Photography and Photo Editing Tips for E-commerce Leather Accessories

If you are asked to name one of the fastest-growing and evolving businesses in this modern era, it has to be e-commerce business. Over the last decade, online business has undergone an unprecedented surge globally. People are more inclined to snap up their desired products online rather than brick-and-mortar stores. One of the most salient features that lures people towards online products is the visuals. Visuals play a significant role in the sale of a product. Based on the quality of the visuals, the online retailers draw the attention of the clients. Among various on-demand products, one of the highest sold products through e-store is leather accessories. People specially youngsters are very fond of trendy leather items and prefer buying their desired items online without any hassle. However, while buying online, you can engage only one sense out of 5 senses. You view the image of the products and make the decision whether to buy or not. Therefore, the appearance of the products’ visuals matters a lot to appeal you. The online retailers while taking shot of their product images try their level best to take flawless images. To do so, either they hire professional photographers or shoot themselves with high-end camera. Owing to human and technical glitches, very often they end up with defective product images which need to be touched up. Hence, to get professional touch in the images, you require to approach to the professional photo editing service providers. Clipping Path India is one such image editing service provider which you can bank on.


The Import of Photography to Brand your E-commerce Leather Products

Pixabay Leather Accessories

Branding is a part and parcel of any type of business including online business. Right from online store design to social media caption, all of them have massive effect on successful business. However, one of the most conspicuous elements of online store is the first-rate visuals of the leather products. As an e-commerce retailer, product images will not only promote your brand abundantly, but also it will drive your sales. As mentioned earlier, visual is the customers’ decisive element of a particular product in online store. Apart from letting the clients to observe the products, it helps build trust between the customers and the product owners. After crafting good rapport with the clients, visuals assist the brands to go beyond trust and build emotional attachment with their loyal customers. Thus, they flourish in creating long-term bonding with their clients.


How to Photograph your E-commerce Leather Accessories

Pick a Befitting Background: Choosing a right and compatible background is one of the utmost requirements of shooting any e-commerce leather accessory let it be handbag, wallet, glove, jacket, belt, shoe, or any other decorative product. Generally, white background is appropriate for leather products as it pulls the buyers’ attention thoroughly. On top of that, there being no distracting element, it reveals the products exhaustively. However, you can also pick black background to bring unique and striking look in your leather items but in that case, background light should be used to highlight the products.

Manage the required equipment: Taking shots of leather accessories is a do-it-yourself job, but to ensure a quality photo output, organizing the right and conducive gadgets are prerequisite. Along with a crack camera, compatible lens, tripod, and enough lighting are indispensable for top-notch product photography. In addition, reflector can be used if the images don’t get proper exposure due to scanty light.

Shape your Accessories Appositely: Preparing your leather accessories for photography is the utmost important. Different products have different shapes and depending on the shapes, the items must be placed and positioned. Some leather items like belt and glove are easy to bend whereas other items like handbag and wallet are easy to be positioned differently. On top of that, don’t forget to check whether the accessories have any tear, blemish or any other imperfection.

Gear Up with your High-end Camera: For quality photography, high-end camera is a must but that doesn’t mean it has to be the priciest camera on the market. What it must have is the manual focus, shutter and aperture control as these functions determine the quality of an image substantially. After you organize your leather accessories for photo shooting, take some test shots of them from different angles until you find properly exposed shots. Remember to keep track of the aperture and shutter settings of your best shots so that they can be reused in future. Additionally, make sure to keep your ISO setting as low as possible to get high-resolution shots with less grain and pixelation.


Irregularities in E-commerce Leather Product Photography

While shooting the online accessories, you must know that first impression is the last impression. The first thing that a shopper view after accessing to any e-commerce site is the photographs of the products. So, the target should be making them remember the images as long as possible. Therefore, quality images of the products on the site are inevitable. Despite resorting to all types of circumspection, errors are bound to happen owing to technical and human glitches.  Sometimes, due to erroneous camera settings while on other occasions due to having a lack of photography knack, the photo output result in shoddy one.

Imperfect Lighting: Owing to having deficit of photography skill, many photographers fail to apprehend the perfect lighting for individual e-commerce accessory. They shoot the products directly into the sunlight, which wash out the products. Sometimes, they also capture the photographs into the daylight leaving the sun behind which spoil the photographs. On top of that, the use of hard lighting as opposed to soft lighting also distracts the buyers from the subject of the accessories. However, inadequate indoor lighting is also the result of second-rate photographs.

