Chandelier image retouching services

Chandelier is an amazing piece of décor for the interior. These are great for enlightening the doorway, living space, hallway, dining hall or somewhere unlikely like the kitchen or the bathroom. Chandelier has a very impactful presence, which is why these are used to enhance the beauty of the environment. However, these lighting fixtures are not cheap. Chandeliers are considered to be the symbol of luxury and often be seen at the luxury and business hotels, royal houses and in fancy resorts.

But as time progresses, our living standard has gone up, disposable income has raised and innovation in the chandelier industry has also made its impact as people can now easily afford a chandelier without hurting their wallet. Additionally, there is that energy saving trend with energy efficient light bulbs that also last longer than traditional bulbs. These together worked as driving factors for the growth and expansion of the chandelier market.

To keep this expanding market going, merchants are becoming more competent and aggressive when it comes to sale and market dominance. In effect, online market places are becoming more and more popular since it is more efficient to reach a large number of audience. And with the advent of technology and high internet usage, people are getting more and more comfortable with the idea of online shopping.

As a result, vendors are applying different strategies to grab the market and boost their sales. And this is where you, as a vendor need your product to look attractive and alluring to convince your audience. Otherwise, your competitor will get all the advantages, one way or another. This is why you should seek professional help to make your product look more captivating. Whether you are marketing your product online or offline, graphics and images are the only things that directly interact with your audience’s visual and provoke them for further inspection.

Keeping that in mind, prominent professional image editing service providers (e.g. Color Experts International, INC., Clipping Path India, and Lazy Mask) offer a myriad of image retouching services for chandeliers including clipping path, Photoshop Image masking, Photoshop Shadow services, Photo restoration, Color correction, Vector illustration and conversion and many other.

In the following section, we will be discussing these services in details.

Types of image retouching services for chandeliers

  1. Clipping Path Services

Several photograph manipulation techniques exist in which designers manipulate different parts of a photo and then change it, remove it or add something to it, according to the need and the requirement. One of those techniques involves something called clipping path. By creating a vector path around the edges of an image or part of an image is selected to manipulate as per need. Some of the main reasons of using clipping path are, it is very precise and is used to remove the image background, correct the color, remove unwanted object, resizing different parts, so on and so forth.

This technique has variations, however, depending on the image. The complexity of the procedure depends on the complexity of the image itself. If the image has uneven curves and edges and a lot of holes in it then by nature it will be hard to do the clipping path. Based on this concept, chandelier has more complex uneven edges. To do this complex clipping path perfectly you will be needing some experienced and creatively talented professional. Chandelier images need an unknown amount of closing path and 100% creativity.


  1. Image Masking

Image masking is a technique in which we can make something visible or invisible in an image in a non-destructive way. This is the primary purpose of masking. We can also do this with an eraser tool but the downside is that the eraser is a very destructive tool when eraser tool is used, it completely destroys the pixels and recreates it. Once an eraser is applied we can’t undo the action after a certain time. To avoid that we use masks in Photoshop. The main advantage is that it doesn’t destroy anything in the image rather a mask is applied on the image and by the help of a negative masking technique we can make our desired part of an image visible or nonvisible. We can manipulate this process in a creative way to change the aesthetics of an image completely. But where it’s being used the most is in background removing services where you need to extract the object from a complicated background.

Chandeliers are the types of object which need extra effort when removing the background because of its soft edge. And also because the shine of the background reflects in these kinds of object’s surface. So only background extraction is not enough we also need to remove the shine and reflection. This is when we put masking on the job. With the help of different kinds of blending technique, we can successfully resolve this issue.


  1. Photoshop Shadow Services

Shadow is very important when it comes to photography. Shadow tells us about the realism and the dimension of a photograph. In two dimensional plane, the visual would fall flat without the shadow because it’s the main component of a photograph which creates the illusion of third dimension by giving the depth.

In Photoshop, designers use different methods to retain the shadow or create it completely from scratch. With the help of different blending option and masking in Photoshop, designers get to retain the original shadow of the product. Different techniques are used to manipulate the shadow based on what we are looking with and what’s needed. Hence, comes different types of shadow services.

Reflection shadow services: When photographing on a reflective plane surface, sometimes the reflection of the product may seem dull; depending on the quality of the reflection shadow. The clearer the shadow is, the more it will look attractive to our eyes. So to retain the glaring effect designers need to remove the background first then work on the shadow reflection of the product.

Drop Shadow services: As the name implies, the service is pretty self-explanatory. Drop shadow is the shadow of something that has dropped on the surface or is dropping. The shadow of the product depends on the light that reflects on the products then creates a natural blur on the background. To make the product pop up more designers create drop shadow of the product. It gives the product a dazzling effect which glues our eyes on the product.

