Design a texts drop in water typography effect in photoshop

Using Typographic Effect in Photoshop I design text which is “Letter Drops into Water”. Let it try. Here we will apply custom brush, free transform tool and liquefy filter.

Design a texts drop in water typography effect in photoshop

At first you have to download Photoshop software means PSD file. You have to search at Google through free download Photoshop CS3 or if you want latest version that will better for you.

Following stocks and complete this tutorial: Font, Water Texture, Water Brushes, this tutorial for intermediate level.

Now I decide on the black surroundings, and type something like you want on the canvas. Rotate the text an angle as your aspiration.

Apply the Bevel and Emboss layer blending option on this text layer. Then select style as inner Bevel, technique as smooth, depth as your wish, where I choose 480%, direction-up, size-1, and soften-0. Above this will go to the structure option.

In the shading I choose angle-63, attitude-42, gloss contour, highlights mode- Screen, opacity-92%, shadow mode- multiply, opaity-75.

And in the gradient overlay blend mode- normal, opacity-100%, select gradient, style- Linear, angle-106, scale-100.

Now I will create an effortless water surface. By using water brush and paint a little drops lying on the canvas and using free transform rotate it usually. On these water drops use liquefy filter, through forward warping tool and produce soft water effect. Make use of a flexible eraser to erase a few parts and the edges of the water to include depth and the overall effect is looking too cool. Just like real water.

Create some abstract lines around the text. Now on water surface to give it a flowing effect. It will do through a round brush. After creating new layer paint a dot on it, to manipulate this dot into a line shape use the liquefy filter.

These abstract line layers duplicate a few times then put all layers under the text layer. Again duplicate more abstract lines and shift them above text layer.

At first select an image for copy water. Over onto the text copy and paste the selection, with the free transform tool adjust the shape, and erase the others area with a soft eraser to reveal the text bottom.

Attach the following 2 adjustment layers as clipping mask to this water texture layer:

At Levels set custom, RGB-auto (68, .77, 255), and output level 0 and 255. In the custom settings I set red-22, yellow-200, green–200, cyan-112, blue-22, magenta-55.

Supplementary erase the water surface with a small flexible eraser since the areas indicated. For several finishing touches, I added a little more water flow surface around the text, through duplicating the water stream layer done in the previous step.

Using the water brush add some splashing water on top of the water. Use free transform tool to adjust its shape and angle. Add a little cloud/smoke in the region of the text for superfluous effect use the cloud filter or a cloud brush. Further added some color effect on the image with selective colors and image adjustment layer.

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