Diamond Photography Tips: Make Your Photography Best

Diamond Photography Tips

Product photography has already been a great way to present the items to the customers professionally since the online business revolution started. No doubt, diamond is something special in this criteria that requires to be captured with extra care. You’ll need potential expertise in shooting jewelry items. In this case, we are preparing a list of some crucial methods to improve diamond photography skills. 

15 Amazing Tips Make Your Diamond Photography Fantastic

If you are a photographer, you may choose anything for your photoshoot; it may be a person or any object. You can also choose jewelry if you do business. Therefore, you must focus on various items, & follow the photography tips mentioned below.

1. Choose the Background

Choose the Background

How beautiful your diamond jewelry look depends much on your selection of background; you should choose either a white or black background. That’s because these two colors help to highlight your diamond pieces well; you can either make everything black or white, or you may edit or remove the background like that.

2. Shimmer the Diamonds

Shimmer the Diamonds

The diamond’s proper beauty lies in its shine; therefore, the photographers are supposed to make sure that the diamonds are shining bright before starting their photoshoot. However, the owners or workers may work for that or they sometimes use many chemicals to keep up the ornament’s shine.

3. Focus on the Diamonds

Focus on the Diamonds

No matter what diamond ornament you are clicking pictures of, it may be a solitary diamond ring, a big necklace, or even a small nose pin, your camera’s lens should focus on the diamond pieces. It helps to make the jewel look good in the photographs; if the diamonds have sole focus, the pictures would be perfect.

4. Choose & Attach the Macro Lens

Choose & Attach the Macro Lens

If you’re a professional photographer, you already know that you must have lenses of different sizes to capture various-sized items. For instance, you will need a big lens to cover a whole scenery, but a macro or micro lens to capture or focus on the small things.

That’s why you will definitely need a macro lens (26mm) to focus on the miniatures or small pieces of diamonds because that’s how the camera gets along with diamonds.

5. Take Care of the Lightings Around

Take Care of the Lightings Around

Well, the lights around the objects affect the picture quality a lot; therefore, you must look if the light is okay or not; both inadequate & excessive lights can spoil the pictures. That’s why you have to control the lights before taking the photos, edit the copies to remove extra lights from it, & give it a perfect finishing.

6. Create a Set up That Makes the Flaws Less Noticeable

Set up That Makes the Flaws Less Noticeable

If you’re a businessman & retailing diamond jewelry, you should not choose this way because it will be cheating on your customers. But you can choose some angles & editing layouts to make the flaws of the piece less noticeable, especially of necklaces.

7. Make the Use of a Tripod

Make the Use of a Tripod

Well, you may don’t know that but the fact is diamond photographs come out better if you keep the camera on a tripod. So, if you are thinking of clicking pictures with cameras in your hand, please change it to have the best result within a short time.

8. Fix the Aperture Range

Fix the Aperture Range

The aperture range determination is quite important because you have to select the range of the part that will remain clear & the things that need to be a blur. If you don’t fix the aperture before, it may not be accurate, & you will have to click pictures again.

9. Choose the Camera Well

Choose the Camera Well

All cameras are not suitable for diamond jewelry photography; each brand is specialized for different purposes. That’s why you must search on the internet which cameras are good for diamond photography & purchase one of them within your budget.

10. Make the Best Use of Props

Make the Best Use of Props

Well, props not only make the person or model’s photography beautiful but you can use those for clicking jewelry pictures also. Please be careful about the size & color of your props so that they fit with the diamond ornaments more; you may need them while taking pictures of rings, earrings, necklaces, or bracelets.

11. Don’t Use the Camera Flash

Don’t Use the Camera Flash

A flash may create excessive light on the pieces of ornaments & other backgrounds may not be visible; therefore, keep the camera flash off while taking the pictures.

12. Portray the Clarity, Color, & Shape Well

Portray the Clarity, Color, & Shape Well

No matter how you focus on beautifying your diamonds for photographs, you must take care of the matter that the clarity, color, & shape of the pieces are visible in the pictures, especially when you are clicking for business purposes. Please remember that these three are the basic characteristics of diamond pieces in an ornament.

13. Edit the Photos Well

Edit the Photos Well

You have many parts of editing a photo; for instance, cropping the pictures after the click, editing the backgrounds, contrasting the colors, adding or removing filters & lights. The more perfectly you complete the editing process, the better the picture quality of the diamond you will have.

14. Change the Angles & Poses

Change the Angles & Poses

When you are clicking photos of jewelry or a single diamond piece, you must change the angles & poses; otherwise, the portraits may look monotonous; so, change is a constant.

15. Keep Experimenting with the Edits

Keep Experimenting with the Edits

You can experiment not only with the poses but with the edits also in order to have the best result; if you don’t experiment, how would you know which is the best diamond photo?

Moreover, some compulsory tips for all sort of photographers are to practice more & more so that they become an expert to improve the photography quality and help buidling one of the global jewelry brands.


No matter what piece of ornaments you got to click pictures & it may be for personal or professional purposes; however, follow the basic tips & find out more expert suggestions to make the photos flawless.

Best of luck; if you are a jewelry shop owner & want to start an online venture, please make sure that you have hired an experienced photographer. 

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