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We all need images. If you are working in print, online or other medium of advertising, then you need some kind of editing to the images you use. For more than the last couple of decades, requirement for image editing services is increasing rapidly. It has now become a very essential requirement for e-commerce web stores.

We, at Clipping Path India, have a dedicated and experienced personnel for all your image manipulation solutions. You can come to us for every kind of image editing services. You can consider us as a one stop point to get your job done with high quality at a reasonable price. We have a dedicated customer care team who will be happy to help you with any of your queries 24/7.

Types Of Services Needed Regarding Image Manipulation

The services of photo editing needed are numerous. If we go for a total list of image manipulation that may be needed for publication, advertisement, marketing, and personal purposes, it would be never ending long list. We would like to summarize these in short.

Let’s see what kind of image manipulations you can get from Clipping Path India –

Clipping Path Services

Clipping Path Service

You can come to us for any type of clipping path services. May it be very simple, moderately complex, or extremely complex you will get it done with high quality. Generally, we do clipping paths with 2 pixels inside the object.

  • Easy Clipping Path
    Simple clipping path, which has no holes (Embedded transparency) and with very basic and simple curve.
  • Basic Clipping Path
    With single closed path and very basic curves, which contains only straight lines or oval shape, and that has no embedded transparency (Holes).
  • Simple Clipping Path
    Which has 1 to 5 closed curves, 10 to 20 anchor points, simple curve (straight line or oval shape) and has no embedded transparency (Holes).
  • Moderate Clipping Path
    For compound image, which has few embedded transparency (Holes), 5 to 10 closed paths with many outlining curves.
  • Compound Clipping Path
    With compound path or several basic paths, is considered as a compound clipping path. Compound clipping path has 5 to 10 closed paths and many outlining curves.
  • Extra Compound Clipping Path
    Contains many simple shapes or compound shapes. With more than 10 embedded transparency, more than 10 closed paths and numerous outlining paths.

Extreme Clipping Path

Extreme Clipping Path

  • Complex Clipping Path
    Has many complex shapes or many simple or compound shapes. Contains more than 10 embedded transparency (holes), more than 10 closed paths and numerous outlining paths.
  • Super Complex clipping path
    Has many Complex Shapes or Numerous Simple or Compound Shapes. It has numerous embedded transparency (holes), numerous closed and outlining paths.
  • Extra Super Complex clipping path
    This is our highest level of clipping path service. Includes multiple combinations of detailed and intricate closed paths found in foliage and flowers, windblown hair and other complex images. This type of paths may be required for use in your unique purposes like advertising, catalog and magazine displays.

Clipping Path With Shadow

Clipping Path With Shadow

Multi-Touch Trainer

Shadows and reflections are added to impose realistic quality to photographs. Whether it is product photos, catalog layouts or advertising imagery, our experts here at Clipping Path India will add a lifelike quality to your photos that will give you a competitive edge. The three types of shadows mostly used are –

  • Original shadow
  • Drop shadow
  • Reflection shadow

Alpha Channel Masking

  • Hair/Fur Masking
    Blowing or floating hair or fur gives life to a photograph. Our expert technicians mask even the finest details of hair, fur and other whispery objects to give you the fine quality that your project demands. We generally use alpha channel masking technique to achieve this.
  • Translucent Image Masking
    Masking translucent image objects is a unique challenge. We have expert technicians who can get behind transparent or translucent objects to mask unwanted backgrounds, isolating the translucent object for your use on new high-quality background.

Photoshop Layer Masking

  • Transparency Masking
    Our technicians can mask images of transparent objects to isolate the transparent object, removing the visible background. These isolated images can be placed over new solid or photo backgrounds. These images can be used for creative and unique photographic effects; like glass over water or glass over flowers.
  • Collage Masking
    For creative and artistic photo collages, Clipping Path India uses layer masks and other Photoshop tools to crisply and cleanly mask images. This process will bring about new perspectives to the image. Come to us for fast and professional collage masking service at competitive prices.

