Things You Should Avoid For Your Online Product Photo

Nowadays e-commerce has emerged as a big industry all over the world. Taking great product photographs is basic to operating an effective online store. However, display of the products on your website is more important than the way the photos were taken. Any online store can have lovely pictures, but many of them commit basic errors in organization and efficiency of their product displays.

1) Avoid using high-resolution Photos

I’ve seen numerous online stores fall into this trap. They utilize a lot of high-resolution photograph photo for all of the product pictures on the site.Thus, the site goes to a slow loading time and pushes clients away. Unless you are really offering photographs on your online store, the quality and resolution of your photos don’t really need to be that high.

Avoid using high-resolution Photos

You can also use some image optimization tools for the compression and optimization of photos. Such tools lower the image resolution but keep the quality of image unchanged. However, you will need to experiment with the different compression settings on your photos to determine which is suitable for your online store.

2) Don’t use a Larger Picture Size Than You Require

Many times, you may have to display the same photo on your e-commerce website. As an example, the same product photo might be displayed at a large size for your main product photo, a medium size for your thumbnail photo and an extremely small size for your shopping cart display- for different purposes, different use.

According to the general rule, a similar photograph on your site can be shown at a wide range of sizes. For instance, a similar item photograph may be shown at a huge size for your core item photograph, a medium size for your thumbnail photograph and a to a great degree little size for your shopping basket show.

Don’t use a Larger Picture Size

Do not use the same size photo (by size I mean kilobytes) for all of the large, medium and small pictures on your site! To maximize the efficiency of your website, you should have separate versions of pictures for each permutation of a particular size photo.

Some shopping cart programs will create these smaller versions for you and cache them on your site for faster load times. If your cart has this feature use it! Otherwise, make sure you generate all of the different sized photos yourself and use the appropriate photo depending on the application.

Some shopping cart programs will make these little adaptations for you and store them on your site for speedier load times. In the event that your cart has this feature, utilize it! Something else, ensure you produce the majority of the distinctive estimated photographs yourself and utilize the proper photograph contingent upon the application.

3) Use the “Alt”, “Width” and “Height” Tags For Your Photos

The utilization of the “Alt” tag is basic for the web search tools to have the capacity to file your photographs legitimately. Something else, the web crawler will have positively no clue how to order your item.

The “Width” and ““Height” tags are critical in light of the fact that they specifically influence how your page gets loaded and showed in the web browser. If you don’t explicitly provide an image size, your page will flicker and erratically get larger and smaller until all of your pictures load properly.

By specifying a “width” and a “height”, your web browser will provide a blank placeholder for your image until the full image has been loaded. While you may not think this is a big deal, it makes a big difference in how professional your website will come across to a potential customer. First impressions are key!

4) Don’t Mix and Match Different Photo Sizes For Your Thumbnail Photos

Are you displaying a wide array of your product thumbnails on the same page for the customer to look at. It is very much annoying for a customer to have to search through different sized or rotated photos while browsing through the catalog. It’s also equally annoying to have to scan through photos that are not aligned either horizontally or vertically.

Best practice is, all of your thumbnail pics should be of the same width and height and be organized in an aesthetically pleasing grid pattern on your site. That way, your customer won’t get a headache as he scans through your products.


How to Photograph Jewelry on a White Background

If you are an online jewelry shop owner, you want to display your products in the most alluring way possible to attract more customers. The main problem is that it is impossible to hire a professional photographer due to cost management or timing related issues. So what can you do? What could be the possible alternative?

You can take your own photos. It is possible for you to get great shots of your items if you have the proper equipment such as lighting and camera and a proper plan of action. It will help you to achieve your goal. We will discuss here how to photograph your jewelry on a white background which will lift you and your brand on a different level.

I am a professional photographer and graphic designer, so I think I can give you an acceptable suggestion on this issue.

