How Graphic Design Firms Can Make Photographer’s Life Easier!

Graphic Design Firms

Photography is an unavoidable service nowadays. We all know that a proper image can say thousands of words. We use images everywhere – websites, television, cinema, billboard, newspaper, magazine, catalogue, brochure, flyer, books, in the classroom, in training session, in official meeting; what not? Businesses have to display new visuals for marketing in regular intervals. We do not like to watch the same TV commercial for a long period of time. Same for the other mediums. New images and design catch our attention easily. So, advertisement companies keep devising new ideas with the change of time and season. New events like the Olympics, FIFA (Soccer) World Cup, and Cricket World Cup also demand new styles of presentation of products. As a customer we are habituated to see the season’s vibrations in the advertisements. To implement new ideas new images and graphics are required. For all these images we need photographers.

Graphic Design Firms Can Make Photographer's Life Easier

These types of visual are required frequently.

Make Photographer’s Life Easier!

These types of visual are required frequently for advertisement and marketing.

Another factor is that new products always keep coming, and these need to be photographed. For e-commerce websites, products come and go rapidly. Sometimes new themes for the part of the web store is required. These new visuals and themes can be implemented to many portions of a website. Not only for websites, new and eye-catching themes and ideas need to be implemented for all types of medium of advertisement like newspapers, magazines, fashion magazines, catalogues, televisions, billboards etc. To apply new themes and ideas new images is a must. It is not like that new images are essential for new products only, old products also very often need to be shot again to cope with the new ideas of presentation. Change of the season and time also compel us to display appropriate products to the customers. For example, we do not advertise for winter jackets in the summer. So with the change of the seasons we need new photographs, photographers, and photo editing.

Make Photographer's Life Easier

Images Has To Be Perfect For Product Marketing

To make the images appropriate for the purposes. Photographers very often need to make various types of corrections of photography flaws. It is not possible all the time to shot a perfect picture all the time for lighting, composition, and other issues. All the professional photographers are shooting day and night with a view to catch the picture perfect. Most of the time they end up with one or two major or minor quality issues with their picture.

Image Quality Depends On

Everybody wants quality images, may it be for business promotional purposes or for personal memories. Quality of a photograph depends on –

Image Resolution 

Image resolution depends on the quality of the camera we use. Quality and size of the sensor or image plane matters a lot. It is not always true that the higher the resolution the better. If a camera gives you higher resolution but the size of the sensor is small, we may find noises on the picture.

Low-resolution Image
portrait image

It is not always true that the higher the resolution the better. If a camera gives you higher resolution but the size of the sensor is small, we may find noises on the picture.

Proper Composition

Photo Composition is very important. The sense of composition grows with the experience. Sometimes, we may include unwanted object in our shoot. Often, we cannot avoid something while shooting. Reversely, it may not be possible to include someone or an object while shooting. We can add the required object or person later. We can remove the unwanted objects as well. All these things we do during post production image editing.

Proper Lighting

Proper lighting is extremely important for capturing high-quality pictures. It’s really important for portraits, fashion photography, product photography. Because photography is all about the lights we see. Even sometimes, it’s about the light we do not see – in the case of heat-sensitive camera, x-rays etc. For nature photography, unwanted shadows sometimes do not look so good. We can correct the shadow area during post production work.

Proper Exposure

This is a common type of problem we find after shooting. Very often we end up with underexposed or overexposed pictures. We can correct these with post production technics and tweaks.

How To Correct These Flaws

All the professional photographers know these. Even an apparently perfect picture may be needed to be edited as per the requirement of the client. Sometimes, a photograph may not meet all the quality criterion mentioned above. But we may come up in a situation where an image is obvious to be used for the purpose intended, even if the image is not perfect for any reason. For example, an image may be perfect in composition, but another aspect, like it may be underexposed. We can correct these errors using the post production photoshop techniques.

It Is Tough For A Busy Photographer To Manage Time For Photo Editing

Thus, we see it is essential for the photographers to know about the post production image editing techniques using Photoshop or other photo editing software. For a quality photographer, it is a must.

But a busy professional photographer normally cannot manage time for photo editing. So they depend upon the photo editing firms for their post-production work. The graphic design firms can make their life easier by doing the image manipulation for the photographers. There are thousands/millions of photo editing firms worldwide. How to choose a quality graphic firm?

How to Choose a Professional and Experienced Image Editing Firm.

We should consider the following things for selecting the image editing firm –

Quality & Cost – Whether the pricing is cost-effective. We should look for high quality at reasonable price. High quality is required because it is very important to maintain the reputation as a class photographer in the market.

Turnaround Time – Turnaround time is also very important. A photographer has deadlines for handing over the outputs (photographs). So, he should make sure that the photo manipulation firm is capable of delivering the outputs within the promised time.

Experience – It is better to choose a company that has many years of experience and existence in the market. If an organization is working for a long time in a sector, it gains efficiency and mastery of that business. We can find more experienced persons and expertise for our critical jobs. Experience and skill is reflected in the simplest jobs also.

If you consider the above facts while ordering the photo editing job, you should get the outputs as per your expectation.

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