Ghost Mannequin Service

Ghost Mannequin Service

Ghost Mannequin / Neck Joint Service is generally required for garment products. This gives an illusion that a mannequin is there inside the garment, but we cannot see it. Actually, this image manipulation conveys information like shape of the garment better. We need two or three images of the garment to apply this technique. One image is the front image after putting the garment on the mannequin. 2nd image is the inner neck part. And optionally, a third image of the whole back part. Our professional will knock out the mannequin and join the neck part within 20 minutes.

Object Removing / Adding

Object Removing Adding

Unwanted objects can be removed without cutting out or destroying the background with the creative talents of our advanced and expert personnel. Also, an object can be added to the image maintaining the lighting luminosity, angle, and shadow. You can get the object removal / adding service at reasonable cost with excellent workmanship.

Digital Makeup

Digital Makeup

Clipping Path India offers glamor retouching of modeling shots for flawless, smooth, porcelain like and glowing skin. Applying digital makeup, smoothing away flaws, and adding a glow to your models’ skin, can be done with high quality by our glamor retouching experts. Digital makeup includes adding features like ultra-long eyelashes, changing eye color, and many other effects. There are endless possibilities to enhance the photographs like fuller lips, softer noses, etc. You can add jewelry to the models in the images at an affordable cost.

Raster To Vector Drawing

Raster To Vector Drawing

We have two options for converting a raster image to a vector image. One is the automated process using software like Adobe Illustrator’s Live Trace feature. But the automatic conversion is not up to the mark yet. To work with the converted image efficiently to produce flawless outputs, manual conversion is more appropriate. Our R2V conversion experts can do your work with a high degree of quality outputs.

Logo Design

Logo designing is one of the expert services Clipping Path India offers. Our creative and professional logo designers can design your business identity with attractive and appropriate logo. We understand designing a perfect logo for the business is crucial for the branding of your company.

Retouching & Restoration

Retouching & Restoration

Digital restoration and retouching can fix your damaged or old photos to new life. We have some experts on old and worn photo restoration. Aside from correcting and enhancing color or exposure, softening or sharpening lines, we can apply color filling and image cleaning. Flaws and defects of the original photos can be corrected.

Web Design & Development

Web Design & Development

In this era of e-commerce business make websites to stand out to the crowd and competitors. An SEO Friendly site with creative content makes positive impact on branding and earning of more revenue. Our skilled web engineers can improve your existing design or can make a brand new design for your site. Our development team can make your site more dynamic, and implement the SEO standard code pattern.

Clipping Path India is committed to provide the following web services for your business:

  • PSD to HTML/CSS conversion
  • Template Redesign
  • Responsive Design with Mobile Friendly
  • WordPress Theme Development/Theme Customization
  • WordPress Plugin Development as per our customer needed
  • WP WooCommerce Compatible Custom Theme Development
  • E-commerce Website Development
  • Magazine Basics
  • News Portals
  • Sports Web Sites
  • Business Sites
  • Personal Site Creation
  • Attractive Portfolio Design & Development

You can try Clipping Path India with our free trial offer. If you are 100% satisfied with our quality, price, and delivery timing, then you can consider us for awarding a job.


Best Photo Retouching Service for Your Business

Photograph retouching is anything to do on the images by applying various tools of Photoshop with a view to making it outstanding. It is a process of making the photos usable. At the time of photography, the images may not be as you desire. Besides, for the amateur storing method the photos may get damaged partially but these photos are too much valuable and you want to have back those as these were. Here, image retouching can play an important play beside the image restoring process.

Before Photoshop, the image retouching technique was applied on your favorite images in a dark room without the presence of someone but now it is open, anywhere anybody can do this with more perfection. Photoshop offers various tools for Image Editing in accordance with the worse area and complexity.

The primary motive of photo retouching in Photoshop is to get a photo in a nicer condition. The photos which are affected by many unwanted spots, cracks, line, objects, color etc. are worthy of retouching. The photo retouching is a part of the image manipulation process. This method has the capability of making an image dreamy. It can make the images exactly what you want.