1. Camera Settings

Depending on the brand of your camera, camera settings may differ. However, the references I am going to provide here, hopefully, will give you some idea of where to start or when your camera needs adjustment. I suggest my readers for using specific camera user manual of your own. This will help you to be familiar with adjustment settings of the camera. You also can take help from online resources.

unique camera setting image

Macro setting: Most digital cameras can be set in the macro mode for “up close” photography. This feature is usually indicated by a flower icon on all cameras.

Manual Mode:  This mode allows you to set and adjust certain settings rather than rely on camera’s default factory settings.

Aperture: This is the opening that allows the light into the camera. Jewelry photographers fix aperture settings before the photo shoot because the control allows for the exposure and depth of field in photos. A small aperture setting will make the entire jewelry piece in focus, whereas a larger aperture will make the closest area of the jewelry in focus. Set this on the highest setting available on your camera in order to have your entire piece in focus.

White Balance: This adjustment will make jewelry items appear in its real color. This setting depends on lighting conditions

Exposure Correction: This is a setting can manually adjust the brightness of the photos as you take them. This can be adjusted depending on photo background color and you can use (+) the setting to lighten your image and (–) the setting to darken your image.

Spot Focus: If available on your camera, it’s helpful to set the focus mode to “spot focus”. This allows you to control the camera focus.

2. The Photography Light Box

The Photography Light Box Image

The purpose behind the light box or light tent is to provide an evenly distributed diffused light that is bright, without causing a glare bouncing off your objects. You can purchase simple and very elaborate set ups online.

Illuminating Box Setup 

The key is to use clear or frosted Plexiglas or another brand. These are all the essentially the same products, just different brand names. It also comes in different thicknesses and color.

3. Time to capture photos

Step-1: I have taken a series of photos to achieve the final look I want. With the white background, the white area seems a little over exposed but not jewelry item, especially with certain colors, metals (such as un-oxidized sterling silver) and gemstones. So, you can try different settings in order to achieve your best picture.

Step-2: With each photo, you can take written record of camera settings. It will help you see the difference and progression of each shot. So you can compare your results and make adjustments as needed. If you do not want to write, simply look at the photo properties in your editing software if it is needed.

Step-3: During photography, try to use the natural light source as much as possible. If it is not enough, then you may use lightbox, flash lights etc. Keep the camera in the same position.

Step-4: I’ve turned on all my normal light I use with my photography lightbox, along with my other lighting equipment’s.  Red, white, clear and bright silver are difficult to photograph and adjustments may need to be made when trying to capture these items. You can also re-adjust camera if photography is taken in dark environment.

4. Analysis of the captured photo

I have achieved my best results using the f-stop 8 with a shutter speed of 1/10 OR using the f-stop 4 with a shutter speed of 1/40. The difference in these photos is that more of the item will be in focus using the f8 while the f4 setting will produce a blurred/dreamy effect on the part of the item that’s the farthest away from the lens. If you want more of a dreamy look, simply lower the f-stop even more. Remember, your shutter speed will need to be adjusted accordingly.

Analysis of the captured photo

5. Jewelry photo editing works

After capturing photo, images must be edited. As a professional graphic designer, my first choice is Adobe Photoshop. Color Experts International where I work with my co-worker graphic designers, we use Photoshop pen tool based clipping path, retouching, shadow creation technique to make the photo more attractive. These photos can easily be used for web contents, e-commerce sites, magazines or catalogs containing jewelry images.

Jewelry photo editing works

We have more than 30 years of experience in image editing service and you can choose us for quality jewelry photo editing service. We offer free trial service and discount for large volume of image editing job.


Need A Graphic Designer? How to choose the right one.

How to choose the perfect graphic designer for your business.

A great design can make a huge impact on the human mind. When you need to redesign, recreate or process an image, the main problem is to find out a guy who can do the task perfectly. You may not have knowledge to edit the images by yourself. So you have to contact or hire a graphic designer, but the main headache is to find out the right person.
So here in this feature, we are going to give you some strategic suggestions which will help you to choose the right graphic designer.

