How to Start a Business with Footwear Photography

Online shopping has gained popularity in recent years and it is increasing day by day. A major difference between online shopping and traditional shopping is in the case of online shopping, it is not possible to touch the product physically. So there are only two options for customers to make the decision for purchasing that product- product descriptions and product images. For this reason, publishing multiple, high-quality images of each product is the main priority for e-commerce site owners. According to eBay, a clear and detailed product image can boost up it’s a sale by 2%. Amazon and eBay have features to upload 9-12 images of each product, some images are very much important.

For achieving this goal, e-commerce owners need expert product photographers and graphic designers who can shoot and edit product photos. So, let’s focus on our article headline. We are talking about product photography business. Our product focus is “footwear”.

So what do you think? Is it a cool idea to start a footwear photography business for helping e-commerce sites and bringing benefit for the both ends? Here we are going to give you some tips which will surely help you.

Never go for unnecessary gears and business purchases

On the internet, you will be flooded with tons of photography gear advertisements. It is very much obvious that you may be allured by those. Buying new gadgets and gears can be a great fun and many will advise you with the phrase “it will help your business”.


They may suggest that if you just had that better lens, you’d take better photos, and your business would be more successful. But it will be hazardous if you purchase gears and other photography equipment without a proper plan and money management.

Learn to shoot manually

When you seriously think about footwear photography, you must have to learn to shoot with your camera manual. Most of us feel it is much easier to capture the product images with the default settings of the camera. But this tendency will hinder you from bringing out the maximum result from your camera.So it is very much important to learn the footwear photography manually. As footwear’s are small products, you need to shoot it very precisely.


The real benefit of manual mode shooting is it will help you to learn what’s going on with your camera, and the light around you. As early as you learn it, soon you will get control over your camera and your shooting skill will improve. Manual mode will make your exposures consistent, which helps you save time with your editing.

Be a photographer and businessman

As your target is to create your own business based on footwear photography, you must have to develop a business sense with photography skill. Great business is solely interlinked with great photography.


When you get started with great photography skills, still the probability of being successful in photography business is 50-50. Let me explain why? When you have taken a decision to start a photography business, you must have to earn multi-tasking ability. You are a photographer/customer service expert/book keeper/marketing director/social media whiz/branding guy/website creation person/secretary/treasurer/CEO/CFO/ and pretty much any other title you can think of. That means you have to develop various skills. Skills are very much important.

Patience is important

This virtue is very much essential if you want to be successful a successful footwear photography business person. You have to utter this word constantly to remind yourself. You must have to remember that you won’t get success overnight.

patience-is-importantIt will take time to get good at photography, marketing customer service, management of business organization. Frankly speaking, it will take time to get good at many things to run a hugely successful photography business.

Create your own branding

Performing right promotional activities is the key point of photography business success. Through away your outdated print materials, brochures, packaging, and thousands of business cards to the trash bin. Because all these are totally useless, and a big waste of money and paper.


When you think about footwear photography business branding, creating something personal, unique and consistent is very much important. It will help you stand out from other photographers and photography firm and differentiate you from others.

So should you avoid the printed products for promotion? No. But you must have to be very much careful. In most of the cases, a huge amount of brochures may be wasted or just cannot be used or reached proper destination. Try to find ways to print on demand or in a limited scale. Analyze your necessity and fix your target where or to whom you want to promote.

Influence people to stay with you

Good word of mouth referrals are the most powerful ways for photography business success. People trust the recommendation of a friend more than an ad in a magazine.


You need to influence people to get great testimonials from them by providing them quality service. Such recommendation is more valuable than ad promotions.

Market your brand or die

Now all you are set. You have everything- a blog, a website, a business and you have a brilliant idea. You make a gorgeous logo. You create a stunning online presence, filled with witty writing and attractive images. You press publish, sit back, and wait for the inquiries and comments to pour in. And then nothing is positive! And then you can understand what marketing is all about.