Natural Shadow Services: Products sometimes need to be cropped in or out of the original image to place it on a different background. In the process of doing this task, product may lose its natural shadow and losing shadow is not good for any kind of product photography. So to retain this, different techniques are used with different tools in Photoshop depending on the light. It adds a natural shiny look to the product.

Original Shadow Creation Services: For a gazillion of reasons a product can lose its original shadow while shooting photos. Sometimes light may fall flat or turn dim, resulting in the photos lose their natural tint of shadows.  To retain its original shadow designers create an artificial shadow to mimic the original shadow of the product.


  1. Color Correction

Achieving absolute color correction is not possible during product photo-shoot. Lack of proper lighting, environment, and camera settings natural color of the product changes. Retaining its original glory different adjustments are conducted by professionals. Most of the time it involves the adjustment of white balance, gray balance, color strength, color vibrancy, etc. For a product to be sold online, it has to have the power to attract the audience. Otherwise, it will fail to convert your audience into your customers.

Depending on the quality of the image however, sometimes it might need several color correction techniques to balance out the color. Here are some of the color correction services for chandeliers:

White Balance: With the help of adjustment layer and some useful tool in the color curve like eye dropper we can easily separate the neutral gray and then apply the color correction by just clicking on that separated area. This way we can easily color correct the image.

Camera Raw Color Adjustment: If the photograph is in RAW format then what designers can do is to open the file in the RAW photo viewer from the filter menu and then adjust the hue/saturation from there to color correct the image. Designers can then separately adjust the Red, Green, and Blue to adjust the overall image.

FreeHand with Masking and All Sorts of Adjustment Layer: This is basically the stage where designers use all of the techniques mentioned above or as needed and will make use of adjustment layer and image masking to create the desired result.  Sometimes multiple times.


  1. Photo Restoration Services

Image restoration is the process of getting old damaged photos restored back to its previous state. There are dozens of ways photographs can be distorted or damaged. In photo restoration photos are restored by using various kinds of technique in Photoshop. With precise selection and sharp accuracy, we can achieve our desired result. To do that we have different services regarding the image type and quality.

Black & White Photo Restoration: In this type of photo restoration, it’s crucial to maintain the balance between colors and the brightness. If not done properly, the image might lose its property. To do that error-free, designers with brilliant color knowledge and exceptional Photoshop proficiency do their trick to retain the desired result.

Damaged Photo Restoration: Photographs can be distorted or corrupted in many different ways. Restoring these kinds of photographs will take a considerable amount of time and effort with excellent literacy in Photoshop as it requires recreating different parts and maintaining light and color balance.

Image Color Restoration: Sometimes color anomaly happens in product photographs. When that happens, the whole photo changes entirely. To retain its original glory, we need color restoration service. In this process, designers use a mixture of different techniques in Photoshop according to what is necessary.

Black and White Photo Colorize: Black and white photographs are ravishing by itself. But our vivid mind attracts to the vibrancy. This is why flashy products like chandelier need to be colorized. In the color restoration process, by studying the light balance and color science designers can skillfully retain the color that was once seemed lost.

  1. Vector illustration and conversion

In graphics design, the importance of vector illustration is second to none. Flexibility is very important when it comes to design and vector provides that. Unlike raster, vector graphics are not pixel dependent rather, it’s based on vector paths, curves, and lines. Raster or bitmap graphics are the composites of pixels, a dot matrix data structure, colors are individually stamped on pixels, as a result when a bitmap image is enlarged the pixelation is visible throughout the fringes. So to make it sleek, a certain aspect ratio needs to be maintained otherwise, pixelation would be visible. None of these limitations are there in vector illustrations. It is size independent regardless of the dimension of the vector image. It’s also scalable to any size. Instead of pixels, vector uses geometrical measurement to determine the shape, size and that makes it more flexible and compressed. That is why in logo design, posters and banners for advertising, animations, and the character design are created using vector arts.

Based on what vector arts can do, we have different services on vector illustration that can be used in chandelier illustration.

Raster to Vector Conversion: Raster has so many limitations that prevent it to be used in a versatile way. Raster can’t be resized to any shape while maintaining the same resolution. So it can’t be used as banners, posters, etc. where resizing and scaling is not fixed. On the other hand, a vector has no such limitations, it can be arranged, reshaped and manipulated in numerous ways. Raster to vector conversion is a very demanding and laborious task. Many companies use this service for their product to be converted into 2D, 3D and CAD Design so that they can use it on different purposes.

Vector Line Drawing: As per growing demand from customers, vector line arts are getting popular day by day. This service included custom illustrations, sketch to vector art or any product such as T-shirt, pant, jersey, and any kind of product design.

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