1. Direct hires or outsourcing?

Direct hires Picture by Clipping Path India

At first, you have to decide whether you will hire a graphic designer directly, or you will employ a designer who works remotely. It is entirely dependent on you. Direct hiring can give you the opportunity to work with your graphic designer face to face. You can share your ideas with him or her. You can also give your works to hire a graphic designer or to a firm who works remotely. Here you have to communicate with them over the phone or by email.

2. See their portfolio

See their portfolio

Then you have to ask your graphic designer to give you their previous portfolio. You must collect this because it will help you to judge their quality of works. After that you can decide what you should do next.

3. Ask for references

references image by CPI

if you hire a graphic designer personally, you must ask him or her for their references. If they are good and professional, they will submit you with the required documents. By this you will be sure that your task will be completed correctly.

4. Certification

Certification image by Clipping Pah India

Not all the time, but certification is necessary. Because a professional certificate of a graphic designer represents his quality in this sector. But it’s also true that having a certificate should not be the only criteria to judge a graphic designer.

5. Testimonials

Testimonials Image

Testimonials can help you to get an idea of what a designer is like to work with. By that you can get the idea how you will work with that graphic designer and what your strategy will be. An experienced designer can show you his work planning before he is hired.

6. Personality

Personality Image By Clipping Path India

Hire someone with whom you can continue your project. For that matching of thinking, mentality and personality of both of you are very much important. Otherwise, it will be tough for you to proceed.

The right graphic designer will help you to make your e-commerce business strategy visible and help you to flourish your business or fulfill your purpose. All the best!

Also See Video Tutorial to Understand Essayist Way .

This feature is created by Clipping Path India (CPI).


How to create a realistic drop shadow in Photoshop?

Most of the beginner graphic designers try to make/ add a reflection shadow in Photoshop to look a more realistic image. We present a realistic natural shadow tutorial for every Photoshop leaner. So let’s start

In this Photoshop graphics design tutorial we will give you step by step actual/easy instruction and tips on “How to create a realistic mirror shadow in Photoshop” using the Photoshop software platform.

Now at first open Adobe Photoshop Software, at that time select/import your existing image wish to for this task. After that remove the background around the image before you do the drop shadow when you have completed this part, you are ready to move on to the next section.

photo mirror

Therefore, when a complete imported image in Photoshop, the first step you can select sidebar toolbar (crop tools) make space for resize round the image.

reflection drop shadow

Now we can apply mature size and press Enter to get the final look.

mirror photo effect

Therefore move the image with setup appreciate position similar to right or left corner of the layer style box, which can help to make reflection shadow. In this part we can setup/apply right position.

reflection effect

Then you would select the existing Model layer and press mouse left button on add layer style select drop shadow options.

edit photo mirror

Now start, we can customize the shadow as we need.

photo editor with mirror effect

photo editor with mirror effect

At this stage create a new duplicate layer besides, rename it and move under the model layer.

Then pick a black color as you need. We can use paint bucket tool (G) to apply BG (Background Layer) layer and finally existing drag BG layer to make a custom shadow effect.

edit photo mirror effect

reflection images

Select Shadow layer and check show transform control, then click upper point and lay as a shadow

make a reflection

Then you can select transform tool and move it around to behind the image or CMD+T (Mac) otherwise CTRL+T (PC), continue the transform mode until drop shadow is perfectly created and gets it proper position.

simple reflections photography

Then you can begin moving the drop shadow layer, here it would depend on your specific image as you need.

how to construct a reflection

Now you can go back and adjust the opacity settings to lighten the shadow’s appearance.

how to create a reflection

Go to Filter>Blur>Gaussian Blue, then adjust blur radius value as you need.

edit photo mirror

Finally, Complete How to create a realistic drop shadow in Photoshop as you want. So, we hope now you can produce a reflective shadow for your own product from the guidelines written above

edit photo mirror effect

Moreover, we have added a video sample of this  video tutorial so that you can understand the concept easily.

