What To Wear For Maternity Photos? (with Pro Ideas)

Deciding what to wear for your maternity photos can seem hard. But, it’s also an exciting chance to capture this special moment in your life. You’re in the right place if you’re expecting and wondering how to pick the perfect outfit for your photoshoot.

This guide aims to help you feel beautiful, comfortable, and true to your style. You will use it to document your pregnancy journey. We’ll give you practical tips and inspiring ideas. They’ll ensure your maternity photos are as special and memorable as this time in your life.

Let’s explore how to choose an outfit. It should reflect the joy and excitement of welcoming your new bundle of joy.

What To Wear For Maternity Photos?

When planning your maternity photoshoot, picking the right outfit is crucial. It will capture this beautiful stage of your life. Here are seven types of maternity photoshoot dresses that offer both comfort and style:

1. Maxi Dresses

Maxi Dresses for maternity photoshoot

A flowing maxi dress is a classic choice for maternity shoots. Opt for one with an empire waist to highlight your baby bump. Soft, stretchy fabrics will give you comfort. Solid colors or gentle patterns can create a timeless look.

2. Wrap Dresses

Wrap Dresses

Wrap dresses are great for expectant mothers. They adjust to your changing body and flatter your shape. You can wear them and style them up or down depending on the look you want to achieve.

3. Lace Accented Outfits

Lace Accented Outfits

Outfits with lace accents add a touch of elegance and softness to your maternity photos. A lace top paired with a simple skirt can offer a delicate, romantic vibe without revealing too much.

4. Button-Down Shirt and Jeans

Button-Down Shirt and Jeans

For a more casual and intimate feel. Wear a button-down shirt with maternity jeans. You can partially button the shirt to show off your bump. This outfit works well for a laid-back, at-home photo session.

5. Bohemian-Inspired Looks

Bohemian-Inspired Looks

Bohemian-style dresses have free-flowing designs and detailed textures. They can create a dreamy and ethereal look. Choose light fabrics and earthy colors to embody the boho spirit.

6. Knit Dresses

Knit Dresses

Knit dresses that hug your figure are a cozy yet chic option. They outline your baby bump and offer a lot of comfort. Select a midi or maxi length to keep the look elegant.

7. Tulle Skirts

Tulle Skirts for maternity photoshoot

Pair a tulle skirt with a fitted top for a playful yet sophisticated outfit. The contrast is between the soft, full skirt and a snug top. It highlights your pregnancy shape. Choose pastel colors for a soft, dreamy look or bold colors for more impact.

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General Tips for Choosing Maternity Outfits

When choosing outfits for your maternity photo shoot, focus on comfort and personal style. Those should be your top concerns. Here are some general maternity outfit ideas that will help you select the perfect ensemble:

Embrace Your Personal Style

Embrace Personal Style

Your maternity photos should reflect who you are. Stick to outfits that resonate with your personal taste. You may prefer a casual, elegant, or bohemian look. Your outfit should make you feel like yourself, but a bit more special.

Comfort is Key

Some outfits may look nice. But, pregnant women should never sacrifice comfort. This is especially true during pregnancy. Choose soft, stretchy, and breathable fabrics. They will help you feel at ease during the photo shoot.

Consider the Location and Season

Consider the Location and Season

Your outfit choice should complement the backdrop of your photos. An outdoor photoshoot in a park during fall calls for different attire than a beach shoot in summer. Also, consider the weather and temperature. This will ensure you’re not too hot or too cold during the shoot.

Flatter Your Form

Maternity photos celebrate your body’s journey. So, pick outfits that show off your baby bump. Empire waists, tight dresses, or a simple fabric wrap can stress your shape.

Solid Colors and Simple Patterns

Solid Colors and Simple Patterns

Solid colors tend to photograph well. They can help keep the focus on your shape and the intimacy of the moment. If you prefer patterns, choose simple ones that won’t distract from the main subject—you and your bump.

Layering and Accessories

Layers add depth to your photos. They also add versatility to your session. Think cardigans, scarves, or a stylish jacket. Accessories, like jewelry or a hat, can add a personal touch. Just keep them simple not to overshadow the main focus.

Plan for a Quick Change

Having a couple of outfit options can add variety to your photos. Start with something casual. Then, switch to a more formal or whimsical outfit. This way, you can capture different sides of your personality and pregnancy.

Final Touches

Final Touches for maternity photo

Don’t forget about footwear, especially if it will show in the photos. Comfortable yet stylish shoes can complete your look. Yet, barefoot can also be a beautiful option, particularly for indoor or beach shoots.

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To Conclude- What To Wear For Maternity Photos!

So, selecting the right outfit for your maternity photos is all about celebrating your unique journey to motherhood. Aim for a look that makes you feel confident, reflects your style, and is comfortable. Remember, the essence of these photos is to capture the love and anticipation of welcoming your new arrival.

Enjoy the process of creating these beautiful memories, which will be cherished for years to come. Here’s to capturing this incredible moment in life with style, grace, and a touch of personal flair!

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