Adobe Photoshop CS5 Tutorial For Beginners

Get started with Adobe Photoshop CS5

Adobe Photoshop CS5

To design a photo we can use different kind of software. Also we can edit usually through Paint, It can be Microsoft Office Picture Manager, Windows Photo Viewer etc. But if you want more then you can use Paint.Net, Picasa, and Adobe Photoshop like (CS, CS3, and now update version running CS6). Also you can make Illustrator, Photometric and so on. But I think everybody try to collect the latest one. If I describe it then give to need an example. Like if you use Photoshop software, then here are old one is CS. But in this software you don’t get the 3D option. Even not in CS1 or CS2. If you got in CS3 but it is not faster and you don’t found the more as you want.  You will get it in Photoshop CS4 and it some faster also CS5 be. But in the latest one, I mean CS6 is very faster and helpful. Here you will get more and more option to design.

In this Article I try to give a short Adobe Photoshop CS5 Tutorial For Beginners. I will describe about its option, how work, and in which way we can get more and more exceptional design.

Download from the internet the software. But it will be 30 days trial version. If you have credit card you can buy its premium version. Let’s start, when you go to open the software you can see the four to five option. It will contain under Adobe Design Premium CS5 / CS6. The option looks like Adobe Bridge CS5, Adobe Device Central CS5, Adobe ExtendScript Toolkit CS5, Adobe Extension Manager CS5, Adobe Photoshop CS5 etc.

Now open through clicking on Adobe Photoshop CS5. Then you will see the following option like File, Edit, Image, Layer, Select, Filter, Analysis, 3D, View, Window, Help, Br, Mb, Essentials, Design, Painting, CS live and so on. All of the above menu have submenu. To edit an image we go to File->New. For Open a file go to File->Open. To Save a file click on save and save it as your wishes name. Here if you observe you will get more and more option. Like Open as, save as, Browse, Import, Exit and so many. As a file menu we will get more and extra option to edit an image. Its exceptional feature is 3D. Really if you use Adobe Photoshop obviously you must get an awesome and reflecting and heavy designed image. I edit this image just go to by Filter and choose an option. Don’t miss it. Try to now.

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