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In presence we see many of the design. According to our time in our society we have to maintain our standard or quality. For that reason we like design. I told about the dress, ornaments and jewelery, shoes and different kind of fashion design.

Design or fashion is the art. It is not limited only for fashion. But for the all type of work we need design. From the start of our life in every phase we necessitate the design. Design has different connotations from different side. There are so many way to define it. Also have so many types for design. Like graphics design, art, visual art, antiques art, painting, drawing and so on.

Like design, Like this

Graphics Design Sample

Here I explain and emphasize on graphics design as well as photography. There are so many techniques to create a design. In graphics design we can create design to follow these techniques. Like clipping path, photo masking, raster to vector, retouch, background removing, photo restoration etc.

Without these we can’t think any design. With these techniques we can do this through using software. Like Photoshop, graphics editors,, camtesia, SilverFast scanner software etc. We design for people, for garments overall for all kind and class of people. And have to understand the market demand.

Why we like design?

We like design specially to looking celestial and graceful to us. Sometime we think if someone likes us too much, or someone praise blindly and appreciate to us. We feel too much better from as usual moment. We wish to pursue and dreamed to looking us too much adorable and beautiful.

Through clipping path create path, by masking mask a photo, by restoration recover and improve a photo and by retouch is work for improve a bad photo. But if in a photo we use all types of photo which are required then we can expect a photo a better from previous. And from a photo we make design.

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