So finally done our presented Photoshop drop shadow tutorial for our graphic design leaner. Our get experienced graphics designer try to carefully share how to do basic drop shadow technique and add a more realistic appearance to your images.

This tutorial is prepared by Clipping Path India (CPI).


How to Make a Reflection Shadow Using Photoshop Part-1

What is reflective shadow and why do we use it?

A light and reflection shadow gives product a look as if your product was photographed on a reflective surface, like a glass mirror. Using Photoshop mirror shadows in product images can create a context for the customer and a subliminal impression of quality. It is a simple and effective image editing technique  that can benefit your e-Commerce store, catalog, brochure, magazine, reflect and printing industry.

The image editing activities related with industries mentioned earlier are growing day by day all over the world. If you are an entrepreneur and want to flourish your business through e-commerce site, then you must display your product image differently and attractively. Why? Because a creatively designed image has bigger chance to rank better in as well as it attracts the attention of the customer. Using stylist reflective shadow on e-commerce products, magazine and printing industry can differentiate you from your competitor.

What is essential for it?

1. Adobe Photoshop CS
2. Product image

What will we learn from here?
1. Using Adobe Photoshop pen tool for creating path.
2. Photoshop masking
3. Using Photoshop brush tool
4. How to create reflective shadow


At first you have to open the image in Adobe Photoshop Software. Then select the pen tool and then create a new path from path palette.  Create outline 1 pixel inside around the shoe using pen tool.

nursing reflection


Select the shoe by holding down the Ctrl and click with path. To make your image edge smooth press Shift+F6 and apply 0.5 feather.

 facts about shadows


To make reflection on the bottom extend canvas size wide top to bottom. For this you can follow this: Menu>image>canvas size. The width and height of the Canvas should be equal. Here we have copy the width value and paste it into height value section then press Enter.

light shadow and reflection


To create the duplicate layer, Press Ctrl + J twice to create two duplicate layers from background layer.

what is a shadow


To create vertically flipped shoe image press Ctrl+T and click right button on the transform mode and press the vertical flip.

Reflection Shadow


Now drag the image by leveling the bottom edge of the shoe.

drag the image shadow tutorial


Now apply mask on the bottom layer. Then from Tool Bar, select Gradient Tool>Sub Menu>Color. From Color option, select the top fill color black.

photography shadows and reflections


Applying gradient mask on the bottom layer to fade out the reflective image gradually top to bottom

photo with shadow

Also See Photoshop Video Tutorial-How to Make a Reflection Shadow Using Photoshop Part-1


This tutorial is prepared by Clipping Path India (CPI).

To be Continue Reflection Shadow tutorial part-2

20 Most Important Photoshop Shortcuts

Today Photoshop Shortcuts has been the program on which most of the graphic designers are highly dependent on. Though there is some other useful software available to them, this one has proved to be of the greatest use. Professional find almost all possible image related solution in Photoshop. But one important thing is the shortcuts they usually use in this program. The importance of these shortcut remains in the efficiency of work with this program. Doubtlessly they gear up the regular work flow of the creative designers. These are used with a view to making the work faster. While working in Photoshop, small tasks may appear as a big hindrance to the work. So a professional must know about these shortcuts of Photoshop. Her we will see how the common but very crucial works can be done within just a few key pressing on the key board.

1.Fill a Layer: When an image editor needs to fill an empty layer with any specific color he may take the help of a nice short way and this is to press Alt+Delete on the foreground and Ctrl+Delete on the background.

fill a layer shortcut 2.Flatten Layers: At times the working professional want to flatten the layers. After adding a new, empty layer there lies the necessity of flatten those. To do it one can take the easy way of pressing Ctrl+Alt+Shift+E

Flatten Layers image

3.Merge Visible Layers: Another thing is that many a times designers want to create a single layer comprising all other layers created before. But this work may be a difficult job by clicking mouse buttons. Easy way of this is pressing Ctrl, Shift and E altogether.

