Raster to Vector Convert

There are so many transfers or converting of an image. So that we use a lot of tool as like: Move Tool & Crop Tool, Lassos and Magic Wands, Pen and Path Tools, Eyedropper / Color picker (& notes) etc. Raster to vector is one of them. It is so important for digitalized an image or images. Final image is here:


Why it’s important:

Many of the time we can see that our camera resolution is not good like: VGA camera (not mentioned any resolution), spoil our images, or we feel to change our image color. For the sake of that this is important.

What it is:

According to computer graphics, it is a process of converting an image raster graphics to vector graphics.

What is process?

To do this we can use different kind of software. As like as Photoshop, illustrator, Corel Draw, Macromedia Freehand and so on. But it is not so easy to do with the Photoshop. But if we try to do in illustrator it will be more helpful and easy job.

In this tutorial I will try explain it by using pen tool through illustrator. Firstly open a raster image which you would like to change to a vector image. Must be open it illustrator. And to make available the image save it into computer as would you like.

After that select “pen tool” from tool box or we can choose another way like: just press “P” from keyboard. Now got o color palette and choose color you would like to give it. Besides choosing color we have to choose stroke weight between “0.25 pt – 0.50” pt.

If anyone has clipping path idea it will great and fantastic. Now click on edge of image and move the mouse forward, then release the mouse. After going a standard distance repeat the previous step. It will continue until completed the whole image. But in the case of curve have to concentrate about it. Sometime it can go to unexpected area, that case press “Ctrl+Alt+z”. After complete the image “O” will appear. Simply close the path.

Then press “Shift+X” from the keyboard or going color palette in order to Shift stroke choose the color. Delete the original image and put the color you would like.

Image is ready for use.

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