There are various tools in Photoshop for best photograph retouching. The designers use many tools for making the images your photos attractive, glamorous and appealing to the mass people. They use various Photoshop tools like brush tool, clone tool, eraser tool, paint tool, various cropping tool, pen tool and many more which can make you smile watching your favorite photos as these were or as you want.

In the case of photo retouching, the graphic designers mend many defects from an image. They remove various spots from the face, remove blemishes, correct color, remove objects related to photography like stand, glue, taps etc. The designers applied their ultimate skill and fine experience. They can make your old images new, black and white image to colorful.

 Importance of Photo Retouching

Image retouching is essential for both personal images and images of business purposes. The graphic designers can make your memories glowing and more lifelike by photo retouching which also can play a vital role in various business sectors.

 Importance of Photo Retouchin

Suppose, you have a large volume of personal photos of your holiday tours and travels or wedding photos but many of these are not as you wanted to shoot. You are almost frustrated regarding these images and left aside. In this case, a happy news is for you and that is you can get your images as you wanted. The graphic designers can do the job in Photoshop by using its various tools. They can make your images more attractive than as you expected by retouching technique.

Photo Retouching For E-commerce Business

Photo Retouching For E-commerce Business

In eCommerce business, image retouching is too much important. The image retouching technique makes the product image more attractive removing various defects. It increases the product quality by removing extra color, light, glair, cracks during packaging etc. which makes the products attractive to the buyers and make more saleable.

Photo Retouching For Photographers

Photo Retouching For Photographers

In the photography business, the photographers use many objects during shooting the images such as stand, tripod, lighting object, chair, table, umbrella, glue, tape, rope etc. which need to be removed for using because the images with defects are unable to create a good impression among the potential customers. Besides these, after taking the images, these may have many defects regarding spots, color, lighting, cracks etc. which must be removed before using.

Glamour Retouching For Model/ Fashion Personnel

Glamour Retouching For Model/ Fashion Personnel

Photo retouching service is also important in case of model or glamour photography, fashion photography, wedding photography etc. which are applied to the skin and face. By this technique, various defects like bad wrinkle, blemishes, red spot, acne, radish eye etc. are removed to enhance the beauty and glamour of the fashion personnel. Here, the designers add or remove extra color from eyebrow, lips, hair style, eye liner etc. They reduce the fat area or add flesh for giving the body a proper shape so the image of the model can become wonderful than before.

Image Retouching For Wedding Photography

Image Retouching For Wedding Photography

The photos for using in magazine and newspaper must need to retouch to make the model of fashion images and even the product images more attractive. In most cases, the success of a magazine depends on the use of high quality images appropriate to the stories. Raw images are not suitable for newspaper and magazine because of its many defects. However, the designers can make the worse image more beautiful than the previous by the retouching technique.

Real Estate Image Retouching

Real Estate Image Retouching

For real estate business the presentation of property in online with the highest quality of images is a mandatory. Now-a-days, people search in internet more for real estate property. So, to draw the attention of the potential customers, the realtor use highly retouched images by removing unwanted objects from the background, setting the bright sky after cutting the cloudy and foggy weather, adding extra light, mending perspective and so on.


Old Photo Restoration, Retouching, and Reviving

Restoration of old photo is undoubtedly essential for making long lasting memory. We all want to keep our memories immortal to recap or to show those later to the next generation. Besides, to compare the present situation to the past, to keep the happy memories live within us or reminding we try to store those into the frame of photos.

Our many sweet or painful memories stay connected with our old photos which make us nostalgic later. Besides, in our personal photos there may have our close friends or family members who are no more now and we never want to forget them. That’s why, these images are too much important to us.

In the past, images were stored in bromide or printing form. But these images got damaged by the razor of time due to excessive humidity or not maintaining the right way of storing.