Merge Visible Layers Image

4.New Layer via Copy: in the case of the need for a new layer one can just press Ctrl+J and the target is fulfilled. It’s so easy in this way and gives one the chance for continuous working.

New Layer via Copy
5.Bring Layer to top of stack: Not all layers are equally important for the work. On the other hand some are highly preferred that they are needed to be on the top of other layers. So just one thing that the designer needs to do is to press Ctrl+Shift+]

Bring Layer Forward1

6.Send Layer to Bottom of stack: In the same way of taking layer at the bottom a designer can take that at the bottom as well. For that he has to do nothing special but the same thing apar from the third bracket. He must press Ctrl+Shift+[.

Send Layer to Bottom of stack
7.Bring Layer Forward: A small work of Photoshop is to bring any selected layer forward. But if you are working on keyboard, you don’t need to touch the mouse. Rather, only pressing Ctrl+] will make your work done.

Bring Layer to top of stack

8.Send Layer Back: As it may seem to be of necessity to move the layer back to the others, it can be also done with a quicker way by taping the key board short cut Ctrl+[

Send Layer Back Image9.Copy Multiple Layers: Copying multiple layers is a usual work for any image manipulator. For doing this drawing a selection must be done and then use the command of Shift+Ctrl+C to take every layer into the clipping, rather than taking only the current layer selection.

Copy Multiple Layers Image

10. Reselect: In case of accidental moving away from reselection one can easily be back from there using a nice keyboard short cut. He has to press Ctrl+Shift+D. By this means the earlier selection will be back.


11.Invert Selection: Sometimes the professionals need to select objects around an already pre-selected image. This mainly helps to work on the main focused part without loosing the remaing parts of it.

Photoshop Invert Selection Image12.Select All Layers: Manipulating the overall image needs the total selection. But if one is thinking it by mouch it may haper the regular work flow. But there is a solution for it. He can press Ctrl+Alt+A.

Select All Layers Image

13.Select Bottom Layer: If someone want to select the last ever layer of his project, a small technique can be proved very handy for him. Alt+Comma(,) will select the bottom layer within just the time of taping the buttons.

Select Bottom Layer Image14.Select Top Layer: In the same way of selecting bottom layer, selecting the top layer is also possible within very short time and in a convenient manner. For this the designer has to just press Alt+Period(.). It will immediately select the upmost layer.

Select Top Layer

15.Deselect from the Selection Area: Provided that one needs to deselect certain part of the image, one easy way can be hitting the keys Alt+drag.

Deselect from the Selection Area

16.Deselect all but the Intersected Area: Professional designers know the importance of deselecting all but a certain part. For doing it he may take the help of the easy way of clicking Shift+Alt+drag.

Deselect all but the Intersected Area

17.Deselect the Entire image: When getting away from the image is necessary, a nice way is arranged for the professionals in Photoshop. They can just hit Ctrl+D to satisfy their need.

Deselect the Entire image18.Find the Sizing Handles: One difficult activity that Photoshop experts regularly experience is that pasting a layer or selection into a Photoshop image. In such cases finding the sizing handles becomes a tough job. The command of hitting Ctrl+T and then Ctrl+O selects Transform and fits the image inside the window.

Find the Sizing Handles Image19.Move a Selection: If any designer wants to move a selected part easily he just needs to press and hold the space bar and keep on doing so until the selected part reaches to the place that it is intended to reach. So the shortcut for it is Spacebar+Marquee Tool.

Move a Selection20.Select Individual channels: Selecting with Photoshop Channels is a wonderful way of work in this program. It makes a complex object removed from the background. Though there is several other ways by which the same job can be accomplished, it is much easier. And using the shortcut of Ctrl+3(red), 4(green), 5(blue) makes it even simpler.

Select Individual channels

There are several professional designers who are doubtlessly creative but they waste a huge time in the processing of their desired Photoshop Shortcuts command. Adopting the above mentioned short-cuts the designer may decrease the wastage of his time.

