things easily. (Or may be if you are too involving, you end up developing an algorithm for it too.)

2.Amazing UI/ UX or web page design

While designing UI of an application or web pages, more so often, we have an image in our mind about how we want to make it look alike. But we are limited in implementation in a sense that we don’t know how to create those fancy images. Oh you know Photoshop?

Amazing UI/ UX or web page design

Great! Now the only bottleneck is your imagination. However fancy or Sci-Fi you imagine your web page or App, you can make it look like that exactly. And this will definitely help you stand apart from ordinary stereotypical apps or webpages. (Assuming your App/web page is strong technically too.)

3.Enhanced presentations, reports etc.

You have worked laboriously on a project. Currently you wish to organize a report. For that, you wish a picture from your textbook. (That image isn’t out there directly on the web or the standard of the out there image isn’t pretty much as good as you want.) Not a problem; you recognize Photoshop, right?

Enhanced presentations, reports etc.

The clicked image is low distinction, has some grey background because of pages etcetera, however you’ll correct those things. Excluding that, you’ll utterly style your presentation theme to suite your project. A nice style presentation would undoubtedly build an impression.

In addition to, learning Photoshop will give you an additional advantage of learning about 3D graphics. You can beautifully render images in 3D, create 3D designs and so on.

Eventually, you would like to use your computer engineering skills to solve problems in a ‘domain’ – be it art (Photoshop is an amazing example), industrial applications, finance, research, entertainment, education, etc. etc. etc.

This means you learn how things are done at any given time in that domain, and understand how they could be done better/faster/more efficiently/accurately/transparently and so on using your skills.

Understanding colors are the most basic aspect. Being able to manipulate them, being able to make the reproducible and useful changes, in colors and storing them in image files is what make Photoshop such an amazing tool. But not just that! Understanding how the monitor that renders colors on the screen and therefore making sure what you are doing in the processing is also faithfully reproduced by the monitor is also something you can understand.

You can be privy to an amazing world if only you are interested in Photoshop.


3D Water Text Effect in Photoshop

Open the Photoshop software and create a new document. Which size has to set 2000 x 1500 pixels, with the high resolution of 300 and in RGB mode.  Set it background color black and foreground color white by pressing Ctrl+D. Then go from “filter” to “render” to “clouds”. Here apply a gradient overlay layer style by following these (blend mode “Screen”, opacity to “90”, gradient “black, white, reverse->checked”, style “Reflected”, angle “90”, and scale “125”).

Now write something on this document. You can write anything. I wrote Color Experts. Font of Bauhaus 93 and size is 130 pt and strong.

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Amazing explosion 3d words in photoshop

For to do design we have to open Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator, choose the font that you want to use in your drawing or design. Where I used Xirod Font and tweaked it a minute. Then create it outline and save it into Adobe Illustrator 8. (Cinema 4D open just vectors into this Adobe Illustrator version).

Amazing explosion 3d words in photoshop

Go to Cinema 4D and open the Illustrator folder, after open the Cinema 4D you will see that it’s inside of a group. At first you should ungroup them and add the extrude NURBS to all letter of word. After extrude you have to add light where I used 2 area lights, in the front and the left side and target camera.

We already have originated our 3D text and before we go over to Photoshop we need to add more details. These 3D object copy 8 times to make it editable and we are going to add explosion and shatter. Set your own style 3D text to look like chief. For this apply 3 explosions and 3 shatters to it. Also add more if your text design need too more.

Go to the render and save in 300 DPI TIFF format with Alpha Channel. Put the render in Photoshop, go Channels windows and select the Alpha Channel. Create your range, cut your 3D text and keep it in another layer. Now you with your 3D text and your with background.

You can add more to the background also highlights behind the 3D text to put together it stand out.

This is perfect time to add some color to the 3D text. Here you can show your creativity. I just apply the basic soft brush and paint over the 3D letter and make some masks.

For special effect to apply in front of our 3D letters, we need choose the Gradient Tool and can change the mode to Difference. Change in different directions to make gradients. Well, now select the text and make a layer mask in this effect layer. Change the blend mode to Soft Light and Opacity to 70%

Next, select the 3D text, go to Modify – Contract and use 10 to 20 pixels. Delete then deselect and go to Effects – Blur – Motion Blur use Angle: 15 and Distance between 60 to 70 pixels.

You can add more in your 3D text. Select a good splatter brush and draw anywhere you want. To generate the back of the explosion need to add broken glasses behind text. And add highlights to make it again stand out.

Add shadows inside of the 3D text with the Polygonal Lasso Tool, the Gradient Tool for Black to Transparent.

Then add some crack brushes in the 3D text to make more real. Set a crack on the letter you want to brake, in my case, the x.

Of each letter to give it a real explosion feeling have to add highlights on the border. For create the beginning of the explosion add a mini explosion brush to the inside corner of the x.

Make some flares and lines in the explosion point in different ways. To give it a great look use different colors.

On top of the 3D text add the broken glass image and change the Blend Mode to Overlay. Again do this, go to Edit – Transform – Flip Horizontal and transform the Blend Mode to Normal.

You will get a Celestia.

How to Create 3D Images in Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop CS is the very best application of artwork planning in which assists in image development, touch-ups along with running. This specific software includes large choices along with tactics relevant to artwork pattern that may demand good knowledge of the various principles. Photoshop can often generate name textual content to the graphic designers. 3d critical effects, how to create 3D images, sleek cup kind result, flaming meteor textual content result along with Bee video textual content result usually are a lot of the trusted methods of textual content along with tactics employed in Photoshop.

how to create 3D images

3D photography designing effects was added with the extended version of Adobe Photoshop.  Which graphic designers are expert on this tool, they can create well characterized layers by this tool. All types of  expression can be added by lines, patterns and gradients.  Many effects that you can added on Photoshop by the help of lighting and shadows.

One of the most appealing word influence connected with Photoshop will be ‘flaming meteor effect’, here the particular custom made can make textual influence the location where the word would be known as dropping through the heavens. Let us observe this particular influence is possible as well as the steps to be adopted. In the beginning the backdrop of the Photoshop should be placed along with black grey color.

Next a separate stratum needs to be developed after which the options needs to be inside the ideal condition. Textual content could be developed and place on the particular stratum with the help of Adobe Illustrator. When you finally can easily request the particular custom made that will put additional results similar to smoke cigarettes path, high influence, and so forth regarding added in attraction. For this reason yellow color can be utilized regarding high words.

You can also add glass types smoother by Photoshop. For this job you need to produce Photoshop backgrounds  on text. You can also do it by premade effects and then you can modify it. Type text on backgrounds. Finally use drop shadow on the text layer.

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