Show people what your service interesting and valuable. You could have the most amazing photography in the world, but unless people know about it, you will not see any success. Make Things Easy For Your Clients. Be organized and value your time. Keep all the details of your business records, think big.


eBay’s Image Guidelines for Store Owner

We all know the importance of photos. Images and pictures attract us. It can communicate with us. Because people say that a picture can tell thousands of words. I think it’s very true. So do not forget to upload a nice and attractive picture for your product listings on e-commerce sites like eBay or amazon.

While submitting product images to the eBay we have to comply with their guidelines regarding images. The first rule is that you must submit an image for a product listing. There may be the case where you are advertising for a service which is not possible to photograph directly. In this situation, you can upload a picture that is relevant to the service you provide. If you are a graphic design company, you can upload an image manipulation picture. You can search on the internet for free images and upload an image relating to your service.

A Picture is a Must for Listing

The first thing is that you got to supply a picture for your item listing. You can no longer list an item on eBay unless you provide at least one picture of the product. What if you are selling a product that is not something physical? A service like photo editing or travel packages? Yes, it’s simple, you have to upload a picture that is relevant to the subject. Providing a professional picture may require a professional photographer. A cheaper alternative is to search for relevant picture online. If you select a free image you are safe from the copyright issues.

Photo Size

For the longest side of the image, the length should be at least 500 pixels or higher. So use a moderately high megapixel camera; you are in safe zone. Even you can use reasonably high-end mobile phones to take the product photos. You can learn more about taking product pictures using smartphones “The Secrets of Capturing High-Quality Product Photos with Your Smartphones”.

Too high quality is also an issue. The maximum size of photo you can upload is 7 MB. Several photos of a listing can be added.

No Borders on The Photos

eBay does not allow borders on the photos. But what if your product is of square shaped or rectangular shaped item which naturally creates a border like visual on the image? No worries, it’s okay, this situation falls on their exception list. But you cannot deliberately create any border other than their exception policy for borders.

Policy for Watermark


For the ownership and attribution purpose watermarks are acceptable. It is not allowed for marketing information, any special description about your product, or information regarding customer service.

The watermark should not be bigger than 5% of the total image area.

It cannot have an opacity of more than 50%. It cannot make the product unclear. You cannot put links in watermarks. You can also use the eBay’s watermark creation service to create watermark for your photos.

Text Or Artwork Not Allowed On Photos

No marketing texts can be added to the photos of your item. Any information you need to add about the product, you should state those on the title, subtitle, or item description area. You cannot put any other texts mentioned above in the “watermark” section. The bottom line is other than watermark, there should be no other texts on the item photo. And watermark should comply with the watermark policy of eBay. Place all your marketing writing in Title and Description area.

Use of Stock Photos

If you intend to list a used item on eBay, you cannot use stock photos as the primary photo.  Same for the catalog images. You cannot use them as the primary photo of your product. For Books, Movies, Music and Video Game category, there are exceptions. You got to use a real picture of the used item, for used items.

Zoom / Enlarge Feature

There is a zoom / enlarge feature on the view item page. If your picture has enough resolution this feature will be available. eBay recommends that the items photos should be between 800 – 1600 pixels on the longest side. The longest side can be either height or width. For the images that has 800 pixels on the longest side, this feature will not be available.

So we know, images are extremely important for e-commerce websites like eBay. A buyer on a web store does not have the opportunity to touch and examine the product in real. A customer chooses a product by seeing the product image and the description provided. If you follow the guidelines of eBay regarding the photos of your item while listing them, you will be able to smoothly upload your product photo. Here I have described the basics you need to know regarding the item images for eBay.


Best Photo Retouching Service for Your Business

Photograph retouching is anything to do on the images by applying various tools of Photoshop with a view to making it outstanding. It is a process of making the photos usable. At the time of photography, the images may not be as you desire. Besides, for the amateur storing method the photos may get damaged partially but these photos are too much valuable and you want to have back those as these were. Here, image retouching can play an important play beside the image restoring process.

Before Photoshop, the image retouching technique was applied on your favorite images in a dark room without the presence of someone but now it is open, anywhere anybody can do this with more perfection. Photoshop offers various tools for Image Editing in accordance with the worse area and complexity.

