Color Accents is an interesting technique of Photoshop. You can create emphasis on your photos by making images to black and white for lettering the original color show on your marked items. Bright color images is best for this work. You can choose any versions of Adobe Photoshop for follow my instructions.

color accents

Go to Photoshop  and place a photo at background layer.  And make two duplicate layers from original layer.  Generally original layer are always locked, cause if you do work on duplicate layers, original layer will not be changed. Typically layers are not visible, don’t worry got window option and click Layers. Then layers panel will show to monitor.

You can change the name of layers. Double click on duplicate layers and give new name.

Though we need black and white layer, so you for adjust it select image, click adjustment and click Black & White. You can look it by the click of eye symbol. You can also choose various preset options or color adjustment bars to create your attractive pictures.

Now click the eye symbol for unlocked black and white layer.  Go to layer and click Colored layer. In the panel you will see blue layer, that is selected. Now select Magic Wand Tools from tools board.

You must need to set the wand tolerance from Magic Wand bar. Press shift button if you want to several image areas.

Again click on eye symbol for turn the layer visibility of black and white. Then click erase icons and erase on images, where need to show through.  You will see that the erase tools only works on selected area.

Again deselect the photo by magic wand tool then right click on photos and select the deselecting area.

Here work will complete and your image will ready.

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