 Most Important 20 Photoshop Shortcuts


Top 8 Reasons Why You Can Not Avoid Photo Editing for Your Website

What’s the main objective of photo editing is nothing but to make it looks better than the raw image before. Besides this, there are many reasons of image editing. It varies according to the clients’ demand. however, there are 8 image editing services which are very much necessary for your website.

Background Removing: Image editing is necessary for background removal. After taking photos, you may not like the background where it was shot. Many unwanted objects or person may have in the backdrop and the clients may feel the need to remove these. The images of tours and travelling, eCommerce products, photography generally take the different image editing services like clipping path, photography post production service etc.

Background Remove Service

Color Correction: For mending color and lighting related defects, various image editing services are mandatory. The natural color may be changed due to camera setting, lighting, environment, perspective etc. at the time of shooting images and we solve these problems by photo editing. Besides, for adjustment of gray and white balance, color strength and vibrant etc. various image editing techniques like color correction are applied by Photoshop. This type of editing service needs for fashion photography, modeling images etc.

Color Correction

Image Retouching: Picture editing works are urgent for product images. During photography, the photographers use many objects for supporting such as table, chair, glue, stand, clip, string, doll etc. to give a proper shape and looks to the images. Editing service is necessary for model, wedding, fashion photography to remove spots, wrinkles, acne, blemishes etc. and thus, the beauty and appeal are increased. In addition, photograph editing is needed for digital makeup with the change of skin color tone and texture, and with the addition or removal color from eyebrow, shed, lip shed, hair style etc. to increase the glamour of the model images. However, these editing services are taken as the image retouching service in Photoshop.

Image Retouching

Ghost Mannequin: Various eCommerce products like garment items, jewelry items, many fashion gadgets like purse, bags, sun-glass, bracelets, ring etc. need photo editing service known as the neck joint or ghost mannequin service. When the photographers take the images of garment or jewelry products, they use human, doll or mannequin to give a good looking shape and latter these objects need to remove because usage of these raw images cannot fulfill the demands such as to draw the attention of the potential customers.

Neck Joint

Image Masking: Image masking editing service is used for removing the background from hair photo, furry doll, pet animal, thin fabrics etc. Basically, clipping path technique is applied to remove the image background but in case of complex hairy or furry images, masking technique is applied by Photoshop and in some cases, by Pen tablet.

Image Masking

Shadow Creation: Online Photo editing services are important to making an image realistic. To give the product images a realistic view, various shadow services are applied to bring a 3D shape in Photoshop. After removing doll from garment items, a light shadow is used to make it perfect looking. In real estate or interior images, picture editing is must for making these appealing.

Shadow Creation

Image Manipulation: Photo editing is essential to manipulate images according to the clients’ necessity. For branding or marketing, the marketers need various eye catchy images. To make more traffic to their web pages, the digital marketers use many HD manipulated images which the graphic designers provide after editing in Photoshop.  Picture editing is compulsory for making a raster image to vector image which is fully scalable. The vector can be used by zooming at any scale and it is important for banner images, digital media, product packaging, label, billboard, sign board and so on.

Image Manipulation

Image Restoration: Image editing is too much crucial for old bromide photo recovery by using image restoration technique. Personal images which are damaged or about to damage due to various reasons can be restored digitally by editing in Photoshop. Thus, picture editing service can save your old happy memories with your friends and family members. The designers do the job successfully by removing dust, torn scratches, spots etc.

Image Restoration

Who take photo editing services?

Who take photo editing services?

There are many companies, websites, print media, digital media who take various photo editing services like clipping path, image masking, image retouching, color correction, image restoration, photography post production service etc. They take these picture editing services to make their product images great looking for selling more. The photographers, models also take the editing services to increase the looking and glamour of their images.


Digital Photo Editing Processes For Business

Before talking about the digital photo editing, we should know what the term ‘photo editing’ actually means. It is the modifying or changing an image applying various techniques depending on the necessity. However, digital photo editing refers to the modifying an image by using different tools and software in the computer or such a machine.