The primary motive of photo retouching in Photoshop is to get a photo in a nicer condition. The photos which are affected by many unwanted spots, cracks, line, objects, color etc. are worthy of retouching. The photo retouching is a part of the image manipulation process. This method has the capability of making an image dreamy. It can make the images exactly what you want.

There are various tools in Photoshop for best photograph retouching. The designers use many tools for making the images your photos attractive, glamorous and appealing to the mass people. They use various Photoshop tools like brush tool, clone tool, eraser tool, paint tool, various cropping tool, pen tool and many more which can make you smile watching your favorite photos as these were or as you want.

In the case of photo retouching, the graphic designers mend many defects from an image. They remove various spots from the face, remove blemishes, correct color, remove objects related to photography like stand, glue, taps etc. The designers applied their ultimate skill and fine experience. They can make your old images new, black and white image to colorful.

 Importance of Photo Retouching

Image retouching is essential for both personal images and images of business purposes. The graphic designers can make your memories glowing and more lifelike by photo retouching which also can play a vital role in various business sectors.

 Importance of Photo Retouchin

Suppose, you have a large volume of personal photos of your holiday tours and travels or wedding photos but many of these are not as you wanted to shoot. You are almost frustrated regarding these images and left aside. In this case, a happy news is for you and that is you can get your images as you wanted. The graphic designers can do the job in Photoshop by using its various tools. They can make your images more attractive than as you expected by retouching technique.

Photo Retouching For E-commerce Business

Photo Retouching For E-commerce Business

In eCommerce business, image retouching is too much important. The image retouching technique makes the product image more attractive removing various defects. It increases the product quality by removing extra color, light, glair, cracks during packaging etc. which makes the products attractive to the buyers and make more saleable.

Photo Retouching For Photographers

Photo Retouching For Photographers

In the photography business, the photographers use many objects during shooting the images such as stand, tripod, lighting object, chair, table, umbrella, glue, tape, rope etc. which need to be removed for using because the images with defects are unable to create a good impression among the potential customers. Besides these, after taking the images, these may have many defects regarding spots, color, lighting, cracks etc. which must be removed before using.

Glamour Retouching For Model/ Fashion Personnel

Glamour Retouching For Model/ Fashion Personnel

Photo retouching service is also important in case of model or glamour photography, fashion photography, wedding photography etc. which are applied to the skin and face. By this technique, various defects like bad wrinkle, blemishes, red spot, acne, radish eye etc. are removed to enhance the beauty and glamour of the fashion personnel. Here, the designers add or remove extra color from eyebrow, lips, hair style, eye liner etc. They reduce the fat area or add flesh for giving the body a proper shape so the image of the model can become wonderful than before.

Image Retouching For Wedding Photography

Image Retouching For Wedding Photography

The photos for using in magazine and newspaper must need to retouch to make the model of fashion images and even the product images more attractive. In most cases, the success of a magazine depends on the use of high quality images appropriate to the stories. Raw images are not suitable for newspaper and magazine because of its many defects. However, the designers can make the worse image more beautiful than the previous by the retouching technique.

Real Estate Image Retouching

Real Estate Image Retouching

For real estate business the presentation of property in online with the highest quality of images is a mandatory. Now-a-days, people search in internet more for real estate property. So, to draw the attention of the potential customers, the realtor use highly retouched images by removing unwanted objects from the background, setting the bright sky after cutting the cloudy and foggy weather, adding extra light, mending perspective and so on.


Advantages of Using Vector Image

When an image is used for billboard, signboard, brochure, catalog, print media, digital media, e-commerce site, website as logo design/ display or printed version, this image is re-created by vector conversion. For this the image quality remains 100%, unchanged and clear.

At present, all kinds of manual books are created by vector graphic designer using these vector images so that a product’s shape, size, design can easily be displayed for customers. It also makes possible to represent a product and its functions menu step by step without product photography. For example- Vector drawing is used for mobile, motor parts, electronic item, furniture, product, machinery product, garment product, plastic products etc.

