Furniture Photography and Photo Editing Tips to Follow

Furniture Photography

Buying or selling furniture is stressful. It needs a special focus to make them ready to showcase for the targeted audience. For that, furniture photography plays an important role in terms of business in the area. Although it’s not all about photography that converts visitors to customers. It requires professional photo editing after photoshoots. So, let’s go inside step by step.

Furniture Photography Tips for Professional

In order to make the furniture shoot beautifully done, we have prepared a list of some professional techniques to help you with this. This includes the basic preparation, photography gear, research, setting up a studio, and more.

Research Your Competitors

While you start a business, researching the competitors is a crucial factor. It helps to let you know the proper way to promote the services you offer and reach the targeted audience. In the era of online business, it creates an important impact on sales. Furthermore, it helps to find out a better way to capture your products for your customers.

Set Up Studio

The studio is an essential part, especially when you are shooting for furniture products. It needs a comparatively large space to capture them. In some cases for the small parts, you may use a small space as well. The next thing is to focus on studio lighting. Sometimes, you can also use the sunlight from the windows. Besides that, preparing the lighting environment with artificial materials properly can make a good impact on the whole process. To ensure this, keep some necessary equipment like softbox lights, umbrella lights, backdrops, table, chair, etc.

photography studio

Prepare Furniture Before Shooting

Make sure your products are ready before you start the photoshoots. So, how can you make them prepared? Firstly, remove all the unwanted scratches and dust from the products you are going to shoot. People don’t love to see furniture and any other products with dirt. It decreases the opportunity to grab the user’s attention at their first looks. Another important thing to remember is that you don’t need to hide any imperfections of your products on the captions. Rather than fix the damages first. Then polish and make ready for photography.

Prepare Frniture

Use A Tripod

To avoid shakiness and blurry captions, it’s better to use a tripod in professional photography. It also ensures the optimized settings for the camera in low light. You are getting a risk free shot while capturing a long exposure with full control. It will feel you the accuracy at the time of photo editing using Photoshop or any other tools. Besides this, a tripod helps to take the close shots more accurately. In taking furniture products, it’s much more important to focus on detail.


Choose Camera Lens

In furniture product photography, choosing a camera lens is an important part to have quality photos. Better you search for the best lenses for product photography on the web and select the proper one for you. From the research, we got an ideal range that varies from 30mm to 50mm or 50mm to 70mm. This range will help to get the minimal distortion for your images.

Furniture photography Camera Lens

Use Multiple Angles

When you do photography for a product or subject, you shouldn’t miss the chance to take multiple shots from various angles. Most of the professionals suggest and use this technique to achieve better captions. There are some benefits to using this method. Firstly, you don’t know initially which one is going to be the most perfect. Secondly, you will know the best positions for the product that is more understandable by users.

Shoot With Persons

Photography with human faces or any other subjects can be more glowing and exciting. While you take furniture products in your frame, try to include single or multiple persons into them. It has advantages in both ways. You can add an extra value to the object you are capturing. And, it gives attraction to the audience and provides information about the usage of the products as well. Suppose you are shooting a family bed or sofa. Then, it brings more outcomes if you take it with a family or couple.

Photography with persons

Take Professional Service for Furniture Photo Editing

Furniture is mostly a luxurious product, which needs some extra care to promote them. To do so, you will need to make the captions more attractive using a professional photo editing service. The question may arise to you- “why should I use it even after photography!” This is the fact where many business owners do the wrong thing. Furniture photography requires some special polishing. This is because it gives you more perfection to your product images. And, in every business like furniture or other industries, you will need to retouch the captured photographs by expert hands.

Guideline for Furniture Photo Editing

This is high time we are going to deliver a set of guidelines for furniture photo editing. Like the product photo editing, it requires background/spot removal service, color correction service, brightness adjustment service, adding special effects, 3D looks, and many more.

  • Background removal: To make your furniture presentable to the buyers, background removal service is a very common and popular way. It helps to get a unique and professional look that attracts customers. And, especially when it comes to product photography, you can’t avoid this way of getting a better result. It’s a great way to focus on the object you are selling.
  • Brightness & Contrast Adjustment: This method brings the proper brightness and contrast to the products. It will bring the exact look with what customers feel comfortable and real. It may look fishy if the contrast and brightness are not natural or over the mark. So, it’s a demanding functionality to use whether it’s necessary for the furniture’s better outlook.
  • 3D Look: Can you imagine a product with a 3-dimensional look? Isn’t it cool? In some cases, you can bring much more attention to your products using this trendy and unique technique. Hiring a professional 3D model service provider, you can easily bring an outstanding look. No doubt, it’s a smart way that can increase your sales.

3D sofa

  • HD Resolution: Luxurious products need a high-resolution look. That’s the way you can bring excellence to your product photo. So, take the professional service to convert your low-resolution photo to high resolution. Thus, it enhances the image quality and makes attractive to your customers.
  • Resizing: It’s essential to show your product images in the same size. But you have to take care of the quality at the same time. That’s why you need to change it using professional hands. It will fix the image size without any distortion. And finally, your web store gets a specific space and resolution to upload them for your audience.

To Sum Up

So, it’s all about furniture photography and photo editing techniques to reach photography skills to a new level. We have come to the finishing lines. The mentioned methods we provided in this article are mostly suggested by professional photographers and photo artists. No doubt, you can achieve an outstanding outcome using the tips. Besides this, you can share your thoughts to enhance our knowledge regarding this topic. So, is there any point that we missed out?

Let’s share with us without hesitation. Till then, stay tuned with our latest posts with something newer.

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