Photo Retouching Tips and Techniques for Furniture Business

Furniture serves the purpose of household necessity and embellishment. Don’t they? Irrespective of the social class, people always look for enthralling designs and finishing before snapping up a piece of furniture. If you are engaged with furniture business online, you have to spice up your product visuals to lure the potential buyers. Even if you have a furniture brick-and-mortar shop, you have to use furniture photography in brochures, flyers, catalogs, leaflets, etc. for promotional purposes. This leads to utilizing engaging and immaculate furniture photos.

As a matter of fact, various factors are dependent on customers’ decision to buy a product online right from price, quality, features, and sustainability. But the first thing that draws the attention of the customers is the product appearance; how catchy the product looks. This is because e-commerce platforms don’t allow visitors to have a tactile experience. That’s why, based on the quality of product visuals, customers make up their minds about whether to purchase a specific product.

Tips and Tricks for Furniture Photo Retouching

Let’s share some key and effective tips and tricks to touch up your furniture images. These tips will, hopefully, benefit you to spice up your online product images, thereby pitching your potential clients.

Add or Eliminate the Image Background     

It’s quite possible for your furniture image to contain a colorful and distracting background. Before posting a furniture image online, you have to make sure that your image background is crispy and clean; you have to ensure a complementary background color. Which color can be more complementary other than white? To scale up the visibility of your image, you have to replace the background with a white-colored background. There are various ways to execute that but for impeccable execution, the best is to use Photoshop’s pen tool.

remove image background

Correct the Exposure Level

A furniture image after being captured can come out underexposed or overexposed. This happens due to the incompatible selection of shutter speed and aperture. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to use this defective image for promotional and sales purposes. You can easily take advantage of image editing software to adjust the brightness and contrast of your valuable image. Remember, this adjustment totally depends on the appearance of your product image.

Exposure Level Correction

Create or Dispel Image Shadow

A fantastic way to glamorize your furniture image is to add complementary shadows of your product. Adding shadows can make your product images stand out from your rivals. You can add a drop shadow or natural shadow depending on the shape, size, and look of the product. You can even retain the original shadow if it gets concealed partially or completely due to the lack of light. No wonder sometimes, you may even require to take away shadows to sharpen your product images.

Dispel Image Shadow

Craft a 3D and 360°Appearance

Buyers in an e-commerce site always want to view product images holistically. This is where 3D and 360° look comes into play. A 2D image can be converted into a 3D image with various 2D to 3D converting tools. Giving a 3D look details your product image which will automatically boost up your conversion. Another way to intrigue the buyers while showcasing your product image is through a 360° view. With the 360° view, you can portray all the aspects of your furniture item as the product will keep revolving. No doubt, this will also amp up your conversion.

3D and 360°Appearance

Apply Special Effects on the Image

Furniture besides being a necessity also serves the purpose of ornament as it glamorizes and consummates a home. So, applying special effects to spice up your furniture images isn’t a bad idea at all. The best type of special effects on furniture photography is lighting effects. Adding lighting effects on different areas of a furniture item let it be chair, table, sofa, bed, cupboard, or anything else can illuminate the product and intrigue the buyers.

Special Effect

Perfect the Environment

Many a time, the environment where a piece of furniture is snapped look haphazard due to redundant and unwanted objects. Additionally, it may look unflattering due to the wrong placement of materials. Surely, this type of shoddy image can’t be used in brochure, flyer, or leaflet rather it requires tweaking and adjusting the environment. With the object removal technique, these undesired flaws can be taken away, portraying a glorious furniture environment look.


 Bring a Realistic and Imposing Look

Furniture photography may lack realism and appeal many a time after taking shots. This requires you to work on the images and turn them into realistic and luring images. This can be done tinkering around color, tone light, saturation, hue, and other parameters. Apart from that, bringing an enchanting look of furniture photography is crucial to make the buyers glued to the products. This can be performed by applying various effects, 3D, and 360° look as discussed earlier.

realistic and imposing look

Sharpen and Provide Peachy Finishing

The last action after accomplishing all the necessary editing actions is sharpening and providing a classic finishing touch. Apparently, the product including the backdrop and surrounding may look eye-catching but there can be areas of improvement. A small portion of an image may reflect a lack of clarity or a small area in the image may contain tiny distracting elements. No doubt, in order to pitch the potential customers, even these petty issues also need to be eliminated.

Sharpen and Peachy Finishing

Final Thoughts

The gravity of photo retouching can’t be understated, no matter whether it’s furniture photography or any other photography. Regardless of the mediums you pick to market your furniture products through visuals, they have to be catchy, enthralling, and soothing. Utilizing diverse post-production methods, they can be optimized and customized with a perfect blend of skills and experience.

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