Vector color may be in black and white or multi-color. But in case of logo design, raster to vector image conversion; more than one color is used. For example- red, green, blue, black, white, yellow etc. Besides, in case of different vector line drawing, usually black and white color is used. For example- T-shirt, mobile, chair, table, bottle, mug, monitor, CAD drawing etc.


For any kind of vector design, fill color, stock color, gradient color, mash color etc. are combined and applied for a complete vector design, logo and art work etc according to customer’s demand.

Vector files are useful for storing images composed of line-based elements such as lines and polygons, or those that can be decomposed into simple geometrical objects, such as text. More sophisticated formats can also store 3D objects such as polyhedrons and wire-frame models.

Vector data can be easily scaled and otherwise manipulated to accommodate the resolution of a spectrum of output devices.

Many vector files containing only ASCII-format data can be modified with simple text editing tools. Individual elements may be added, removed, or changed without affecting other objects in the image.

It is usually easy to render vector data and save it to a bitmap format file, or, alternatively, to convert the data to another vector format, with good results.

The process of creating them is quite simple as well. In fact, using simple drawings we can get complex vector images without a lot of difficulty. Simple and user-friendly programs such as Macromedia Freehand, Corel Draw and Adobe Illustrator can be used for creating simple drawings, which can be converted to vector images.

Some drawbacks of vector files include the following:

Vector files cannot easily be used to store extremely complex images, such as some photographs, where color information is paramount and may vary on a pixel-by-pixel basis.

The appearance of vector images can vary considerably depending upon the application interpreting the image. Factors include the rendering application’s compatibility with the creator application and the sophistication of its toolkit of geometric primitives and drawing operations.

Some drawbacks of vector files include the

Vector data also display best on vectored output devices such as plotters and random scan displays. High-resolution raster displays are needed to display vector graphics as effectively.

Reconstruction of vector data may take considerably longer than that contained in a bitmap file of equivalent complexity, because each image element must be drawn individually and in sequence.

Raster to Vector (R2V) Conversion is a creative graphics & CAD design option which requires the designer to manually replace vector drawing   with various lines, border, rectangular, square, round shaped, oval shaped etc. To do this task, extreme care and attention is necessary. Experienced and Professional Raster to Vector converters can save time without compromising on quality of the conversion.


Apply Image Command for Layer Mask

Adobe Photoshop’s image editing command for make blending between two images or many layers. You can use this tools for masked border of images and to make artistic collage effects. It’s one of the easy and quick way of creating a mask on images. I am describing on Layer Mask Effect in Photoshop.


To apply image editing tool you can also used of make a layer mask on an image. Here is the process:

First start Photoshop and go to File > New. Then again go to File > Place to open an image that you want use for this task. Then you need to rotate use image, then both will be same orientation. Re-size the photos, so that they will be same size.

Next go to Layer then New then Layer and press OK. Set backgrounds color of black, click new layer and click Ctrl+Backspace to fill the new Layer at black. Now need to create duplicate image background layer by Layer then Duplicate Layer then OK. Now pull the black layer within two image layers.

Click the top image layer, then click Add Layer Mask from the foot of the Layer Palette.

Go to Layer Mask and go to  Image > Apply Image. From drop-down panel choose border image. Set Blending mode to Normal. Go to Transparency and set it. Then press OK.

A most latest technique are applying on a mask to the border from the Apply Image Dialog. To do again this task, you need to set all previous settings. From the source file, choose the image file for mask. Then go to Layer from the image and then Channel to use as mask. In this part, Blue Chanel will give attractive result.

Layer mask is one of most essential part of Adobe Photoshop. For more learn by tutorials visit Adobe home page. Or for video tutorials you can search youtube or other video directories.

Basic Concepts of Clipping Path and Masking

Clipping path is usually a term utilized in your artwork marketplace. It truly is completed through the use of Photoshop’s great pen tool. The word attach way to cut off just about any subject coming from a specific thing in addition to Path indicates reductions available a perception. So Clipping out way indicates removing picked materials from the history. The thing becomes movable to some other history while cut.

 clipping path with white background

With Clipping out Path, accomplishing this connected with removing your materials from other history is referred to as identifying, as well as the singled out regions of your graphic they fit with a new history. It could possibly produce another graphic or simply just to remove the backdrop in addition to transformed it’s coloration. Clipping out way is incredibly useful for history elimination. You’re able to do anything you desire by simply clipping way in many different artwork enhancing. Gurus normally use the Put in writing tool to knowledge on their own to comprehend exactness towards the consumer to set a perception in a very new history.

