Best Cloud Storage for Photos in 2022

Best Cloud Storage for Photos
[Last Updated in March 2022]

Nobody wants to take the risk while the subject is to keep your valuable images safe. Since the very beginning, people used to take a variety of precautions for this. Normally, the methods are likely backing up the files through the camera, memory cards, or PC hard drive. Apart from these, people also spent a lot of time burning CDs or DVDs to get rid of this. But in modern times, the system is now much easier. Technology has introduced the cloud storage system which is pretty smarter and easy to operate as well.

Today in this article, we will let you know about the most popular and best cloud storage for photos. Before that let’s clarify some basic terms related to the subject in the discussion below!

What is Cloud storage?

Cloud Storage is a kind of computer data storage that mainly works to store digital data including files and documents of a device. A cloud storing tool is like a computing provider that will manage and organize all your data and make it available and accessible. Basically, third-party cloud vendors provide cloud storage facilities.

How To Choose A Cloud Storage?

There are a considerable number of cloud storage solutions on the internet. But the question is how to choose the appropriate one for you, right? Well, check the below features to choose the best cloud storage.

• It will include a huge volume or storage capacity.
• It must be occupied with the strongest security.
• The sharing option must be easy and quick.
• Auto uploading option and cross-platform supportability are necessary.
• The provider must be verified and trusted.
• Easy interface and simple setting.
• Backup features that you need.
• Affordable and quality integration.

So, try to find out these features in Cloud Storage. Also, you should check if it can suffice all your needs.

Best Cloud Storage for Photos [Updatd for 2022]

If you are looking for the best ever Clode Storage solutions for photos, you are on the right track. Here, you get the 11 best Cloud Storage for photos with their respective details.

1. Google Photos

Google Photos

Google Photos is a dedicated cloud storage facility that comes with the package of Google Drive and shares the same storage limitations. There are options to get extended storage with the yearly subscriptions option. This storage service uses machine learning and AI technology to gather relevant labels and metadata for future reference.


• It is free to use up to 15Gb.
• There are no limits in saving photos.
• Interagtes automatic backup function.


• First-time installation and setting can be intimidating.


2. Apple iCloud

Apple iCloud


Apple provides 5Gb of free cloud storage for free on its Apple iCloud service. It can be used to save photos and Important documents which can be synced with all the Apple devices running on the same Apple ID. It is perfect for multiple device users and also has the option to move to a premium package with extra storage. This the best cloud storage service for the Apple ecosystem.


• Offers the industry’s best security facilities.
• It includes smooth synchronization over all connected devices.
• Provides a user-friendly interface.


• Does not provide proper support for non-Apple users.


3. Google Drive

Google Drive-best cloud storage

Google Drive comes first on the list for any Android devices for cloud storage service. This gives 15Gb of free space for all space. It is a package of multiple services within its cloud ecosystem. For photos, it shares its storage with Google Photos. Users can get extended storage by upgrading to subscription packages. These packages come on a monthly and yearly basis and they are worth for corporates and users with huge storage demand.


• It includes a tonne of extra features along with the cloud storage support.
• Includes a variety of payment plans for subscription packages.
• Offers a huge range of storage capacity options.


• Not much user-friendly for iOS platform.


4. IDrive


When you ask some about the best cloud storage, IDrive must one of their very first answers. As a popular Cloud Storage, this tool also stores your Image perfectly. If you use the free version, you will have 5 GB to store your photos and documents. This powerful storage toll has a supportive synchronizing option to save all your photos and files on all your devices. It is safe and fast too.


• “Auto Camera” option uploads photos automatically.
• Let you retain all the images’ quality.
• Simple interface and easy to use.


• You have to pay a lot to exceed the storage for this tool.


5. Flickr

Flickr-cloud storage for photos

You can also check out Flickr if you wish to try a hassle-free Cloud Storage solution. This tool comes with a very straightforward interface and fast synchronization. It is safe and all your photos will be uploaded automatically. Initially, this photo storing platform makes organizing and tagging your photo easy and quick too.


• The ‘photostream’ display of this tool is very elegant.
• Let you host up to 1,000 photos for free.
• Comparatively cheaper and cross-platform supported.


• You cannot upload raw image format here.



6. pCloud


To enjoy a lifetime storage subscription, you can use pCloud. Besides all your files and documents, you can store your images in this storage simultaneously. And this tool will never damage the quality of the photos. Besides, just a one-time payment will ensure a lifetime subscription for this tool.


• Using Nifty, you can store video files and images.
• It can store files and images of any type.
• Each month, you’ll get 2TB of download link traffic.


• As it offers a one-time payment, it seems to be more expensive.


7. Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive is another popular Cloud Storage Solution that you shouldn’t miss either, especially for your Windows PC. It saves the photos and media files of mobile devices and personal computers without any hassles. Besides photos with original resolution, it is capable of storing files of any format.


• Very affordable monthly pricing.
• It has better integration with Windows 10.
• You can use it on any iOS and macOS devices.


• There is no competition for iCloud.



8. 500px




You can try another Cloud Storage platform that comes with EXIF data maintenance and licensing options. 500px is the one I am talking about. You cannot just store your photos but also showcase your masterpieces using this tool. It is a handy platform with a very user-friendly interface. Also, over 13 million photographers are using this tool and that will assure you of its compatibility.


• You can upload photos with the original resolution.
• Licensing all the photos is easy here.
• You can get feedback from other photographers showcasing your photos.


• The free version offers very little storage capacity.


9. Dropbox


Don’t tell that you are not familiar with Dropbox as one of the best cloud storage for photos. In addition, its photo storing system is truly praiseworthy. You can sign up for free but you have to pay to exceed your storage anyway. The interface is simple and hassle-free for this tool. Again, the auto-upload option is also available in this cloud storage tool.


• Free 2GB of online storage,
• Supportive synchronization system and cross-platform supported.
• Supports files and images of any format.


• There is no build-in editing tool available in this storage solution.



10. Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud

When it is about photos, whether editing or storing, Adobe is always a good idea. Adobe Creative Cloud also assures a better photo storage system for you. Its cloud-based storage solutions are highly suggested for photographers and editors. You can also store files and images of any type including the RAW file formats.


• Works very fast both on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.
• Comes with a simple interface.
• Direct editing options are available.


• Comparatively expensive than many other cloud storage tools.



11. Livedrive



Despite being a very popular Cloud storage platform, Livedrive works very well to store photos. It ensures a great security option and you can just rely on it to protect your photos. It will automatically upload all your photos and the mirror option will let you make any additional changes.


• Provides unlimited backup and strong security.
• Comparatively cheaper and cross-platform supported.
• DropBox like file scanning service is also available.


• You cannot try the free trial without providing your credit card details.


So, it’s all about the journey to the best cloud storage for photos. Now, it’s up to you to make a wise decision while choosing the most appropriate one for your project. To know more in detail, we suggest users going through their official websites.

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