Oversaturation of Images: Sometimes, we want our product images to be colorful and to do so, we intensify the color of the visuals. This oversaturation turns the images into unnatural and distasteful. This ultimately creates a stumbling block to attract the clients towards the products. Even if the images pop, the clients brush them aside.

Unwanted Noise: In e-commerce leather accessory photos, visual distortion is termed as noise. Noise can appear in any portion of the photographs. Excessive noise can turn a particular area of the images look grainy. Many a time, rookie photographers due to having shallow understanding about photo retouching, indulge in exorbitant editing which scale up the noise.

Over-sharpening of Images: To tackle the noise, sharpening the product images is essential. However, many photographers due to their lack of experience and expertise, do too much sharpening which spoil the images. It creates rough and visible lines around the edge of the subjects. As a result, the product photos look dull and shoddy.

Hazy Photo Output: Clarity in the images is something every buyer looks for but it is very common to have blurry image output. This happens due to the inexperience in the field of photography as the photographers shoot the images manually instead of tripod. As a result, the leather product images lose the appeal and shoppers get reluctant to buy these accessories.

Background Errors: Some of the online retailers try to display their products differently to their clients. With a view to doing that, they make unnecessary tweak in the images of their leather items such as using colorful background and sometimes busy background with redundant objects which perplex the buyers about the accessories. This lack of consistency also harms the demand of these leather items. To receive sparkling customer experience, just keep your images simple, clean and consistent.

Lack of Angular Shots: Angular shots provide detailed look of a product which many amateur shutterbugs fail to realize. The buyers can easily view fabrics, pattern, and other salient product details and make up their mind whether to snap up the item. So, an innovative mind should go for angular shots with more images to aggrandize sales.

Overlooking the Details: It is a common practice of many photographers to brush aside the details of leather accessories. The clients in e-commerce sites always want to know as many details as possible of the desired products and only comprehensive shots can enable them to do so. A detailed shot enables them to review every curve, surface, and feature of your leather items. Failing to snap detailed shots will result in losing valuable customers.


Photo Editing Tips for E-commerce Leather Accessories

Image retouching is a vital and an unavoidable task of e-commerce leather accessories. To spice up the leather items to the clients, professional image touch-up is incumbent. Taking shots of the accessories is just the beginning and only after editing, they get striking appearance. Various tool and software are available to manipulate these photos including Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Illustrator, Pen Tablet (Wacom), etc. You can try these image manipulation software to optimize your product images. However, to get the professional touch in the product images, expert and experienced photo manipulators are also required.

Shadow Creation: E-commerce leather accessories require some unique look to draw clients’ attention and adding shadow can do that perfectly. With the help of Adobe Photoshop, different types of shadow such as drop-shadow, original shadow, reflection shadow, etc. can be created and the products will get mesmerizing look. This will not only add depth in the image but also make the products pop to your targeted clients.

Pexels  Leather Sandal

Color Balance: Color plays a salient role in online store to draw customer’s attention. It is very crucial to fathom which color suits a particular product especially leather accessory. If you choose right color for right product, not only you can generate leads but also you will be able to convert those leads into sales. Apart from creating desire in buyer’s mind, color also earns trust and loyalty. While photo shooting, if you forget to balance the color, you can do it in post-production.

  1. Firstly, open Photoshop and import the image which you want to edit.
  2. Go to Image > Adjustment > Color Balance
  3. Pick the desired colors with the assistance of the sliders in the box and select OK after you are done.


Canva Leather Shoe

Brightness and Contrast: Another feature that impacts highly to enhance the exquisiteness of a product image in e-commerce site is brightness and contrast. Many a time, after capturing the photographs, photo output come out as too bright or too dark which totally ruin the images. Therefore, it is key to adjust them during post-processing.

  1. Import the image on Adobe Photoshop.
  2. Create a new layer.
  3. Select Adjustment layer > Brightness/Contrast.
  4. Adjust according to the preferred brightness and contrast.
  5. Select OK to apply the changes.

Utilize the pen tool: Pen tool is a very conducive tool used in Adobe Photoshop. When it comes to leather accessories for e-commerce sites, this tool comes with high utility. With the help of this tool, you can remove the background and edit easily. Among various methods of background removal, you can use the most common method known as clipping path. With this method, you can retain the object in the same shape and eliminate the background.


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