Image Hiding is usually a favorite approach with graphic enhancing. It truly is intended to help make an adjusting in addition to addition of the new covering with all the history covering to cover your unwanted pixel with all the non colored documents coloration. For making the images more inviting, you should adjust the backdrop with the images. Employing graphic covering up method you can spend one of the most intricate photos from other history. The idea provides ideal looks of one’s images.

This technique is employed mainly to prepare merchandise catalogs. Virtually any graphic is usually extracted coming from various other graphic supplier in addition to reduce from its history. This technique can also be handy with regard to advertising in addition to display requirements. Also, this technique is now absolutely necessary with regard to photography connected with merchandise in addition to trend to make pictures a lot more useful to accomplish in the glamor earth.

Tutorials for Learning Painting Techniques.

Also you can build or perhaps adjust graphics throughout Photoshop  painting techniques having color brushes as well as coloring’s. Your brushes may also be used as being a healing brush in order to eliminate factors you do not would like or perhaps need.

painting techniques

Decide on Alter, Tastes, as well as Demonstrates & Cursors in order to modify the show. This kind of will allow you to understand the numerous art work device sizes because you have tried them on your graphic. Choose the brush sizing you’ll need on your graphic.

Decide on a location that will you would like to color as well as indicate it. You should do this since it prevents the portion that’s not chosen through currently being colored. Nonetheless, would like to color everything, subsequently nothing at all ought to be chosen.

Below I am describing 3 tools for change photo colors.

Paintbrush Tool: Go to toolbox and select paintbrush, if you need to change the sizes of brush, go to options for set brush size. If you paint a straight line just press on shift key.

Eraser Tool: Your eraser gets rid of the setting color if the method is performed for the background stratum. There are several sorts of erasers to use in the Eraser device. It is possible to opt for pencil, airbrush, paintbrush as well as obstruct. When you really need in order to wipe off, use the dragging approach for the graphic. It’s a good idea to possess a replicate of this perform in case you unexpectedly wipe off anything you should not possess.

Paint Bucket Tool: This tools is used for paint in the selected pixel area. Go to paint bucket tool and select options for tolerance value. At last  choose areas which you want to want paint.

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How to use the Quick Selection Tools in Photoshop.

Adobe Photoshop has manual selection methods that is quick selection tools. It will gives you quick selection mood. It works like as paint brush tools. This selection will be an edge. As like as other selection tool, when you will make a selection you can select black arrow move tools for hold your selection and move anywhere to your screen.

quick selection tools

Also there have an selection plus tools for adding more parts from unsuspected area. If you use “Alt” key from keyboard plus will be minus, then you will be able to deselect.

I am just sharing some of information’s on quick selection tools. You can find more information’s from web or can see video tutorials on this tools.

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Learn How to Use Photoshop Eyedropper Tool

Photoshop Eyedropper tool is for copy a color without any selection of swatch. If you’d like the color generally for being obtainable, you can include this sampled coloring to the Shade Swatches panel. You can also specify how big is the area how the Eyedropper software biological materials.

Throughout preceding designs involving Photoshop, your Eyedropper software surely could taste via both Almost all Tiers or perhaps Existing Coating. Throughout Photoshop CS6 your Eyedropper software may nevertheless taste via those possibilities but in addition has the capacity to taste via distinct permutations involving levels which includes “Current in addition to Below”, “All Tiers Absolutely no Adjustments”, in addition to “Current in addition to Underneath Absolutely no Adjustment”.

Photoshop eyedropper tool image

Now you can practice with me. When you will select a color by Eyedropper tool, it will works for foreground color. But if you want to do it for background color, hold on Alt while you selecting the color.

