Candy Effect In Photoshop

I open Adobe Photoshop in my computer. Create a new document and set its size as width 600 x height 450 pixels. Set color mode in RGB. Where set resolution must be at 72 DPI.

Go to Layer then Duplicate Layer and press OK. Follow this step duplicate the background. Save this new layer as your wish, I save it with the name of ‘Background Pattern’.

To change the several textures, double click on previous layer named as Background Pattern. By go to ‘Pattern Overlay’ select the ‘Cherry01′ and press OK.

Double click on ‘Background Pattern’ to create the vignette style. To appear Layer Style window, set the values.


Creating a Candy Effect In Photoshop

Type the CANDY text in your window. Choose the font as your wish. Font size set to 100 pt. Using the ‘Move Tool’, select the text and background layer set ‘Align Horizontal Center’ and ‘Align Vertical Center’ from the top menu to set the center it.

Add a layer style to the text, you have to right click on the layer in your layers menu and choose Blending Options. Use the settings shown in the following picture and press OK.

Now set the text effect! Firstly add a number of shadows to take apart the text from the background. For this go to Layer Style select Drop Shadow and use the values.

Again set the candy texture. For this go to Layer Style then Pattern Overlay. Now click on the Pattern Box, select Pattern as ‘Wavy’ from the list. Choose the Inner Shadow from the Layer Style window.

Then go to Layer Style then Outer Glow. Make use of the settings for add shadows to the text. Now go to Layer Style to Inner Glow and add light to the text. In here I make the ‘glossy plastic’ effect. So that goes to from Layer Style to Bevel & Emboss.

Now make the colors richer, highlight lights and shadows. Modify ‘Color Overlay’ and ‘Gradient Overlay’. Now ready your image to use.

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