How Photo Retouching Boost Jewelry Business

Jewelry Photo retouching

Jewelry Photo Retouching

Market in jewelry business is very dynamic. This dynamic nature of the market has led the United States to be the largest consumer of jewelry, with a market value of $1.7 trillion (2017). Businesses that have contributed to build this number are considered to be involved heavily in marketing and promoting the business.

Although setting up a jewelry business can be rewarding and adventurous on its own, it can collapse at any time if not managed properly. That is why, experienced business strategists analyze market data to get an estimate of what they are dealing with, and plans come shortly after. Some plans include the full makeover of the corporate and brand identity, make new changes in marketing strategy, etc..

But, how does “photo retouching” correlate with “boosting your jewelry business”? Before answer that burning question, we have to discuss how jewelry business works and what boosts it.

Jewelry business and the marketing behind a successful business


In jewelry business, there are mainly two angles that you can venture in. Fine jewelry and fashion jewelry. There is also another category in between. Each of these category has different attributes, varies in materials, production process and customers.

Fine jewelry:

  • Luxurious
  • Made out of precious or semi-precious materials
  • High price point
  • Excellent craftsmanship with an emphasis on details
  • Built for special occasion customers (wedding, high profile party, modeling, etc.)

Fashion jewelry:

  • Trendy
  • Made out of inexpensive materials (Brass, bead, wire, plated metal, plastic, synthetic gems, etc.)
  • For every day (trendy and fashionable) usage
  • Lower price point

Others/in between:

  • This category has a lot of things to go for. From mid-range materials to high-end metal plating, it covers the artistic aspect of the ornament (high-low mix of textile, metals, gems, wood, 3D printing, acrylic, etc.)
  • Price range varies but it is definitely higher than fashion focus jewelry
  • Designs are unique
  • Used for/by occasional usage, design-savvy customers. Also ideal for giving gifts.

Once decided on the venture, it’s now time for curving out the appropriate niche for the business. Ideal customers are decided based on the venture type. After establishing the venture and its prospecting niche, marketing is the only thing left to do. The thing about marketing is that, whether you are at the outset of your business or you have already indulged yourself into the jewelry business, chances are you are doing something to promote your business.

For contrast, here are some of the best marketing strategy that professionals use:

1.      Creating emotional stories around the products

Emotional stories have the power to appeal our mind. This is what drives us the most. In other words, emotions can generate sales for your business. A feature-rich relatable story about what your company does and what it values the most can connect everyone from your niche.

This strategy always works and is proven to be the most effective when used for promotional purposes. A well thought out emotional advert can have so much impact on our lives. And for an emotionally-laden product like jewelry, the effect can be financially benefiting.

2.      Creating reach-media for advertising

Reach-media advertising is another effective marketing strategy. People now-a-days are swarming towards social media and are heavily attached to it. They will venture into anything that catches their attention. This is why reach-media marketing is essential to attract the prospect. If done correctly, a huge chunk of your business revenue can come from the jewelry market that is on social media.

Customers are always hungry for more information, whether it’s a comprehensive Facebook post or a simple Instagram story, the urge to know more is always there. To fulfill this urge, the importance of proper communication is indispensable.

3.      Creating a beautiful jewelry website

Let’s face it, whether it’s a small business or a big one, every venture needs its own website. Otherwise, your prospects will be oblivious about the business. A website is important for additional information about the business and its identity.

We live in a technology-driven society and in the 21st century, chances are your prospect will be on the web to find more about their coveted products. That’s why providing a landing page for your customers is as important as the business itself, not to mention the other prospects around online marketing and stuffs.

4.      Digital marketing

As we have mentioned before, in this era of technological advancement, a lot of people are using the internet to connect with each other. What these people want, they search it online. Not specifically to buy the product but also to learn more about it. If everything seems fit, they go for the purchase.

That is when digital marketing comes in handy. In digital marketing what a marketer does is that he or she analyze the user data and the behavior of a certain demographic and then market the coveted information about the product. In other words, they optimize the search engine data to manipulate the search result so that the information that they are looking for comes top in the search engine result page. This is how businesses are boosted through online marketing.

5.      Creating Brand Identity

For a business like jewelry, creating a brand can be highly beneficial. Ornaments are highly personal and very emotionally-laden products. That is why people are often driven to established-brands since these brands reflect their customer’s status and ideology.

Brand identity is important but not absolutely necessary to grow your business. Since brands have the power to influence certain demographics, businesses can righteously target their prospects into their ideology. So why not harness that power. It is always good to have the upper hand when it comes to business.

6.      Social Media Interactions

Every day people spend an average of 136 minutes on social media according to a statistic. Not to mention that there are more than 2.77 billion people on these social media as of 2019. You can see the possibility by yourself. A huge market with an audience count of a zillion.

Social media marketing is a big thing in 2020. The only effective way to pull that off is to interact with the audience as much as possible. Although strategists use different ways to interact, the most reliable way is to give your audience something to interact with. So to accommodate that need, arranging contests and giveaways can be a great option. Implementing this idea to a well-populated social media like Instagram or Facebook can bring out some intriguing results.


If we inspect these marketing strategies thoroughly, we will discover that every one of these strategies involves visuals. Without the visuals, these marketing strategies cannot be implemented. This is also true for all of the other marketing strategies that exist or you can say at least for most of them. Let’s see how these marketing strategies correlate with visuals, more specifically photo retouching, editing, and manipulation.


Relation between visuals and marketing strategies

Photo retouching/editing will help you create a visual for your story that will appeal to emotion. No matter whatever story you want to make, implementing that idea will require you to work with photos and videos. In a jewelry business, it is just obvious that you will be needing to do some touchup for your story.

Photo retouching will help you create content rich advertising in your promotion. Ok, here is the catch, no such advert exists which doesn’t use photo manipulation or retouching one way or another. Take a close look at the magazine cover on your desk. You will see it has been edited to perfection.

Photo retouching will help you create a beautiful jewelry website. Website’s landing page is the single most important thing about your business. This is where your prospecting customers will land in first and get all sorts of idea about the brand that they are going to choose. It will be unwise to leave the page as it is or with a little to no importance. Take a look at other successful jewelry brand’s website, you will find glamorous sparkle with gorgeous model photographs that have been retouched to perfection.

Visuals are big factors for SEO. If you want to market your product at its optimum pace, do emphasis on visuals. Because if you don’t, you will miss a huge opportunity to rank higher in SERP (Search Engine Result Page). According to studies, 12.5% of all Google searches in the web results contains at least an image. Blogs with images receive 94% more views than the blogs that don’t have images. And even if you update or republish your old post with new content and images, it can increase organic traffic as much as by 111%.

As you can see images have some upper hand when it comes to SEO. So make an effort to make your visual element more appealing to your customers and search engine will reward you with top position in SERP.

Corporate identity and brand identity depends on illustration. A lot of things happen in the creation of brand identity and corporate identity. In a standard identity, kit involves logo, business card, brochure, Catalog, letterhead which are implemented by manipulating images, creating designs.

Social media marketing cannot be done without a bit of retouch. Natural images right out of the camera are usually not flashy enough to attract people. To accommodate the need for attention, product images need to be polished to perfection. You get only 5-seconds max to appeal your prospects because that is how much time everyone spends (on average) on a single post on social media.

Now just take a step back. Think about all the advancement that photo retouching can do to market your jewelry business. Whether you have a big business or a small one if your business is not accelerating the way it should then consider enlisting the service of photo retouching with all the other prospect that needs to be rectified.


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