You can select the color from any workplace, not only it is  selected Photoshop  workplace.  See the image. We will set sunset screens on the behind of house.  First want to select the sky color from that image then active eyedropper tool and press the left mouse button and drag it outside of house. Then you will see the e Photoshop’s background color will change.

It’s very easy work for change an objects  color to similar with other colors. But it will bring only selected point of color not the full background. Suppose, in the image many different colors are available but when you will select it will drag only point of color.

For more practice you can search web or youtube video.  Also you can read Photoshop help page. By this way you  will be able to learn on eyedropper tools. So go that steps and do it more times.

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How to Choose the Best Graphic Designers.

From small business to multinational and professional graphics design companies, images are the most vital part to attract customers, promote products and establish company brand value. Buyers are bombarded with pictures from many organizations consistently. In the event that you need to emerge, you can’t have only a logo any longer – you have to end up distinctly of your brand.

It may be felt a little bit confusing to hire a graphic designer if the hiring person does not know much about the design industry, but finding the best possible candidate isn’t simply a question of talent. You’ll likely hear from several applicants who have the design skills to deliver solid results, so don’t get too much tensed on what you don’t know. Instead, focus on finding a graphic designer who is easy to work with, finds creative solutions to design problems and shows that they’re committed to your project’s success.

Where to look?

The best way to find a great designer is by word-of-mouth. Get a recommendation from someone you know and trust, or look to other businesses whose designs you admire and find out who created them.

There are several sites that you can use to find a graphic designer:

  • AIGA, the professional association for design (look to their job boards)
  • Creative Hotlist
  • Freelance Switch
  • Coro lot
  • Behance

Where to look Image By CPI

1. First of all, know your requirements, goals and expectations

Any successful project starts by providing enough background information to the graphic designers you’re trying to attract. Be sure your creative brief goes into detail about your company, the objectives of the project, and the specific qualifications you’re looking for. Sharing deadlines and any potential obstacles upfront in a graphic design job description ensure that candidates will have a good understanding of the project. It will help to determine whether they can meet your expectations before submitting a proposal.

2. What kind of graphic design skills are essential for your business?

As a company owner, it will be extremely helpful for you to have a basic understanding of the design world and what types of skills are necessary before you start reviewing proposals. For instance, will your campaign use stock images, or will the candidate take photographs to incorporate into the project? What kind of software is required for your project? Making these types of realizations will ensure a much smoother interview and recruitment process.

 3. Tell the newbie to share his/her idea and give them instant problem to solve

Another tactic for narrowing down graphic design candidates is to ask something unexpected during the interview process. One idea is that you may ask candidates to critique a competitor’s design piece and explain what they would have done differently. The answer itself will provide insight on the candidate’s abilities and their answer will help you better understand of their creative thinking. The goal here is to see how well each applicant handles the situation which is not known to them.

4. Portfolio is not enough

Remember, do not depend on the portfolio only. Choosing graphic designers based on their portfolios alone aren’t the best strategy, especially when it comes to top-level agency work. Instead, ask potential candidates about the designs in their portfolio and what inspired them to make those particular choices. By this you will get a better understanding of how the designer works creatively.

How to Choose the Graphic Designers.

5. Explain your brand and target audience

While you know exactly what your company does on a daily basis and what differentiates it from others, it’s easy to forget that your applicants aren’t as steeped in it as you are. This is a problem since it’s almost impossible for a designer to design anything if they don’t have a clear understanding of your business, your brand and the target audience you’re trying to connect to. That’s why it’s always a good idea to make sure that your final candidates have a firm grasp on your company’s brand and how it relates to consumers.

6. Ask the applicant what s/he needs

It’s always a good idea to ask designers what they will require from your company in order to achieve the best possible results. This could apply to physical items like documentation and artwork, and also time-related tasks like proofing concepts, discussing design choices, and giving feedback. The more you can understand the designer’s process clearly, the smoother the overall recruitment project will go.

7. Give value to the experienced candidate

You may emphasize on experience. Hundreds of hours are spent by graphic designers to develop their skills. So they need a good evaluation of their experience. An experienced graphic designer can achieve the goal that you require.

Hope these tips will help you to hire a skilled graphic designer who can help you to boost up your business.