But in the form of the electronic-copy the  image can be stored a long time. That’s why, the damaged, torn or faded images can be regained by Photoshop restoration service along with image retouching process.

Free Trial - Old Photo Restoration Click here to get 2 image restored for free with us.

Old photos may be totally or partially damaged. That’s why, the retouching process may require more or less based the complexity of the damaged image. Proper blending of skill, attention and experience is must here for reclaiming the natural look of the image as it was.

Old Photo Restoration Processes

For image retouching on the old, damaged photo with a view to getting back in its original look, the graphic designers need to take a scanned or recapture by the digital camera to have an electronic copy.

Optimizing Old Image

Various effects like black & white to color, brightness & contrast, over or under exposure correction, dust & spot, scratches, shadows, cracks, straightens, cropping, re-sizing and so on are applied in Photoshop for old photo retouching.

Ways of Old Photo Restoration

Fill in the Gaps

In case of fully damaged images which are so much important, some objects nose, hair, eyes, ears, checks, clothes etc. are replaced from the same looking images to recover. During this process, too much attention is urgent so that the other parts remain distortion free.

Photoshop Tools for Restoration

There are many useful tools in Photoshop for old photo retouching or reinventing. But among these pen tool, crop tool, brush, healing brush, clone tool, eraser tool and so on are used to do the work properly.

How to Restore Photo?

The designers should duplicate the original layer and apply all the techniques on the second layer to avoid the risk of permanent destruction. If it happens, again it can be copied and work as a backup.

Next, crop the rough and untidy border and try to bring a proper perspective and shape. Then concentrate on speckles, scratches, torn spots, etc. Remove them using Spot healing brush tool. But to remove bigger spots, use the Clone Stamp tool. Then, use dodge tool for getting the proper shadows you need. And then to highlight the main image object, use the Burn tool. Finally, for color correction, use various tools and options like curves, exposure correction, levels, vibrance, hue/saturation, color balance and so many.

Memories matter most for most people. Here we take pride in reviving your old image  and put a smile on your face. If you are a graphic designer or graphic design agency and looking for bulk image restoration and retouching support at large scale, we can offer you scale-able services.

Free Trial - Old Photo Restoration Click here to get 2 image restored for free with us.

Best Photo Retouching by Adobe Photoshop

Best Photo Retouching

Photo Retouching will be the fine art of earning gorgeous photos show up extra-ordinary. It is the technological know-how which helps inside concealing all the weaknesses of this model listed in that distinct photograph. Skilled corporations which make it judging by produce advertising, obviously are unable to have the funds for to present commercials which can be certainly not sleek. Weather resistant display the viewers a great picture to ensure that every person will get drawn to all of them. In order to do so one of these carry the help of photography retouching. This can be a quite complex perform which solely be practiced by authorities in this particular discipline.

Best Photo Retouching
Best Photo Retouching Sample


The marketplace will be brimming with corporations which present photography retouching services. Like authorities are actually working coming from a very long time and they’re held because of the equipment along with talent to complete your projects. You should just found all of them the picture along with manual all of them further. Whatever can be additional, wiped, modified in a picture by this kind of qualified authorities. Anything you request, almost everything can be performed. But make sure you share your own information inside distinct phrases to prevent any type of miscommunication.

Photography retouching services are supplied by many firms in the profession. A lot of them come in effort while using promoting companies. It will help all of them find fast clients. Not just that, this kind of job user profile will be of which of an artisan. One has to know exactly what they are doing. The particular cost is going to be entirely established by the work written by you. The harder the work, a lot more would be the cost. If the client will be unsatisfied while using perform, then you can certainly additionally request a refund. But there will be absolutely no opportunity how the client is going to be miserable while using perform carried out. These kinds of authorities contain the probable to produce a good deceased bloom show up well along with blossoming.

Clipping Path India is an outsourcing graphic design company. They serve photographers, ad firms, design firms, publishers, eCommerce business and other design related clients. They provide best photo retouching service and also clipping path, color path, photo masking, catalog design etc.