Global Ecommerce Statistics Roundup to Help Boosting Online Businesses

Knowing the latest e-commerce trends and statistics help to make the proper strategy for the betterment of your online business. That’s why it needs an in-depth investigation to grab the realistic scenario. Since the last few decades, this industry has been rapidly changed with time. Especially, the changes after COVID-19 has shown the world both each part in a new way. In these circumstances, we bring a comprehensive report on global e-commerce statistics by answering the most crucial FAQs. It will let you know the statistical data along with the possibilities in this area if you have the plan to start something with a new hope.

What is the Updated Number of Internet Users Worldwide?

From the Statista data, the number of active internet users is almost 4.57 billion (April 2020). Among all the countries, China, India, and the USA are holding the top rank regarding the total number of users. The report says, the number has been increased to 7.1%, which is more than 301 million users compared with the previous year.

Which Countries Are Belonging the Largest Ecommerce Market Shares?

Countries Market Shares
China $672 billion
USA $340 billion
UK $99 billion
Japan $79 billion
Germany $73 billion
France $43 billion
South Korea $37 billion
Canada $30 billion
Russia $20 billion
Brazil $19 billion


What is the Percentage of Potential Buyers Around the World?

The growth of potential customers is increasing day by day globally. A lot of people is preferring to buy online rather than going market physically. From the research of Sleeknote, the percentage is around 21.8% of the total population worldwide.

Which Media People Are Using Mostly to Spend Their Time?

Recently during the COVID-19 outbreak, the usage of media and devices has been rapidly changed. Here is the latest data of the Global Web Index to show the real-time statistics.

spent time with devices

Source: GlobalWebIndex

  • 76% of the total users spend their time through smartphones.
  • 45% are using laptops, 32% desktops, and 22% of them prefer tablet devices.
  • SmartTV or media streaming devices are being used by 34% and 17% are spending on a games console.
  • 11% of people use smart speakers and 6.3% smartwatch.

How Many Shoppers Depend on Public Reviews and Research While Buying A Product Online?

From research, it’s shown that 85% of online shoppers depend on research and reviews before purchasing something online. They like to study from different sources along with the e-commerce store in taking the decision.

What About the Ecommerce Activities of the People Around the World?

The activities of users differ in terms of choices, ages, devices, and platforms. Likewise, online sales have been increased and mobile shopping has reached a new era. Here is a short overview for you. This report is prepared on the internet users aged 16 to 64.

ecommerce activities

Source: GlobalWebIndex

  • 81% of internet users search for a product/service to buy online (any device).
  • Among the users, 90% visit an online retail site or store, and 66% use shopping apps on smartphones/tablets for this.
  • Using any type of device, 74% of the people making the purchase online. And, 51% of them do it through mobile phones.

How Do Customers Take Decision While Purchasing Something Online?

This is really interesting to know while we researched the customers’ shopping behaviors. A report states that 43% of the online consumers purchase while they are in bed. Another interesting part here is that around 20% of users make it in the bathroom and 23% at the office. There is a number who make the purchase drunk. Sometimes, some people do it accidentally!

Who Make the Mobile Ecommerce Purchases Most?

The percentage of the user who makes mobile e-commerce purchases regularly vary from age to age. They have different tastes and needs.

mobile ecommerce purchases

Source: GlobalWebIndex

  • As per the latest research, most of the users who make the purchase (57%) via smartphones are aged between 25 to 34.
  • Around 55% and 54% of the users buy products who are aged 16-24 and 35-44 respectively.
  • The percentage for 45-54 years old users is 43% and 30% for 55-64 years old.

Which Payment Methods Are Being Used worldwide for Ecommerce Transactions?

Payment Methods

Source: Worldpay Global Payments Report

For e-commerce transactions, there are many options being used globally. Among them, the Digital or Mobile Wallet (42%) is on top rank. After that, the Credit/Debit Card comes in the list with 35%. The next options are Bank Transfer (9%), Charge & Deferred Debit Card (5%), Cash on Delivery (4.5%), Buy Now, Pay Later (1.6%), and Post-Pay (1.3%). Besides these methods, all other systems take 2.2% of the e-commerce transactions.

What is the Percentage of Ecommerce Website Traffic by Product Category and Device?

ecommerce traffic by device and category

Source: Contentsquare 2020 Digital Experience Benchmark Report

As per the Contentsquare report in 2020, most of the traffic coming through mobile phones compared with computers. Here, we prepared a chart to showcase the traffic percentage by product category and device.

Product Category Mobile Phone (%) Computer (%) Tablet (%)
Luxury 67% 30% 3%
Apparel 66% 27% 7%
Beauty 66% 29% 5%
Grocery 57% 37% 6%
Automotive 57% 36% 7%
Home Supply & Technology 56% 35% 8%
Travel 51% 41% 8%
Energy 39% 58% 4%
Financial Services 39% 58% 3%

Source: Contentsquare 2020 Digital Experience Benchmark Report

During COVID-19 Outbreak, Which Is the Most Selling Products Online?

The entire world along with the e-commerce industry has been affected due to the COVID-19 disaster. People are searching for survival products mostly during this pandemic crisis rather than fashion and jewelry items. Some of the best selling products during COVID-19 are likely N95 Mask, Hand Sanitizer, Hand Soap, Water Bottle, Office Products, Exercise Bands, Online Movies 7 Series, etc.

Who Is Spending More Time Shopping Online After the COVID-19 Outbreak?

A lot of things have changed after the COVID-19 disaster along with the online shopping percentage of different aged people.

Spending More Time Shopping Online After COVID-19 Outbreak

Source: GlobalWebIndex

  • As per the GlobalWebIndex’s Coronavirus Multi-Market Study research, most people (53%) of 25-34 years old are spending more time online shopping.
  • Next after that, the ratio comes to 35-44 years old users (50%) and 15-24 aged users (46%).
  • The users aged between 45-54 (42%) and 55-64 (32%) are spending more time correspondently in this category.

What is the Impact on Ecommerce Web Traffic for the COVID-19 Crisis?

Well! This is undoubtedly the hottest topic to research in almost all industries along with e-commerce. The impact of the COVID-19 outbreak is already seen in the world in the last two months. Here is a comprehensive report prepared by Contentsquare, where you will see how much the web traffic is impacted the e-commerce industry.

Impact on Ecommerce Web Traffic for the COVID-19

Source: Contentsquare

In this report, web traffic is increasing rapidly for supermarkets, retail tech, media, telecom, home furnishings, retail healthcare, fashion, and cosmetics. On the other hand, it’s decreasing for jewelry & watches, luxury items, and especially tourism.

How Social Media Helps in Ecommerce Business Growth?

Since the social media platform got popularity and took a special space everywhere, it started its magic towards the e-commerce industry as well. As per the Statista report, more than 45% of the people spend over 2 hours a day on social media platforms. And, a large portion decides to buy anything by seeing them there. Thus, it increases sales by 32% or more. These platforms are also great to use for promoting products and various offers & discounts to reach more potential customers.

Wrapping Up

The e-commerce industry is rapidly changing with time, customer behavior, and digital trends. We tried to pull some of the essential and trendy global e-commerce statistics along with the queries and probable solutions. Here, you have also got to know some drastic changes in the industry due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Although these are not all the things you are expecting in a box. But, hopefully, it will help you to prepare yourself as well as your online business with new hope and strategy.

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