Handbag Photography Guidelines for E-commerce Product Photographers

E-commerce companies are ballooning and so as the demand for it. People especially the tech-savvy ones are opting for online purchase as opposed to physical purchase of their desired items. Most of the people, nowadays, spend hectic days and barely get any spare time. They find e-commerce platforms a golden opportunity to snap up their preferred products and save their precious time. Among various products that are highly purchased from online shopping sites, handbag is worth mentioning. Since clientele buy their products based on observation, photography plays an integral role in gratifying the potential buyers. Photographing handbag is not an uphill task. In fact, it is pretty easy compared to other products. Taking advantage of photography, the product photographers can represent the personality of handbags through images.

Handbag comes in various designs, shapes, sizes, and colors. Hence, it allows you to shoot from different angles and showcase your creative knack. On top of that, it is tiny as well as underweight and can be moved easily from one position to another. Therefore, if you want to make your handbags stand out, you have to emphasize on handbag photography. If you can represent something enticing in your handbag photography, you can topple your competitors and drive sales. Let’s share some tips for handbag photography so that your investment pays off.

Let’s discuss how we can execute handbag photography

Get Ready with the Handbag: The first and the foremost thing prior to snapping a handbag is to get rid of the unwanted materials and dust from the bag. Dust, dirt, blemishes, etc. are very common to exist and can be visible anytime. Hence, they must be eliminated with duster can and sprays. Additionally, you can also use a clean piece of cloth to wipe the dirt and dust off the bag. Apart from that, handbags manufactured with materials such as plastic, patent leather, etc. highlight even the minutest dust and smear under the studio lights. Dry duster is a great and conducive tool to polish these surfaces.

Make the Straps Visible: Strap is a pivotal part of a handbag and this is one of the parts that complements a handbag. So, you have to align the strap in such a manner so that the entire bag along with the strap looks elegant and not out of place. A fishing wire can be used to straighten and hold the shape of the bag. In addition, if you wish to exhibit some creativity, you can hang the bag from the ceiling.

Do the Stuffing Properly: Making a handbag packed is very key while photo shooting. To get the stuffing right, you can fill the bag with a variety of items like jewelry, money, tissue paper, smartphone, etc. That will make the handbag stuffed and a perfect carrier for objects. On top of that, you can also place bubble wrap inside the bag to produce a balanced look. While doing that, you must take a note of not to overfill the bag. A handbag looking inanimate, flaccid, and flat will not catch the attention of the potential clients.

Be Wary of Using Direct Lighting: Lighting plays a salient role in handbag photography. You have to be very meticulous about the ambient lighting as it can make or break your photography. Neither the light should be harsh nor should it be dark. Failure to use proper lighting can create unwanted shadows and glare. As picking appropriate lighting can be tricky and confusing, you should try out different options in your studio to decide the right one. You can also go for natural daylight but due to its inconsistency, you may struggle to get the desired lighting.

Interpret the Utility of the Bag: Giving an impression of the bag’s usefulness can draw the attention of the customer. That means, you should communicate the context the bag was designed for. Whether the bag is designed as a work handbag to carry laptop, notebook, etc. or to carry cosmetics, smartphone, and ring of keys. This is what you can do by adding model in your photo shoot. If you can’t afford model due to your low budget, you can exhibit the contents of the bag together with the handbag in your shots. The intention should be clear and you should never leave it up to the customers for imagination. In addition, display the features of the handbag in your photography.

Focus on the Reflections: Among the various stuff that degrades the quality of a photo, reflection is noteworthy. Reflection can be of lighting, camera or even of yourself. Plastic and leather are reflective materials and handbag made of these materials are likely to have reflections owing to their shininess. So, you have to very circumspect with regards to reflection while photo shooting.

Texture of the Bag Matters: Prior to buying a handbag, clients always take a note of the materials and texture of it. Even if a handbag is pricey but if it lacks softness and smoothness, the clientele won’t be willing to snap up the handbag. After all, comfort matters. Therefore, before you shoot the handbag, you have to set up your lighting in such a fashion so that it captures the handbag’s texture. The target is to bring every part of the bag in focus.

Display your Innovativeness: Generally, in e-commerce sites, white background is urged and used for product photography including handbag. This is done to assure the maximum clarity of a product as colorful background can conceal part of a product. However, that doesn’t restrict you to employ your creativity and art. You can definitely shoot handbag in front of colorful but meaningful background. If not in e-commerce sites, you can utilize these creative shots in social media and grab clients. Aside from that, you can also take angled shots to add variety in your clicks.

Take Advantage of Photo Retouching Services

Human beings err and it’s a part of human nature. This applies to the photography as well. You may be a highly deft and seasoned photographer; you might have developed muscle memory in photo shooting. Yet, as a human being, you will make mistakes in taking your shots. But that doesn’t mean, your effort is of no worth. You have the option of processing those photos. You can approach various photo manipulation companies to get professional touch in your photos. Whatever errors exist in your photos, with the utilization of latest photo editing tools, they can be fixed rapidly. No matter whether your images contain imperfect color, incompatible background, unwanted objects, undesired shadows as well as reflections, blurriness, all can be tweaked and optimized. You can transform your handbag images exactly how you wish and make them majestic and mind-blowing.


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