Images produced by various digital machines like scanner, camera etc. are not perfect always and these need to be improved according to the clients’ demand or products demand. Here, the graphic designers try to improve the image by many digital photo editing techniques using many software like Adobe Photoshop.

Why should we take digital photo editing service?

During photography, the images are not always taken or captured as the cameraman wants for various reasons such camera setting, perspective, inappropriate lighting, atmosphere etc. Latter, these imperfect images cannot be used for any business purposes. Images always should be attractive, engaging and eye catching because they have to capture the attention of the customers. For this, image editing service is necessary.

Why should we take digital photo editing service

To remove some irritating objects or background from your personal images, digital photo editing services is needed. For product images, editing is urgent as they represent a business. Besides, our old photos may be damaged due to various unavoidable reasons. The happy memories with the missing persons may go away. Here, the digital photo editing can restore these images and your memories

What are the types of digital photo editing service?

What are the types of digital photo editing service

There are various types of image editing services digitally regarding the techniques and the defects. For example…

  • Clipping Path
  • Color Correction
  • Image Restoration
  • Image Retouching
  • Image Masking
  • Raster to Vector
  • Creative Image Manipulation
  • Photoshop Shadow Creation and more.

Let’s have a look at these digital editing services.

Clipping Path: It is a process of selecting the path or objects or backgrounds. Images can be modified partially and to do so the portion you want to edit should be selected. Here, the designers select these types of path by clipping path technique by the Photoshop pen tool. Except these, clipping path can perform more jobs.

Clipping Path

Color Correction: For many unintentional reasons such as camera setting, perspective, inappropriate atmosphere, shortage of lighting etc. images can be captured with defects regarding color. That is color correction editing service is needed here. By this technique, the designers can increase the beauty of any images adjusting white and gray balance, exposure correction, color vibrant, color strength etc.

Color Correction

Image Restoration: Getting back the old images and the new images in the condition what they deserve naturally is important for personal life and for business purposes. The personal photos bear many valuable memories and the business images important for increasing traffic and profit. In this issue, photo restoration is such an editing technique which helps to get back the old photos and the new image in its actual natural looking as well.

Image Restoration

Image Retouching: This image editing service is so much crucial especially for the product images. The photographers use many support items like glue, clip, hanger, chair, stand etc. for capturing product images in proper shape and latter, by this editing method the designers remove these objects. Image retouching includes many other editing tasks such as bad wrinkle removal, acne, spots, radish eye removal etc. which help too much to beautify the model or fashion images.

Image Retouching:

Image Masking: This method is widely used in the hairy, furry human or pet animals’ images. To remove the background from the hair, fur, thin fabrics etc. is so complex that clipping path technique fails here and the designers use the masking technique. Besides layer masking, alpha channel masking, transparent object masking is done by the Image masking editing system. For more perfection, the professional graphic designers or companies use the latest technology like Pen Tablet.

Image Masking

Raster to Vector: Modern business demands various image formats to use in the websites, print media, digital media etc. As a result, the designers create vector images from raster images for zooming facility at any scale. Bitmap image cannot be used in every media due to pixilated and distortion whereas the vector image can be enlarged at different sizes with its original quality. Adobe Illustrator is used to create vector images like logo, banner for product promotion such as billboard, signboard, vehicle decoration etc.

Raster to Vector

Creative Image Manipulation: This service is needed for making a new logo, banner, catalog, brochure, promotional banner etc. By this process, new images, art are created for various purposes. Here, the designer can blend his imagination with his artwork and convey messages to the people or mere fun.

Creative Image Manipulation

Photoshop Shadow Creation: Shadow gives any image a realistic view. Without shadow it seem the image is floating. For making a 3D effect on the real estate, interior images, the shadow can play a vital role. Various shadows like drop shadow, natural shadow, reflection shadow are imposed on the product image to create a 3D real shape.

