Best Lightroom Presets for Sports Photography

Best Lightroom Presets for Sports Photography

In the photo editing world, Adobe Lightroom is more than anyone’s expectation. It provides thousands of tools to help editors make their masterpieces. Presets are one of the best creations that help change an image just with a single click. And so, we will learn about the vest Lightroom presets for sports photography.

There are tons of third-party preset providers you can use the tool from. And each of them provides a different test in changing the image. However, let’s check out the 11 best presets that will suit sports photography the most.

11 Best Lightroom Presets for Sports Photography

Different presets have different functions and they provide different changes in an image. So, you cannot use just any presets on a sports photo. You must be aware that sports photos and bridal photos must be different in color, sharpness, environmental background, and so on.

Different photo environments and style is the reason, you should be picky enough to choose the best presets for a particular genre. You can simply check out the below ones for your next sports photography project.

1. Free Sports Lightroom Preset by Photonify

Sports Lightroom Preset by PhotonifyPhotonify launched Free Sports Lightroom Preset. This is the perfect lightroom preset for Classic PC editing projects and CC desktop software. You can also use this preset for mobile Lightroom as well.

The complete package comes with presets for both black-and-white and colorful photos. It is good for any kind of sports photography as it doesn’t make the photo look artificial. This preset will also help you customize the texture and contrast of the photo as well.

2. Vibrant Colors HDR Lightroom Preset – Preset Kingdom


Preset Kingdom launched Vibrant Colors HDR Lightroom presets and it will be another perfect pick to edit your sports photo. If you are capturing images near water or under the blue sky, this preset will work the best as it reduces the reflection and highlights the colors.

This preset will also let you use more than a hundred shadows to make it a little bit darker. It will eventually make the photo more natural and this preset will add more contrast to the lighter area. By adding extra vibrance and saturation, this preset will help you make a perfect background as well.

3. Workout Desktop Lightroom Presets – 123presets

Desktop Lightroom Presets - 123presets

If you are planning to capture photos of a workout project or similar sports, we will suggest using the Workout Desktop Lightroom Presets by 123presets. This preset is popular to make your photos natural and appealing.

Also, it brings a naturalistic tone to the skin of the sportsmen and gives a rough texture to the environment. For a workout session or similar sports, the whole photo must be vibrant and clean. And this preset ensures perfect contrast and saturation level to make the photo just like it should be.

4. 10 Sports Model Presets for Lightroom

10 Sports Model Presets for Lightroom

You can also try 10 Sports Model Presets for Lightroom if you want to capture photos of different types of sports at a time. Eldamar Studio launched this preset for the universal photo editors and it is almost perfect to edit any kind of photo.

10 Sports Model preset lets you edit photos with appropriate sharpness, texture, and contrast. As a result, you don’t need to customize anything else additionally. Besides, it suits photos of light and dark environments as well. It also goes well with both black-and-white and colorful photos.

5. Monochrome – Photonify

Monochrome-lightroom preset

From now on, you don’t need to struggle to edit high-end photos of wrestlers and boxers. Monochrome by Photonify is everything you will need to handle those rustic photos.

This set of presets will help you make professional-grade photos in a few minutes. Also, you will have a handy guide about the use of the presets. That will definitely help you get a nice outcome.

6. Sport – Preset Love

Sport – Preset Love

image: Sport by Preset Love 

The next one is Sport by Preset Love. You can simply adjust and increase the punchiness, texture, and overall quality of the scene and subject in a photo using this handy preset. Besides, it works perfectly on both types of sports photos.

The best part of this preset is the way it adjusts the color contrast in the photo. It will simply increase the brightness perfectly to bring the best appearance of the sky and green field. Besides, it is entirely a free preset and you can simply use it to have a realistic and cinematic feel.

7. Black & White Lightroom Presets – The Luxe Lens

Black & White Lightroom Presets

When the genre is sports, black and white photos are very common and classic for sure. But editing thinks colorless photos is pretty much harder. But when you have Black & White Lightroom Presets by The Luxe Lens, you don’t need to be concerned about it at all.

To make a dramatic image by freezing the motion of the image, this preset will provide you with a vibrant look. The inadequacy of color won’t affect the photo anyway when you will use this preset. Besides, it will make the photo more lively with the perfect sharpness and contrast.

8. Grungy Sports – Nuugraphics

Grungy – Nuugraphics

You can also try Grungy Sports to edit if you want to use the least customizing options and yet get the best aftermath. Nuugraphics launched this photo preset that only comes with 4 different adjustments. Just click one and check what it looks like.

Using this preset is super easy and still, it provides outstanding results especially when it is racing car photoshop. You must agree that editing photos of high-speed things are quite difficult. But we can assure you that this preset won’t let you down anyway.

9. Light and Bright – Exposure Empire

Light and Bright – Exposure Empire

Retro-style photos are always appreciated regardless of the genre of the photos. And especially when it is about sports photos, retro style can beat all others. So, using the Light and Bright by Exposure Empire must help you make something great in a minute.

Adding medium-high contrast toning to your photo, this preset will help you edit outstanding photos for your Insta Feed and other media. Besides, it is completely a free preset to use and download.

10. Big Bold Color – Coles Classroom

Big Bold Color – Coles Classroom

It doesn’t matter whether you are planning to edit a racing photo, gymnasium, or something else. Regardless of the type, Big Bold Color by the Coles Classroom will help you find the most naturalistic photos.

Around 15 different presets, this set will be your complete guide. Also, it will leave you with no shortage and help you make professional-grade photos easily.

11. Balance Me Preset – Free Presets

Balance Me Preset – Free Presets

Lastly, it is about a preset to edit winter sports like ice skating. Balance Me Preset – Free Presets won’t let you down to get the most realistic image of the ice and the winter environment.

Presetpro brought a set of 15 different presents for professional sports photographers. And the presets will bring out the perfect look of ice and make a difference between nature and the sky.

The above preset must cover all the sports categories. So, make sure to check the details and choose the appropriate one for your next project.

To Conclude

Sports photos must be rough, sketchiest, and rustic. So, you have to make sure to use the best Lightroom presets for sports photography if you plan to make your masterpiece. And the mentioned presets will definitely provide you with the best outcome. So, here’s all we have to share today, and now is the time to take our leave. Thank you for your time.

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