Light effects of Photoshop

Brightness Effects of Photoshop


Lights or enlightenment is the on purpose use of light to accomplish a matter-of-fact or artistic effect. Apposite illumination preserve enhance chore of performance, progress the outward show of an area, or have positive psychosomatic effects on occupants.

Illumination is classified by anticipated use as common, enunciation, or chore illumination, depending for the most part on the circulation of the light produced by the fixture.

Photoshop luminosity implementation tutorial is imperative to discern intended for every designer.

On first open the Photoshop software. Go off to file click on new. You can open by ctrl+N. Create a new Layer and apply a Layer style on the background Layer. From Layer style you have to select Gradient Overlay and a Pattern Overlay.

In Gradient Overlay you can see Blend mode, Opacity, Gradient, style, angle, angle etc. You can choose your own style. But I choose Blend mode-multiply, Opacity-100, Gradient-100, style-Radial, angle-90, scale-66.

For pattern overlay you can choose Blend mode-Normal, Opacity-100, scale-66.

Now have to choose an icon from a cool site. But you can choose like your aspiration. Then select the Ellipse tool and cerate a shape which may like circle and apply Gaussian Blur. For applying Gaussian Blur you have to go to Filter-Blur-Gaussian Blur and select radius with 30px.

In the name of Light Effects create a folder. Like before change it mode to Color Dodge, and created ellipse move to this folder.

For create sparkle we can use the marvelous brush tool. Inside the Light Effects Layer add new layer. For color selection you have to choose white. And the following tools may have to use like: select shape dynamics, scattering, smoothing, protect texture, master diameter-9 PX, angle-0, roundness-100%, spacing-0, hardness-0, pen pressure-minimum diameter 4%, angle jitter-0%, control-off, roundness jitter-0%, scatter-both access, count-2, count jitter-100%, control off.

In layer style I add an outer glow to the sparks. Where have to set opacity-99, noise-0, in elements technique-softer, spread-0, size-5, and in quality option choose Contour range-50, jitter-0.

Add some smoke. Take a new layer, set blend mode to Color Dodge and select lasso tool. Where feather set at 40px and create a selection like after that make sure foreground is white and the background is black then apply a Filter-Render-Clouds. Continue applying the filter until you get a hold the best clouds. Then add text and again use layer style. Create a nice overwhelming effect. Just place your logo.

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