Photoshop Shadow Creation

Software for Digital Photo Editing

There are different digital photo editing software. But the graphic designers like mostly the Adobe products like Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom etc. which give vary professional editing works.

Software for Digital Photo Editing

For raster image editing, Adobe Photoshop with its various powerful tools is the best one and on the other hand, for creative image manipulation in vector format, Adobe Illustrator is widely recognized. Beside these, there are so many image editing software like Apple Aperture, GIMP, Corel Paintshop, etc. which are widely used.

Importance of digital photo editing services

Digital Photo editing service is important for every sector where the business is too much connected with the images. In fact, in this era every business more or less demands the usage of attractive images for various purposes. Let’s see which businesses need the image editing services most.

 Importance of digital photo editing

The multinational companies run their business worldwide. They have to branding for the company, accelerate the product promotion, make familiar their products with the general people etc. and to fulfill the objectives, they need high quality images for using different media like print media, digital media or something like this. But for getting a high quality photo, only capturing by the quality full camera is not enough. That is why, digital photo editing is must for them. Moreover, they use product catalogs, brochures, leaflets, banner, festoon etc. which are created by the graphic designers.

Around the world, there are thousands of eCommerce businesses who are using millions of high quality product images every year. They have to use high quality and engaging product images to catch the effective customers for selling more. Only raw images cannot attract the traffic due to various defects and to make the images removing the flaws, the business owners use digital photo editing services.

The photographers use various digital image editing services for making their images stand out of others. They cannot capture 100% flawless image due to unavoidable reasons. And that is why they take their images to the graphic experts who edit as the images deserve.

The models and the fashion personnel ask for image editing services to make their images glamorous and more beautiful. Most of the time, they represent many products. They have to attend many events and they are captured with the products by the photographers for making ads, banner, festoon, billboard etc. Without editing the images cannot be used anywhere because of their various defects related to lighting problems, alignment, undesirable backgrounds and objects etc. Various magazines, newspapers, journals, digital portals etc. need high quality images and for these, they need to take editing services.

Photo Editing Services Providers worldwide

Photo Editing Services Providers worldwide

As we are discussing about the various photo editing services, we should know something about the editing service providers. There are many picture editing service providers who have been serving many clients around the world with the great skills, experience and full dedication such as Clipping Path India, Color Experts International, Image Masking Service etc. These USA based companies maintain high quality standard and they do everything for 100% quality, security and clients’ satisfaction. They are providing various services by the most experienced graphic designers, latest technologies, 24/7 customers support, secured FTP etc.

Necessary Tips on Graphic Design

Graphic design is not a software but it is an art. It is the main process of create any artistic or design-able elements. For this creative work have many software, such Adobe CS ( Illustrator and Photoshop), Coral Drew, Quark Express. These are most popular for graphic designing. For this software need manual operate to create any design.


graphic design

creative graphic design

But in online have many automatic graphic designing software. There have many pre-design portrait and you need to change on any color. These software are very easy to operate. You can do it without any training, only read some instructions.

But there has no credit to create any design. In online, there have many website and tools for image editing, blending, conversion. You will find many software’s for image to text, HTML file image to JPEG image and so more conversion software.

But as a creative graphic design we mean only Adobe CS, Coral Drew and Quark Express. Now I will write on Adobe CS.

Adobe CS is a graphic designing software by Adobe Corporation. They have two types software for creative designing. They are Illustrator and Photoshop.

For any kinds of art works you can draw it by Illustrator. It has huge tools for create any kinds of art works. Every Beginner can do it normal id card, business cart, weeding card or any wishing card. But it has huge amount of works for professionals.

Adobe Photoshop is for beginner and as well as for professionals. It has also more tools for do more creative works. It’s main uses for clipping and color path, image conversion, retouching & restoration, neck joint, masking, ad design etc.

And it is not for beginners, for these creative works need highly experienced. Now you must want to learn it. You can go web for search tutorials on Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Also have many video tutorials on graphic design from begin to professional level.