How to Create Lightning Effect with Photoshop?

Photoshop has many options for creating more creative and eye-catching design. Lightning effect is one of them.  You possibly can switch typical signals straight into a few unique lights. A lot of people which may have large experience utilizing Photoshop use these types of effects because of their initiatives. It is a very quick activity to learn. Here’s how you are able to find out the idea as well as produce ones work of art:

lightning effect

Go to file then New and press OK.

Choose gradient  then click left key of your mouse and holding it down. Choose paint bucket and click color black.

Then click on screen it will be black. Go to filter option and press Render then go to lightning effects menu.

Click circle of lights then click OK.  Choose again render from filter menu and click lens flare. It is this steps that’s you wish. It’s this changes. If you need to light where you will place it, you can place it at middle of photos. Then go to brightness bar, set it in the middle. And set it 50 to 300 pixel. You will see a lightning shapes in you photos.

Again go to filter menu and choose stylize then click glowing edges. Finally go to image menu and adjust the levels. You will see the changes on your screen.

I am sharing some important steps here. But I think it is not enough, cause graphic is not a simple style for design. Anyone can do one things on different ways.

You can search web for its tutorials. I am just shearing text tutorial so for more practice you can search for video tutorials. For more reliable you can go to YouTube video gallery. You will found thousands of video there.

So keep practice by various ways for mastering of Photoshop.

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