Apply Image Command for Layer Mask

Adobe Photoshop’s image editing command for make blending between two images or many layers. You can use this tools for masked border of images and to make artistic collage effects. It’s one of the easy and quick way of creating a mask on images. I am describing on Layer Mask Effect in Photoshop.


To apply image editing tool you can also used of make a layer mask on an image. Here is the process:

First start Photoshop and go to File > New. Then again go to File > Place to open an image that you want use for this task. Then you need to rotate use image, then both will be same orientation. Re-size the photos, so that they will be same size.

Next go to Layer then New then Layer and press OK. Set backgrounds color of black, click new layer and click Ctrl+Backspace to fill the new Layer at black. Now need to create duplicate image background layer by Layer then Duplicate Layer then OK. Now pull the black layer within two image layers.

Click the top image layer, then click Add Layer Mask from the foot of the Layer Palette.

Go to Layer Mask and go to  Image > Apply Image. From drop-down panel choose border image. Set Blending mode to Normal. Go to Transparency and set it. Then press OK.

A most latest technique are applying on a mask to the border from the Apply Image Dialog. To do again this task, you need to set all previous settings. From the source file, choose the image file for mask. Then go to Layer from the image and then Channel to use as mask. In this part, Blue Chanel will give attractive result.

Layer mask is one of most essential part of Adobe Photoshop. For more learn by tutorials visit Adobe home page. Or for video tutorials you can search youtube or other video directories.

Best Photoshop Layer Mask Guide

Layer mask are generally on the list of functions within Photoshop that Adobe didn’t carry over to Photoshop Elements. Nevertheless, it’s not hard to identical this specific influence by simply grouping your own adjustment layer.

image mask in photoshop


And here is process:

Should the layer you would like to face mask could be the history, initial transform the item to some typical layer, by simply double-clicking the setting layer inside the background levels from color palette. Form any title to the layer and also press OK.

Get color complete layer below the particular layer you would like to face mask. inside the layer’s color palette, simply select the layer palette that you would like to face mask, and also click Ctrl-G to group the item while using coloring complete layer.

The layers color palette really should look like the particular impression shown within your object.

Today the particular face mask in the coloring complete layer will certainly represent any face mask around the layer palette.

Color or maybe complete using dark-colored around the face mask to eliminate, white-colored to disclose.

This specific application means that you can utilize layer markers within Photoshop Elements. Follow the particular guidance below to download and also deploy the particular layer face mask application according to your own version regarding Photoshop Elements. Browse the guidance carefully as they are wide and varied determined by precisely what version regarding Photoshop Elements, Home windows, or maybe Macintosh you’ve. You need to shut and also re-open Photoshop Elements ahead of while using application.

At the time of Photoshop Elements, layer mask can be a ancient function within Photoshop Elements, thus this specific application isn’t a lengthier becoming managed. If you would like help with the item, article any issue inside the conversation community.


When you get the meaning “The order Make is just not accessible” it means indicates an individual tried to operate the particular action around the history layer. You must transform the setting to a editable layer by simply double press the setting layer inside the background levels color palette. Form any title to the layer and also press OK.